Capture Simple Beauty: mini-mission

I love boats. I’ve loved the simple beauty of boats for as long as I can remember. Walking the docks in Newport Rhode Island as a child, I always wondered about the boats and their people. There was beauty in all of them. The fishing boats, the house boats, and the dinghies.

The sleek, shiny, over sized yachts didn’t and still don’t interest me.

Instead, I love boats …

Capture Simple Beauty: mini-mission

that are worn and weathered

Capture Simple Beauty: mini-mission

that belong together


Capture Simple Beauty: mini-mission

that have red painted window panes

Capture Simple Beauty: mini-mission

that wait patiently for the storm to pass

Capture Simple Beauty: mini-mission

that are blue

Capture Simple Beauty: mini-mission

with open windows that make me wonder what’s inside

Your mini-mission today is to capture simple beauty and share it. Be inspired today by the simple beauty of boats or the simple beauty of something right outside your front door. Search for the beauty in different. Carry a small notebook or camera and record what moves you.

In every boat that I’ve photographed, the simple beauty and the story is in the details.

Capture Simple Beauty: mini-mission

a cat basking in the sun

Capture Simple Beauty: mini-mission

boats that live under a bridge

Capture Simple Beauty: mini-mission

a name that makes me smile, smile, smile


If you don’t see the beauty right away, take another look. Look closer, or from a different angle. Do you see it now? Make a small collage, or capture simple beauty and incorporate it into your journal or blog.

You are beautiful and once you accept and embrace that, you will find beauty everywhere. Please share what you found to be beautiful today in the comment section.

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  1. says

    Lovely post; I particularly liked the line: “You are beautiful and once you accept and embrace that, you will find beauty everywhere.”
    I wrote about how a series of powerful photographs welcomed me into a new world of beauty in my most recent post at A Wish Come Clear (link above) – guess we were on the same wavelength this week! :)

  2. says

    This morning I went to the library to pick up some books. I noticed in one of the rooms, there was a big group of older ladies just chatting away in their bookclub. When I came out of the library, I had a huge stack of books in my hand. This older hippie man with this big white beard was in his car watching me and was just smiling with a huge grin! It was so sweet. Then I went to the grocery and just admired all the beautiful flowers in the floral department. They smelled so fresh! I can’t wait for the day I receive flowers from someone.

    • says

      oh yes! and I loved the post. I like how it’s like you already knew what you loved about boats and it just appeared for you to take a photo. It’s beginning to look like spring in Kentucky and today is a beautiful day outside, so this post goes great with today!

  3. lindimity says

    I love standing on my porch on a beautiful clear night to marvel at God’s wonderful heavens. The other night the moon was offset by Jupiter and Venus, and they were so clear and bright I felt that I could touch them.

  4. Michelle says

    I live in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. It’s easy to take the beautiful scenery for granted. Thank you for reminding me to look out the window and really take in the beautiful, snowy mountains!

  5. says

    I love this! Your viewpoint, and pictures are a work of art! Today I am finding the simplicity in laundry baskets…yes laundry baskets. Ok maybe I need to look a little outside my home.

  6. says

    I love boats too. I love how they are connected to water (ideally the ocean). I love how they can be painted such bright colors and contain so much personality. I love the pic of the cat laying on a boat in the sun. That has got to be great bliss rocking on the water in the sun.

    Part of my day that I have been enjoying is the rain. It has been rainy all day, sometimes really heavy. I love the rain. The steady soft music of it, the the look of it in the air and on the window.

  7. AmyJ says

    Lovely post! All this week I am going to focus on the ” you ate beautiful” statement. I have a two month old and while my body seems like a deflated version of my former self. I want to remember that the stretch marks, saggy chest, dry hair and extra wiggle in belly are all because my body was strong and healthy to have a beautiful baby girl. It took 5 years to add this addition to our family and while I’m no longer in my 20’s I will eventually bounce back and if not that’s ok too. Because its the place that carried my girls for a long 9 months and that in itself is a beautiful thing.
    Thank you again for a wonderful post to remind me of that.

  8. Mary Ann Cauthen says

    Love, loved, loved these writings!! I am 67 years old, & live on a farm in GA. Beauty is all around us & most importantly within us – we just have to take the time to look for it & enjoy! The cat in the sun was a beautiful site & the comment about rain is so true with me. We have a screened porch with a long roof overhang, & sitting there amidst rain or even a storm is awesome. Thanks for your writings!! Mary Ann

  9. Candice says

    In Eastern NC it is already Spring and although most of my neighbors hate the “weeds” that pop up this time of year in their yards, I find them lovely. The bright yellow dandylions, and the tiny white or blue flowers on some of the “weeds” makes me smile. I’m reminded of Ralph Walso Emerson’s quote “a weed is just a plant whose virtues have not been discovered.”

  10. says

    Today I found beauty in a person I know who has recently had something horrific happen to her, yet she has still managed to avoid feeling sorry for herself and has even managed to find humor in her situation. Inspiring!

  11. says

    You inspired me today! So I took my camera with me on my walk so I could share some of the beauty I find around me. Click on the link above to see my pretty pictures (at least, they are to me). Thank you for sharing such inspiration. I don’t live near boats, but I’d love to.

  12. Kerry says

    Simply said! I don’t have a high powered camera, but I have a few pictures landscape pictures I adore from our Boston/Cape Cod trip. I am framing them and putting them up on my walls. I am now personalizing my home with pictures of my family and getting rid of pictures that are meaningless to my heart. Pictures that are important in your life should be shared not stored. That’s my simple pleasure.

  13. says

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