Rescue Your Morning Routine When You Need it the Most

Rescue Your Morning Routine When You Need it Most

Why do we abandon our morning routines, or other self-care rituals when we need them the most?

When we are sick, traveling, busy, stressed, or worried, the time we set aside to take care of ourselves is the first to go. We set aside what gives us strength, calms us down, and better equips us to handle the unexpected, or uninvited.

That’s what almost happened to me today. I usually wake up between 5 and 5:30 and write, meditate, workout, and have breakfast, but today was different. Guinness needed extra rest. He strained some muscles and was having trouble walking yesterday. When you only have 3 legs, they all have to work overtime, especially for an energetic, 80 pound, powerful dog like Guinness.

I love this dog.

After our visit to the vet yesterday, I was really worried about him and wanted to let him sleep in this morning, so instead of getting up early and waking him, I stayed in bed. It was 7:30 before we got out for a short walk, and when I got back inside, I started rushing around as if I were running late. I opened my computer, drank a glass of water, gave Guinness his medicine and breakfast, and just as I was about to get to work, I realized that I was scrambling up the outside, because of how I was feeling on the inside.

My routine was rattled, but it could still be rescued.

I closed my computer, pulled out my notebook and a pen and started my morning routine. Before I made the bed, or started this blog post, I wrote about everything on my mind and then I sat quietly for 5 minutes. With the simple act of putting a few words on paper and breathing through 5 quiet minutes, things started to feel less scrambled, more clear, less frantic, and more calm.

I used the calmness as momentum to continue my morning routine and did a short workout and had breakfast. I rescued my morning routine and fueled my body, brain, heart and soul so I can feel well inside and out, take good care of Guinness, and do my best work today.

I am confident that by rescuing my morning routine, my day will unfold with more joy and clarity, and at the end of the day, I won’t fall into bed exhausted,  wishing that I took better care of myself.

How are you taking care of you? What routine or ritual will you rescue today?