Celebrating the Art of the Start

All Glory Comes from Daring to Begin

When I launched Zero to 100, a microcourse for beginning bloggers, I promised to share some of the blogs that were born as a result.

Throughout the course, I invite people to reach out and ask questions, and they did. I’ve brainstormed blog names and taglines, answered tech questions, and fleshed out ideas with awesome people starting new blogs. It’s been such a joy to connect with people who want to share their ideas with the world.

Almost everyone I talked to expressed fears

  • about getting started
  • about not having something good enough to share
  • about putting themselves “out there”
  • about not being perfect
  • about technical challenges
  • about not knowing enough

I had the same fears, but what I remind people is that the fear I had about not doing something new, about not writing, about not changing my work and life were much greater.

One thing I never regret is starting. Even if things don’t work out, or they go in a different direction, or I get in over my head, I’m always glad I started. Every one of the people mentioned below discovered what they needed to start, and then they did. Some needed a gentle push, others needed technical assistance, or a brainstorming partner and some were just ready to go.

I am so proud that they got started and am excited to share their work with you.

5 New Bloggers to Check Out

1. My Life as Kate by Katie Jaeger

Why did you decide to start a blog?
I started a blog to connect with people. I have hesitated starting one in the past due to my own insecurities and vulnerabilities, but I found that once I got started, it was such an amazing creative release for me. Which is exactly what I’d hoped would happen by starting a blog.

What is your blog about and how would you like it to help people?
My blog is a mixed bag of lifestyle posts and memory keeping. I participate in Project Life® and share my pages on a weekly basis. My hope is that I can inspire my readers and that we can connect over mutual interests. As well as encouraging them along the way to document their everyday life.

How did Zero to 100 help?
Pressing the “publish” button was one of the hardest parts for me at first, but reading this course gave me an extra boost of confidence. Courtney’s tips and tricks made a real difference in how I approached blogging as a beginner.

How can people learn more?
You can find me at katiejaeger.com and on Instagram at http://instagram.com/katiejaeger.

2. Seed-Love by Karla and Trace

Why did you decide to start a blog?
My friend Trace and I had been kicking around the idea of blogging together for some time but the prospect of setting up the website felt too overwhelming. One day, I received an email about your micro-course, Zero to 100, and knew if anyone could break down the process into “simple steps,” it would be you! Courtney, YOU were the inspiration for us to get moving toward our vision! The course laid out the steps so simply that you gave us the courage to begin.

What is your blog about?
Our mission is “To seed love & love seeds.” Yes, it’s that simple. Simple and, yet, complex. Because, ultimately, everything we do is an act of seeding, in ourselves, our relationships, our community, and/or in our environment. But, also, we will discuss the physical act of seeding – as in our gardens. We are not gardening experts, but are naturally curious and love experimenting!

How can we learn more?
I hope you check out our blog. www.seed-love.com and visit us on Facebook.

3. Kite in the City by Kite

Why did you decide to write a blog?
Reading and writing are two of my all-time favorite activities. That is how I stumbled upon the wonderful blogs that I look forward to reading daily. I eventually wanted to do what they do. I wanted to have a space of my own in the internet and not just via social media. Something that’s entirely a little world of my own – my ideas, my words and my thoughts.

What is your blog about and how would you like it to help people?
I initially intended to blog about simplicity. I have always wanted to practice some sort of minimalism, but from what I have come to discover on the internet, we (my family) live a fairly simple life around here without much effort.

I’m fascinated with photography that’s why I try to put at least a photo on each blog post and tell a little bit about the places I’ve visited or what is going on in my head at the moment.

How did Zero to 100 help?
Aside from the technical information, what helped me the most is being encouraged to start what I’ve been wanting to do – blogging. That I am capable of creating something. Courtney being approachable and helpful is a necessary bonus.

How can people learn more?
They can check out www.kiteinthecity.com and see more of my photography on Instagram.

4. Hill of Beans by John

Why did you decide to start a blog?
Last year I suffered a tragic loss, and as part of the grieving process began journaling. A counselor recommended that I start a blog as part of my healing process. I considered the concept of a blog for some time, but never felt I had the talent compared to some of the great blogs out there on minimalism and healthy living. However I did believe that I had a voice and something to say, so the idea stuck in the back of my mind.

What is your blog about and how would you like it to help people?
Each of us face challenges and problems in our lives. On an individual level, our challenges are real and difficult, but rarely do they amount to much in the big scheme of things. The Hill of Beans is dedicated to pointing out these issues – shedding light on what does matter and what does not in this crazy world so that we each can live mindful, deliberate, and fulfilling lives. I hope to help my readers by adding perspective to the challenges and events of life, and encourage them to look at the big picture of life.

How did Zero to 100 help?
The course helped frame the process of blogging into bite-sized pieces. It explained the basics of blogging, but most important it encouraged and inspired me to get started. Courtney is very open about her journey into blogging, and shares some of her personal experiences which makes the course enjoyable. Also, the recommendation to use the GoodStart blog starter program was excellent.

How can people learn more?
The can visit Hill of Beans and find me on Facebook.

5. Magnolia Bliss by Natalie

Why did you decide to start a blog?
I want to inspire people to consider minimalism, or small bits they can take & adapt to their lives, because it has done SO much for me (my relationships, health, time/freedom, overall happiness, etc.)

What is your blog about and how would you like it to help people?
My blog is about my journey into minimalism, travel, and I’m also trying to marry my other passion, interior design with minimalism. In the past, as a designer, my duties have seemed so trivial (“do these 6 throw pillows match these curtains?”), but as I have fully embraced minimalism, not only has my aesthetic changed, but my overall attitude of what great design is has also changed. I am truly embracing “function over form”, and want to share my new stance with future clients – perhaps clients that are looking to simplify, move, downsize, or just looking for something more … or less.

How did Zero to 100 help?
I have been wanting to start a blog for quite some time now, and the Zero to 100 PDF really helped fuel me. I knew if I waited any longer, I wouldn’t do it. Sure, it’s not perfect, but it’s helping me to blog regularly. Also, it taught me to blog with meaning – I try so hard to post only things that I think someone will find meaningful, beneficial, or helpful.

How can people learn more?
Visit Magnolia Bliss and find me on Instagram.

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