An Invitation to Be More with Less


I am celebrating 44 years on June 5th and I’m giving my birthday away. One of the greatest benefits to living with less is that you can give more. Last Summer, charity: water’s founder, Scott Harrison asked me (and 1000 other people) to give up my birthday. He asked me to trade the cake and parties and presents and cards for life.

I said yes and I want to invite you to say yes too. This is your invitation to be more with less by making a donation. You can be more with less before you declutter your kitchen or clean out your closet. You can be more with less right now by visiting the Be More with Less charity: water page.

One in nine people in our world doesn’t have access to water: the most basic of human needs. Something we can’t imagine going 12 hours without.

What’s really cool is that 100% of the money we raise will directly fund water project costs in the field, and charity: water will prove every single dollar. When the project we help fund is complete, they’ll send us a digital completion report with GPS coordinates and photos of the community we helped and I’ll publish that report so you can see the difference you made, the difference we made together.

Make a difference and …

  • make a donation. Visit the Be More with Less charity: water page.
  • share this everywhere: Enough stuff! This year for my birthday, all I want is clean water. Help me and the 800 million people in need. Donate to my campaign.

You can donate $4.00, $44.00, $440 or any amount you choose. I know that you work hard for your money and that you likely donate to other organizations, so please, give what you can. When I was trying to decide on a goal for this project, I thought it would be really awesome to give clean water to 44 people for my 44th birthday. It costs about $65 to give clean water to one person, so the original goal was $2860. But then I remembered who you are and who we are as a community and raised the bar.

Let’s Be More with Less and raise $4400 or more together.

I started the donations with $144.00 We have 60 days to meet our goal, but if we can reach it by June 5th (my birthday), I’ll donate an additional $144.00, give away my books for free all day on June 5th, and have some other surprises for you.

Go to my campaign to donate:

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my birthday than by giving the gift of clean water to people in need. Oh and before you bookmark this page and promise to come back later and make a donation, think about how many times you save something for later and never do it. Instead of putting clean water on your to do list, please take action right now.

I am so grateful for you.

UPDATE: Thanks to you, we exceeded our goal and raised almost $5000 for Charity Water.