Simply Let Go and Be Light

Simply let go and be light.

I’ve never met anyone who regrets letting go, or who resents feeling light and free, but letting go can be scary and hard.

It’s uncertain … I might need that someday.
It’s uncomfortable … I don’t want things to change.
It’s revealing … I’m afraid to be vulnerable.

When I read this quote, “You will find that it is necessary to let things go; simply for the reason that they are heavy.” I see how simple letting go really is. We add the complexity with our fear, drama, and excuses, but every single time we let go, we feel light and free.

If we want to be light, we have to let go.

There are benefits to moving through life, work, and relationships with a lighter step, a lighter look, and a lighter heart. Decluttering may feel like very practical work as you remove items from your home, but it is so much more than that. It’s practice for letting go and a lesson in being light.

Let go and …

be light-hearted
When life gets heavy, it’s easy to react with a heavy heart instead of being open, light, and loving. When you let go of the desire to control, and especially when you let go of measuring success by the outcome instead of the journey, your heart softens.

Then you can respond thoughtfully, with a smile. You can enjoy the little things and you can laugh, even when things don’t go as planned.

enjoy a light schedule
In October I let go of a big part of my microbusiness and more than 120 clients who I adore working with. I put my consulting programs on hold and created time and space for love and adventure, and to think about how I can better serve you and grow in my work. I’m still figuring things out and will be asking for your help, but for now I’m taking longer walks and being open to new ideas.

What can you eliminate from your calendar or cross off your to-do list? Replace busy, frenetic days with room to let things unfold, and time to listen to what your heart wants, and what your body needs.

travel light
When you arrive in a new city or country, the last thing you want to do is spend time at baggage claim, or worse, wait days for your baggage to arrive. The solution? Pack less and only bring what you can carry with you.

see light
Let go of your belief that people have it out for you. Let go of the competing, comparing, and keeping up. Then you can assume people mean well. You can be open to the good and see the light of their intentions.

be light
When you let go of everything that is heavy, you become light. You feel it, and everyone around you experiences it. When you are light, you are love.

When you do finally let go, you realize that you won’t need that someday, that things needed to change, and that your vulnerability makes you more loved and loving.

Let go of the heavy stuff, and then you’ll be light.