Dress with Less and Create Your Capsule Wardrobe

How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe

Overwhelmed with closet chaos? Does the idea of getting dressed in the morning with ease sound appealing? How about saving time, money and mental energy?

A Microcourse requires:

  • micro-schedule: learn something new in a week or less
  • micro-investment: always less than $20
  • micro-inbox commitment: all course material delivered in one folder via one click download

A Microcourse delivers:

  • mega-impact: each Microcourse presents the opportunity for awesome improvements in life, love, and/or health when put into practice.

I developed the Microcourse concept to make a big difference in your life and to help support this website in lieu of advertising or other alternatives. I understand that time, attention and money are finite resources and I don’t want to take advantage of yours. A Microcourse will always offer more for less so you can continue to be more with less.

Capsule Wardrobe Course

Course contents: 10 lessons + Project 333 worksheet

(The Dress with Less Microcourse is a collection of instructive, inspiring PDFs, audio recordings, playlists and recorded webinar combined with a supportive private Facebook community.)

1. Welcome and Getting Started 

  • My audio Project 333 story
  • Everything you need to know to get started

2. Day One: Inside Out 

  • The importance of why
  • Questions to answer before getting started
  • How to join the private Facebook Group
  • Action steps

3. Day Two: Face the Music 

  • A fun playlist to help you get started
  • 12 steps to clean out your closet
  • Action steps

4. Day Three: The Rules and How to Break Them

  • Audio lesson on how to fight the fear factor
  • The rules
  • The rule breaking
  • Creating your wardrobe that isn’t part of your 33 items
  • Action steps

5. Day Four: Another Look at Love 

  • Audio lesson about comparison and choosing the best items for you
  • How to start your list of 33
  • Action steps

6. Day Five: Your Capsule Wardrobe 

  • Creating your first seasonal capsule wardrobe
  • Audio lesson on avoiding clutter creep
  • Action steps

7. Day Six: Go Deep 

  • Discover who you are without your stuff
  • Challenging questions to get to know yourself better
  • A new playlist to celebrate your clutter-free space
  • Action steps

8. Be Inspired with Project 333 Stories 

  • Beverly’s story
  • Andrew’s story
  • How to share your story

9. Courtney’s Lists 

  • What I wear, season by season
  • The items I’ve let go of along the way

10. F.A.Q. + Worksheet

  • How to join the private Facebook group
  • List of course resources
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Project 333 Worksheet (to make your list)

Each lesson has new instructions and information to help you on your journey to dress with less and create a capsule wardrobe.


  • Audio message: My P333 Story
  • Recorded Q&A Webinar
  • 3 Additional Audio Recordings: Remove the Fear, One in one out, Clothes that Fit
  • 2 Awesome playlists to inspire your journey
  • Optional access to the private Facebook Group for questions, connection and accountability.

The material includes everything you need to know to create your own capsule wardrobe and begin to enjoy the beauty of less.

The material does not include excessive links, fluff or impossible tasks. Instead, a Microcourse delivers exactly what you need to know in an easy to access, affordable program. Once you purchase the course, it’s yours forever. There is no expiration date or limit on how many times you can review and implement the material.

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Course Testimonials

“This “little” course changed my life. I’ve pared down my closet, yes – but the concept of living with less has spilled over into every area of my life.” – Ginger

“I loved Project33 because it has inspired me enormously in my goal to live with less. I really enjoy the Facebook community as well. The ongoing support is fabulous!” – Maura

“Project 333 has taken the focus off clothes for me, and made it a lot less stressful because now I have a few items in my wardrobe, instead of it being stuffed full. It’s also given me the inspiration and passion for designing capsule wardrobes.” – Linda

“What I learned from the course is how much more time I have now when my decisions are not cluttered with stuff. As time has expanded, I’ve become more conscious about how I spend my time and I’ve made better decisions. This is really made my life better.” – Kathleen

“My closet is more peaceful and honestly, so is my life.  It has helped me to reign in my crazy shopping habits as well.  I’m still learning, but am enjoying the process.” – Peggy

“Your course has changed (and is continuing to change) the way I think about clothes and about how I present myself.  I definitely spend less time stressing about what to wear.  And have saved money too as I don’t just go out to shop.” – Marty

“I joined the P333 in September, 2012, and loved it! It made me much more creative with the pieces I kept, and a little adventurous as well. I feel more confident and way less stressed than when my closet was cluttered with clothing that I never wore because it didn’t suit me.” – Sandi

“It taught me to take a risk and prove to myself that I could actually live with only 33 items rather than living in fear and therefore hoarding things “just in case” I might need them one day! The course gave me freedom and now I will take more risks.” – Wendy

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  1. Melanie says

    I’m thrilled to see that Project 333 is starting again on 1 April.

