She Finally Simplified Her Life

She Finally Simplified Her Life

Once upon a time, there was a woman who dabbled in decluttering. She called it spring cleaning, even though she did it several times a year. She’d clear the stuff out, and bring new stuff in to fill the empty spaces. She’d read a book or blog on living more simply, daydream about what that would be like. and then get back to her busy, complicated, over scheduled life.

She compared notes with other busy, over scheduled people, complained, made excuses, and continued to let all the stuff in. All the stuff; the clutter, debt, obligations, drama, competition and fatigue.

After years of compromising joy and freedom for long work days, and retail therapy, her body, heart and soul said “enough”. And when she got quiet, she realized she had a choice, and finally simplified her life.

While I waited until I was sick, and tired to finally simplify my life, you don’t have to wait for the breakdown. Your “finally” can be inspired by my story or others and it can come from defining why you want a simple life.

Why do you want to simplify your life?

Do you want to spend more time with your children? Travel more? Feel better? Contribute more? Move across the country or across the world? Find love? Create art? Have time to read a book or take a walk? All of the above?

Realizing you have a choice and that you can create a life that includes the things that are most important to you is the first step. You do have a choice.

Simplifying your life makes change more sustainable, provides time and space for better decisions, and allows you to fully experience life.


Yesterday, I announced a new live video course – Be More with Less: the live sessions to help you simplify your life, from health and debt to clutter and obligation. Based on your feedback I’m taking a new approach and will be offering the video courses individually on a monthly basis instead of all at once.

Visit the live sessions page by clicking here to learn more about the first topic.