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  1. I’m an aspiring minimalist and so far this year I’ve taken six car loads to either the dump or donation box. It’s a start! :)

    Right now, I’m swamped with work. But I’ve got two teenage girls who claim they are bored. And I’ve been meaning to take care of both the pantry and medicine cabinet, so that’s their afternoon project! Thanks for the idea!

  2. A nice list here. The first I actually did a couple of days ago. The second doesn’t exist in our household. Being vegan ensures it never will either :) And the third I do everytime I go out. I wouldn’t feel comfortable carrying around more than I need too.

    Another quick exercise worth doing is getting rid of old boxes or packaging. Personally I will sometimes keep the boxes of things I buy knowing that if I sell them, having the original box may increase the resale value. But they stack up and I usually end up giving away the items instead of selling them, so it’s good to get rid of these old boxes etc. The other day I even threw out a bunch of bubble wrap. I thought it would come in hand some day, but never did and was wasting space sitting there.

  3. Mary

    My clutter doesn’t creep. It waltzes in the door, plops itself down, and makes itself at home. And it brings all of its friends.

    I like the idea of a timer, but it’s too stressful.

  4. Kelly

    Those bandages CAN expire too! I used to buy fun ones from the dollar store bc it’s SO much less expensive. BUT I discovered that the wrappers open themselves over time (we’re talking years) and/or the adhesives don’t stick. I would probably still buy the cheapos if we blew through them, but as my kids are petrified of them, I just pay the premium for the actual “Band-Aid” brand.

  5. Emptying coat and jacket pockets. It astonishes me how much clutter creeps into those things. Old shopping lists, wrappers, used kleenex, business cards, candies, money… It only takes a few minutes and coats hang better without all that stuff. Sometimes you even find treasures like lost keys!

  6. Great ideas, I love decluttering by setting a timer and going for it. Another way I get rid of things in the pantry (that are not expired) is by skipping grocery shopping for a week to eat only what I have in my house already. Then I really will try that gluten free pasta :)

  7. I find that doing frequent passes through the pantry actually saves time and money in the long run. Although I still feel sometimes that the grocery fairy comes through at night and deposits things that I never would have bought…

  8. LLH

    The medicine cabinet is a great one – there’s nothing like needing something and discovering that what’s in the drawer expired two years ago! I’m careful to do that at least once a year. Unfortunately, bandaids do expire, and I’ve had to throw them out when the wrappers open or they’re not longer sticky.

    Another area to try is your pen area. I think we all have a place where we throw extra pens, but really, how many do we need? And I bet a bunch of them don’t even work! It’s good to occasionally sort through those. And since that shouldn’t take too long, I’d throw in business cards. I have collected so many over the years. Some are good to keep, but most I don’t even remember who the person is and it’s better to throw it out. Or, ideally, one of these days I want to get all of that info on my computer and toss out the cards altogether.

    One more idea: the freezer. Most of us clean out the refrigerator regularly, but how often do you clean out the freezer? The last time I did it, I was a bit horrified at what I found. If you can’t remember the last time you cleaned out your freezer, do it now! ;)

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