    I first came across it about a month ago and wanted to do it then, but good sense prevailed … It is still winter here (England) and I’d have to stretch my 33 items over two seasons, covering a trip to Turkey in May as well. So, I waited.

    A friend has since helped me sort out my wardrobe (I’m hopeless). We’ve packed away most of my clothes except the 33 items for spring, plus a few winter clothes, which I will pack away on 31 March.


  2. Anzi says

    I purchased the Microcourse and will start with Project 333 on April 1st. I have already done extensive sorting out in my wardrobe, but there’s still some work left to be done. This will hopefully get me off to a good start. For example right now, I’m wearing a shirt that I love which is too small and uncomfortable. Why do I wear it, then? It’s going in the “donate” pile once I get home.

  3. says

    I think I could really benefit from this. I found project 333 a couple of weeks ago and have been trying to pare down my wardrobe but I’m stuck at about 40 pieces. I definitely need to let go of those things I think I need but don’t.

  4. says

    Courtney, this is awesome and I will be joining P333. I’m such a fan of how you create and deliver great products and learnings that bring meaning to our lives.
    On a personal note…Can’t wait to work with you again in a coaching mode, very soon. 😉

    • says

      I’m going to try.
      I will start with 33 items, and as I make something, I’ll throw out what it replaces.
      For example, I have navy blue pants which are past their best, so I’ll crop them to take on vacation in May (I’ll be cycling) and then replace them with new ones.
      My only real problem is that my work clothes get covered in paint and they aren’t “work” clothes in the way most folks have them. They are more of a craftman’s coverall, or like safety gear – not multipurpose at all.
      I think I probably just need to regard them as a uniform provided by my employer (me) and not count them. I certainly couldn’t use them for anything else, except possibly digging the garden or painting the house!

      Do you think that sounds ok?

  5. says

    We are moving to Ecuador to retire. We are not shipping anything, we have 100 pounds each and we’re freaking out that we only had two suitcases we were allowed to fill with everything we would need to retire there. We needed this course, we found you through The Minimalists, Josh, Ryan and Colin. We have been working on letting go, but somehow we still had way too much in the loathing clothing department. Thank you so much.

  6. DJ from Texas says

    Hi, I just lost 53 pounds, so it’s a great time to try this out…I think I’m actually at 40 items right now, so I think I can set aside 7 pieces without an issue. Thanks!

  7. says

    How timely this post is. I’m moving to the USA in 2 weeks.
    Although now would be the ideal time to pick up your micro course, I need the head space for clearing out my house and spending time with friends and family.
    I use the 20/80 rule while downsizing, however your 33 Items rule I’d love to apply when in your country.
    Can”t wait to learn more.
    See you in the USA!

  8. James says

    I’ve noticed most, if not all, of these comments are written by women. Does the course have suggestions for men as well?

    • courtney says

      Hi James,

      Men and women have participated and it can be helpful for both but I did write it from my own experience.

  9. Debra says

    I just packed for a week vacation and I’m WAY over 33 items…….is there any hope? A way to begin from where i am at?

  10. Chris says

    I’m with James. Is there anything for men in this course or is similar to the many other courses that are really directed at women? Minimalists directed us here and am hopeful that there’s valuable ideas and photos for we guys!

    • courtney says

      There are no photos at all in the course, but the steps are the same for men and women.

  11. says

    Hello! I just saw the shout out from the Minimalists! This looks great, Courtney. Can I just say an encouraging word to your readers that a minimal wardrobe is wonderful? In our newly finished 665 square foot home (for our family of five!) I have only 16″ of bar length for my hanging clothes, plus five small drawers. It can be done! And I don’t feel like I’m wearing the same thing all the time. A small, but well-curated jewelry collection helps too. I hope your course goes well!

  12. old aggie says

    Hi Courtney,
    I’ve been directing folks to your site for over a year now – people are really interested. :-)
    I see a couple comments above from men, asking how the process works for them. Since a couple of my “referrals” are also men, it made me think.
    Haven’t you had guest posts by men? Maybe when you reply to comments from men, you could include a link to one of those guest posts? – it would feel inclusive and give a real-world touch to the genderless principles of 333.
    Thanks! Hope your summer is wonderful!

