One More Gift and a 2013 Send Off

This is not a year in review.

There are so many things that I did and didn’t do in 2013, but the accomplished or un-accomplished did not define my year.

It wasn’t the new projects, business growth or number of words written that made 2013 inspiring and memorable. What made 2013 so special are the changes, events and people who are closer to my heart.

Thank you 2013

  • We sold our home and became 100% debt free for the first time ever. The last of our clutter went with it as the new home owners kept anything we were willing to leave behind.
  • I completed a yoga challenge and attended 65 classes in 50 days with my daughter. I learned that I am capable of more than I think.
  • B left for college and I became an empty-nester. It wasn’t my favorite thing to be at first, because I missed her so much, but I’m getting used to it.
  • I worked with the best people this year. Johanna brought my napkin drawings to life with her beautiful illustrations. Spark & Tinder members made my job more fun and meaningful than I thought it could be. Chris helped me deliver beautiful books. People participating in 31 Days of Gifts You so Deserve continue to warm my heart every day with thoughtful messages. I partnered with great friends speaking at SXSW, writing a new book and creating a new course and fell deeper in love with the power of great collaborations.

2014 is already shaping up to be an amazing year, but I can’t fully appreciate that without giving 2013 a proper send off.

When I really think about the moments worth remembering in 2013, they weren’t about stuff or money. The moments that mattered weren’t connected to productivity or success. They were simply about people. They were about laughter, tears, raised eyebrows, clinking glasses, holding hands, Skype calls, romantic date nights, city bike rides, care packages, thank you notes and love letters.

I am so grateful for the people who made 2013 wonderful for me.

Take a few moments to give 2013 a proper send off. Release the bad stuff, embrace the good stuff and then look forward with an open heart for all that 2014 has waiting for you.


And about that One More Gift …

Mini-missions for Simplicity is free this weekend on Amazon. If you don’t have a  Kindle, don’t worry! Kindle books can also be read using the Free Kindle Reader App for your Web Browser, PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, or Android.

If you purchased the book, thank you so much for supporting my work. Please grab a free copy this weekend if you haven’t read it, and if you would be so kind, tell your friends and leave a review on Amazon.

And one more little gift …

If you’ve been thinking of cleaning out your closet for the new year, I made you a playlist to help.

Happy new year my friends. I am just so grateful for you.

Update: Mini-missions for Simplicity isn’t free anymore, but it is available for only $2.99.


  1. says

    What a lovely post! You are so right about what’s truly important in life. Just came across the great quote: The Most Important Question of Your Life: How does what I am doing right now serve the agenda of my Soul? – Neale Donald Walsch

    Best wishes for many blessings this New Year to all who read this.

  2. Catherine says

    Thanks Courtney for the inspiration and constant shot in the arm. Your timing is usually right on target too.

    Hugs and blessings in 2014!

    Catherine Sears

  3. says

    Wonderful post! I did go grab a copy for my Kindle; what you have to say resonates with me because I am simplifying my life as well. Since I will soon be an empty-nester, too, I found a small studio apartment and am jettisoning/donating a good bit of stuff, too. My new building has “extra storage space” available, but I won’t be needing it.

    Thank you for being a voice for me in the right place and the right time! Happy New Year to you!

  4. Michelle says

    Thanks Courtney! I really like the part about not starting 2014 without giving 2013 a good sendoff. Many blessings and surprises over the past year. Thank you for your heartfelt post!

  5. PAULA says

    Happy New Year, Courtney!
    I’ve got the copy of your book. Can’t wait to read!
    All the best,

  6. Beverly says

    Courtney, I love your posts! I’ve been trying to get the ebook from Amazon; I’ve downloaded (twice!) the free Kindle for PC app, only to be told by Amazon that I can’t get the book because I have no Kindle device registered to my account! I’ve also left a review stating that with them; what’s a girl to do? I’d love to read the ebook but Amazon won’t give me access to it.

    • Beverly says

      Figured out how to get the Kindle registered and got the book. Lots of lovely Ideas–thanks for writing and offering it!

  7. Natalie says


    I am so grateful for you and this website. It really has changed my life and I’m so glad that when I googled ‘how to deal with guilt’ it led me here! I’m looking forward to 2014 and continuing my journey into vegetarianism and minimalism, and being more with less!

  8. Deni says

    Just wanted to say Thank You, Courtney for the 31 Days of Gifts! I have really enjoyed each one and it was a pleasure and comfort to look forward to each day. I saved them all and plan to go through them again. Thanks to you, I have been completing the “Declutter your world in 10 days challenge” and it feels terrific, I feel free and ready to do more! You are such a true inspiration to me and others and I’m grateful to have found you :)
    Blessing for the New Year!!!

  9. varuni says

    thank you so much for your inspirational comments. This january I have started on project 333. thanks to you my life has become a lot
    Varunisimpler . i am grateful to u for that . Best wishes for a fulfilling new year!

  10. says

    Thanks Courtney for a lovely post. I also just do a recap of the special things that I did, things I accomplished for 2013. I then look at goals for the new year. I may or may not get them done, but I will try.

    I wished I saw this post in time or I would have downloaded the freebie!