How to Make Money with a Blog

How to Make Money with a Blog

Aside from questions about how I paid off decades of debt, the question about money I get most frequently is “How do you make money with a blog?” There are many ways and approaches, but I didn’t leave a job I didn’t like to do work I don’t like, so I make sure I feel good about how I work, what I offer, and how I earn money.

If you aren’t interested in the details, I’d suggest skipping this post and going right to this, or this, but if you are curious how I make money with a blog that has no advertising and no sponsored posts, keep reading.

I don’t make money directly from blog writing, although some people do. I didn’t make any money from writing these 500+ posts or any of these guest posts or interviews. Instead, I use what I learn writing for the blog and connecting with people who read it to create helpful solutions, in the form of books, courses and services that currently range in price from .99 to $499.

I started Be More with Less while I was working full-time and made a few hundred dollars during the first year. I made enough to cover my expenses and to gain the confidence I needed to know that I would eventually leave my job and run my own business.

Show me the money.

Affiliate Recommendations 
I recommend things (that aren’t things). You won’t find links to blenders or mattresses or other things people have asked me to sell to you, because this is a blog about owning less. I use a blender and a mattress, but it really doesn’t matter to me which ones you use.

Instead I recommend books, courses from other bloggers, and resources that have helped me to improve my life or work.  If someone purchases one of these recommendations, I usually earn 5-50%. I also offer an affiliate program so other bloggers can earn by recommending my courses if they were helpful to them.

  • For example, I recommend Everyday Magic, Tammy Strobel’s Photography Course as an affiliate. I’d recommend it if I wasn’t an affiliate too, because I love her and her work.

I won’t recommend anything on the blog that I won’t recommend to a close friend.

Books .99 – $2.99
I wrote 4 books in 3 years that I sell on Amazon.

  1. Mini-missions for Simplicity
  2. Simple Ways to Be More with Less
  3. Living in the Land of Enough
  4. Clutterfree

Courses $9.99 – $49
I develop courses that solve specific problems and help people live more simply and/or develop work they care about.

  1. How to Create a Microbusiness that Matters
  2. Zero to 100, a microcourse for beginning bloggers
  3. How to Create a Meaningful Morning Routine
  4. Dress with Less and Create a Capsule Wardrobe
  5. The Clutterfree Course

Coaching $499
I recently announced a new coaching program for up to 8 clients a month including a one hour Skype or phone call, personalized action plan and 2 weeks of email support.

I love working with one person at a time, brainstorming, and turning ideas into action, but get overwhelmed if I’m working with too many people. By setting a limit on the number of people I work with each month, I can offer so much more to each person.

It’s the same for writing. If I were publishing something new everyday, I wouldn’t have as much to offer.

Webinars – Free & up
I’m exploring a few ideas to share with you via live and recorded webinars. I currently include webinars within some of the courses I offer, but want to create more stand alone events.

Speaking – Free & up
Sharing my story and ideas to live and work more simply and joyfully is what fuels me. I love doing that here on the blog and especially in person at live events.

This is my work

This is my work. Most of it is available for free and I charge for some of it. I hope people use it in a way that best serves their life and work.

If you have something to offer but are afraid to tell people about it, know that there is no shame in being paid for your work or creating helpful resources with a price tag.

You don’t need scammy marketing, awesome sales pages, or smoke and mirrors to sell what you make or what you do. Care about the people you serve and what you offer them and you’ll find true joy in your work that seeps into every area of your life.