  13. Amy Pearce says

    I am so excited to start Project 333. I just ordered the “Dress with Less: A Microcourse,” and I cannot wait to dive into it. I just listed to the first audio clip “listening to my P333 Story,” and I can totally relate. I absolutely love a good bargain, and I have always thought if I can find something for cheaper then that makes it better. Maybe it’s me aging or just the manufacturing industry getting lax, or maybe both, but I am noticing that my “cheaper” finds are not lasting nearly as long as those that I spend a little extra cash on. I am also finding that I have a closet and dresser full of clothes, but I don’t wear half of it.

    I really need to simplify my wardrobe and my life. I am so excited to get started. Well back to reading “Dress with Less.” But I just wanted to stop by and introduce myself. Thank you so much for everything. :-)

  14. r lillian echols says

    Where was this 6 years ago when I started moving twice a year until I finished a master’s degree?! :)

    I am so glad I found this. I am ordering the course right now and jumping in the middle of a cycle. The timing works out well – I’m assuming the next one starts October 1, and I’ll need to pull out my winter clothes and change my wardrobe (again) then.

    This will be such a fun adventure.

  15. says

    I live in a four season climate .Each season I have a ten item wardrobe. then I take out my next ten items replacing a basic if need be and always putting in an inexpensive piece in the fashion color of the season .No I dont have forty items as I wear the same ten items for spring and summer.Ps. All my basics are rather good quality eg good quality grey pants (spring and autumn).A person starting off this scheme with very little money might be advised to buy the basics in a consignment store eg a good jacket and buy items like white blouses new.This amounts to thirty items.I love this scheme as it feel like a whole new wardrobe when the seasons change and I also wanted to say that I shop very little- January sales for cold weather and a few inexpensive top ups for warm weather as these dont last and are usually washed out by the sun and sunscreen lotion.I now only spend 70% less on clothes. One more thing-I also advise getting ones colours done as it stops wasting money on expensive basics in the wrong colour.

  16. Gie says

    Hi! I saw your site as I am looking through wardrobe capsule dressing and I am interested in your microcourse. Can I enroll anytime? I live in a tropical country with 2 seasons wet and dry (mostly). Works in a casual outfit daily like jeans and bluse or day dress. Do you have any suggestions on where I can start?

    • courtney says

      Hello Gie, You can join the course anytime and check out the “getting started” page for helpful tips.

  17. Janie says

    I really want to start now, but am in between sizes and want to lose 10 more pounds. I have clothes that are on both sides of the size I currently am. How would you handle this?

    • Erin says

      If it’s too big, get it tailored or get rid of it. If it’s too small, I’d box it up the same as the other “extra” items. Maybe a separate box with the size clearly marked so you know to rip it open when those 10 pounds get lost.

  18. brother's keeper says

    a question before I commit. Clothing is such a personal thing…to me, modesty is huge, and I find it very hard to shop for that reason. Do you suggest the style, basically?

    Second, I don’t like wearing poly, but natural fibers instead. I know that for travel, and for less upkeep, cotton is difficult(unless I could afford the better quality cotton…I guess if I only have 33 good items, in the long run it will be cheaper?

    Also, how to deal with the up and down weight issue? I vary between size 12 and 16. So, that makes for many more clothes…unless there is another way?

  19. says

    We all have the weight issue to a greater or lesser extent. This summer I have stuck to elasticated waists and shift dresses. Should I loose the magical 28lb all but a very few items will still fit. As for the cotton vs polycotton. I don’t like polycotton and wear cotton and linen in the summer (charity shops and ebay are very good for these) and even when travelling I just left them to drip dry. The creases don’t matter unless you are going out somewhere very smart and even then pure linen will crease the moment you put it on! The sign of man made fibres is the lack of crease – embrace your creases!

  20. laurie whitelegg says

    Just a thought to share…when my husband and I travel…anywhere up to 3 weeks and usually overseas…we take only carryon luggage. We can usually find a laundry mat somewhere for one or two washings depending on how long we are away. We pack dark clothes generally that can be worn more than once, AND we usually take only old and worn clothes, with maybe one nice outfit. This is so that if the urge to buy something international comes over us, we replace an item of clothing that we won’t miss. Even if we don’t purchase anything we often leave some items at local thrfit stores wherever we visit, and come home much lighter that before. I rarely shop locally anymore, rather wait for a trip and take along my need to be replaced items. So much easier, and no waiting for lost luggage.

