Minimalism is Everything

Minimalism is Everything

When you think about minimalism, you might envision white, bare walls, empty closets, and a stark existence. That’s what I thought it was. Even when I was actively decluttering and cutting commitments, I thought minimalism was too extreme for me.

As a busy, working mom and wife, I dismissed a bunch of ideas because I was afraid that I would I create an empty life, that I wouldn’t have enough, or that I would be bored. I also worried about shaking up my family or alienating friends.

As it turns out, all of those fears were excuses in disguise. I was defending my comfort zone because I was afraid of change.

When I finally leaned into the ideas that scared me like owning less, and living in a smaller space, what I created was a full life. Everytime I let something go, I made room for something better to come in.

Now that I own less and do less, my life is full of …

  • health
  • love
  • time
  • space
  • possibility
  • creativity
  • adventure
  • joy

Along the way, I learned that defining minimalism is up to me. I can enjoy my favorite things, hang art on my white walls, and clothes in my closet and still experience the tremendous benefits that minimalism has to offer.

So lean in. Instead of nothing, minimalism will give you everything.