How to Get Back to What You Love

This teacher brought me back to yoga. (The view helped too)

I rave about the benefits of yoga and how much I love going to yoga classes, but recently I stopped going.

Last June, my yoga studio closed and I had trouble finding another good fit. There are great options in my neighborhood, so the trouble was mostly on my end. I loved my other studio and community so much that I had trouble with the transition.

I continued to practice on my own during my morning routine, but after practicing in the setting above with a whole-hearted teacher, I realized that practicing alone wasn’t enough. Many people have powerful solo yoga practices, but I thrive in the class setting.

Practicing yoga, meditation and other magical things in Costa Rica brought me back to what I love most about yoga. Tomorrow I’ll be attending my first class in a local studio. I’ve never been there before, but I want to take the momentum and inspiration I brought home with me and set it into motion before it wears off.

If there is something you’ve abandoned over the past year, or even longer, here are 3 steps to help you get back to what you love.

How to Get Back to What You Love

Identify your why
Why do you love drawing, running, yoga, meditation, clean eating, or whatever it is that you’ve fallen away from recently? Use your why as leverage to commit. For instance, I believe that yoga heals my body and brain, and 100% of the time, after I practice with a group, I feel better than before we started. How can I argue with that compelling information?

Do it with someone else
I practice my morning routine all alone, but hanging out with like-minded people reminded me that I need the energy, accountability and joy that comes from being with awesome people. For you, that could mean a class or group setting, or one accountability partner to encourage and keep you on track.

There is a place for solitude and a place for people, and when you are starting a new habit or going back to what you love, you need your people.

Set a goal or parameters
Write down your plan. I put a few yoga classes in my calender and will build my work day around them. I’m committing to a minimum of 3 classes a week for one month at the same studio. Putting the plan on paper will make it impossible to ignore.

Practicing what you love takes time and energy, but it pays you back with more energy and focus so you can better use the time you have. It’s not always easy going back to what you love, but once you take the first step, you’ll fall in love all over again.

When you get back to what you love, you’ll feel more love, and be more loving. If you want to announce your commitment publicly, feel free to use the comment section below.

Get back to what you love. It’s time.


If getting back to healthy living is what you love, this one hour video course will provide the inspiration to get started, and the resources you need to put your plan into action.