    • Christina says

      That is exactly how I travel! Carry-on luggage only. I have now been away from home for Five weeks and will stay two more. An important item is always an inflatable hanger or two. A t-Shirt and undies, too, dry much quicker thanks to the air flowing in the space between the the front and back…I usually take a few items that are ready for the clothing recycle bin. And thanks to be known as a no-stuff person, family and friends do not expect souvenirs. I DO write and send postcards, though, to show that I am thinking of the loved ones….in my experience Teva sandals (I do not own stock in the company;-) ) are the most valuable footwear and the time I did not pack them I was really sorry about it.
      My inspiration to light-packing and minimalist life style comes from the Bushmen of the Kalahari desert : all they own can be carried in a tortoise shell on their backs. It is an inspiration, a virtual aim, as I live in a cold climate…

  21. Suzanne says

    I have pared down to 60 pieces of clothing, including socks (10), undies 10), bras (4) , pajamas (4), and swimsuit. That leaves me with 31 pieces of “real” clothes, including 5 coats (I live in Ohio, so that’s not an excessive number).

  22. says

    Hello! I know this is somewhat off topic but I was wondering if
    you knew where I could locate a captcha plugin for my comment form?
    I’m using the same blog platform as yours
    and I’m having difficulty finding one? Thanks a lot!

  23. Kate Harper says

    This course says you have a private facebook group for people to support/report on progress. Is this different from your regular fb page? It is public isn’t it?

  24. says

    When I originally commented I seem to have clicked on the -Notify me when
    new comments are added- checkbox and from now on each time a comment
    is added I recieve 4 emails with the exact same comment.
    Is there a means you are able to remove me from that
    service? Cheers!

  25. Elizabeth says

    Where do I find the example you gave of listing 33 items to have in your capsule wardrobe? I didn’t complete reading the full article and I can’t find it now. Thank you.

  26. Www.Facebook.com says

    Hmm it appears like your website ate my first comment (it was super long) so
    I guess I’ll just sum it up what I submitted and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog.

    I as well am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new to
    everything. Do yyou have any recommendations for first-time
    blog writers? I’d certainly appreciate it.

  27. Health Educator says

    I started the Project 333 on 01.01.2014. I put 40 pounds of clothes in a large duffel bag in my closet. On 04.15.2014, after finishing my taxes, I went through the clothes in the duffel bag and only retained 3 items out of the 40 pounds. Everything else in the duffel was donated, with an additional 5 pairs of shoes. I feel so much lighter! I admit I still have exercise clothes and coats that put me over the “limit” – but I am working at getting to a tight 33 item wardrobe. The journey is worth the end point.

  28. Heather says

    I just moved into my van. Really. Incredible how much will fit in a mini-van. And I have way more than 33 items. I haven’t bought the course but am considering. What is included that will make it worth my while? I feel like I practice a lot of what I’ve read as far as tips go, but still keep a pretty large wardrobe & I put a lot in storage, too, when I packed up my 450 square foot loft. Sell me, please! I know I should but I’m in a frugal phase. :) Intrigued by the concept for sure! I do have a closet, aka cargo box, that will suffice for putting stuff in storage.

  29. Eva Persson says

    Hello, This is very interesting. I am not sure I can do it. Working with fashion and designing a clothing line makes it difficult to limit myself to a certain number of clothing, but we’ll see.
    So I am wondering; you choose 33 items for 3 months. But as I understand you have also other clothes that are stored away? So they are stored away and not used for 3 months?. And then when the 3 months are over you take out everything and choose another 33 items? Or have I misunderstood it completely. If this is so, I don’t get the point. You might have a huge amount of clothing in total then? I thought the point would be to live with less items/ volume permanently. Sorry, don’t take this as critisism, I am just trying to understand the concept. :)

  30. Linda says

    Hi Courtney. I really find your project/posts very interesting. I thought for years that there must be something wrong with me, as I could never get into buying more than I wore/needed at any one time. When I did make other random purchases, of course they never fit into my wardrobe. I know my habit probably stems from my mother having hoards of clothing in several wardrobes, which she hardly ever wore, of course – nor probably knew what she even had. In addition, I had always been overweight my whole life and rarely had that interest in clothes of course, that I couldn’t often wear. However, since losing weight several years ago now and keeping it off, I decided to enrol on a style and colour course. That also helped immensely with me keeping to a small wardrobe but actually buying the things I love to wear. I’ve decided to try to do Project 333 retrospectively(!), for example, jotting down those items of clothing that I have already worn, commencing 1 June. I’m looking forward to doing that – just for interest. Just because I have a small wardrobe, doesn’t mean I get it right all the time! And I don’t want to miss out in participating in some way! Linda

  31. Karen says

    I am thrilled to find this class and concept. I am at the end of a major journey of weight loss (60 down and 15 pounds to go.) I’m in the middle of purging my closet of things that don’t fit. This will give me guidance and guidelines to thoughtfully rebuild a functional wardrobe!