The Next 5 Most Frustrating Things About Simplicity

The Next 5 Most Frustrating Things about Simplicity


Last week we looked at the First 5 Most Frustrating Things about Simplicity and following are the next 5. Each frustration is closely related to the next and by learning how to move through each struggle or challenge, a simple life unfolds.

The Next 5 Most Frustrating Things About Simplicity

6. Finding motivation to make a change.
When you are feeling lazy or apathetic, motivation wanes. Fear and doubt can contribute to a lack of motivation as well. Instead of trying to figure out why you aren’t motivated, or worse, feeling bad about not feeling motivated, just make a tiny move. For instance, if your closet is a mess, instead of a complete overhaul, remove one pair of jeans that don’t fit, or a shirt you never wear, and put it by your front door to bring to Goodwill or some place that accepts clothing donations. If that’s it for today, that’s it, but chances are, if you know you are going by the donation center, you might add a few more pieces.

Shift your thinking from “I’m unmotivated” to “One tiny move.” and you’ll create momentum and progress.

7. Dealing with digital clutter.
Digital clutter is frustrating because it’s silent and invisible. You can ignore it indefinitely until you are looking for something or until that one special day when you lose it all. Instead of saving everything because you can, save what you really need. Save less and and have a system for digital decluttering.

This is what I do and recommend: Use a combination of Dropbox for saving photos and documents and Evernote to save recipes, blog posts, plan trips, work and life and easily sync and back things up from your computer, phone or other devices. You can access anything from everywhere without clogging up your computer or worrying about the big crash.

8. Clutter creep is a constant battle.
Choose decluttering over organizing to avoid frequent clutter creep, but also be open to the fact that clutter will creep. If you want to fight it without losing your mind or disrupting your life, these six weapons can help.

9. Being present
I haven’t determined if getting simple helps you be present or if being present helps you get simple, but they definitely support each other. If you are paying attention to what didn’t get done yesterday or what needs to get done tomorrow, your full attention can’t be on what’s happening right now.

If you consistently practice mindfulness and being present, it gets easier and easier to let go of past regret, future worry and other distracting thoughts. Sitting quietly for just 5 minutes a day is a great place to start and you’ll notice the benefits almost immediately. Practice with a timer or try the Lucent app.

10. Letting go
When we practice letting go, we usually learn that we’ve been holding on for all the wrong reasons. Once you identify and connect with your real treasures, the rest is just stuff and you can finally let go. Use this 5 step process to figure out what matters most.

I’ll be sharing frustrations about simplicity and solutions in a 3 part series. If there is something that is frustrating to you about simplicity, please leave a comment and I’ll do my best to offer a solution.