Put Yourself First Finally

My health hasn’t always been a priority. I spent many years putting other things first. I didn’t intentionally sabotage my health and wellbeing, but that’s exactly what happened.

Instead of putting my health first, I put …

  • work first
  • friends first
  • family first
  • drama first
  • stress first

We’ve probably all done that at one time or another, and I still do occasionally, but it’s the exception, not the rule.

I had little wake up calls along the way reminding me that I should take better care of myself, but I was too busy to really pay attention. I finally started to listen when I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2006. When it became very obvious that I had to choose between a healthy lifestyle and declining health from a chronic, degenerative disease, my health became the priority.

Making my health the priority meant stepping back, getting honest about my daily behaviors, and changing everything … one thing at a time.

If you look around at your family, friends, and co-workers, you’ll see that many people have an excuse to treat themselves poorly. Their child is sick, or they are on an impossible deadline, or they just got dumped, or they are depressed, anxious, bored, cold, hot, mad or in the middle of another emotionally charged crisis. There is always an excuse, always a reason they don’t come first. Maybe you recognize yourself in this group too. I know I’ve been there.

The best part about giving yourself permission to finally put yourself first is that when you feel great, you can take better care of a sick child, work towards a deadline with more clarity, handle adversity with more grace, and feel more optimistic about life.

Life is simpler when you are healthy.

If you crave a healthier lifestyle, or wish you had more energy, focus, and vitality, join me next week for a 60-90 minute live video course with live Q & A.

I’m not a nutritionist or a doctor, and most of the time I don’t even write about health. I write about simplicity, but without good health, simplicity is impossible. In fact, without good health, everything is compromised including work, relationships, and the ability to really enjoy all that life has to offer.

A quest for better health after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2006 set in motion years of an even bigger quest for a more meaningful life with less stress and stuff, and more health and love.

Live Video Course on March 31st

In addition to everything mentioned here, we’ll cover …

  • what I eat everyday to feel well, sleep well, and have plenty of energy and focus
  • how to gauge how much sleep is right for you
  • why perfection has no place in a plan for better health
  • how to make sure your doctors work for you by becoming your own advocate
  • why putting yourself first is compassionate, not selfish

(also included: Detailed show notes with links to books and other resources we discuss, the option to ask questions in advance or during event, and a recording of the live session.)

Bring a friend for free

Share this live video course with someone you love, and become accountability partners for healthy habit changes. Once you register, send me your receipt and I’ll tell you how to invite a friend for free. (If you are already registered, and want to invite a friend, email me: hello@courtneycarver.com)

The first session is March 31st and registration closes on March 30th. If you aren’t sure if this course is right for you, ask me … hello@courtneycarver.com.

You can read more about the live video course here: http://courtneycarver.com/live/.