Soulfully Yours

Soulfully Yours

I am enamoured with the power of working and living in alignment with what means most. The magic that happens when values, work, and people are all on the same plane is indescribable. Opportunities and possibility seems to appear from thin air, and you can consistently put your hand on your heart for answers instead of worrying about what you should be doing, what you are missing, or what other people think is best for you.

I am here to serve you. Being in service to you is my core purpose, and recognizing that has allowed me to grow in my life and work. Serving you serves me right back.

Because I am here to serve you, I …

  • Don’t have pop up subscription offers that distract and annoy you, even though experts say they lead to bigger mailing lists and more “conversions”. Because I am here to serve you, I choose connection over conversion.
  • Decline all advertising requests that distract and annoy you, even though experts say advertising can generate additional revenue, and passive income. Because I am here to serve you, I choose to generate interest and encouragement over additional revenue.

I share stories and ideas to inspire you to simplify your life, not for the sake of clean countertops (although that’s nice too), but so you can create the time and space to be with people you love, do work you care about, and in many cases, to redefine and recreate your life. I try things that sound crazy, so you can say, “If she can do it, I can do it too.” And for you to usually discover, they aren’t so crazy after all.

I offer 1:1 coaching to a very limited number of people so I can offer my very best recommendations and encouragement, and in the near future, I’ll be turning my focus away from coaching and new digital course creation towards more writing and speaking about how simplicity can infuse your life and work with health, joy and passion.

I share this with you today as a reminder to you, and to me, that I am here for you. If you want to put people first in your life and work, this is what I suggest.

Get clear on your mission

Create a mission statement as a personal guide for working and living your soulful truth. Don’t use fancy words, or google, “how to write a mission statement.” Instead, put your hand on your heart, close your eyes, and listen. Then, write about what’s important to you. Include who you are, and what you do to support that.

My mission statement

I work towards full clarity on what is most important by getting rid of everything that isn’t, and by saying no to things that don’t matter. To matter, they must support health and/or love in my life. I create limits so that I am free to expand in the best directions and don’t feel pressured to go in all directions.

I reject perfection, comparison, and competition. I don’t resent the past, or let the future dictate the present. I am firmly rooted in the present and to support that I take time to listen to my heart and feed and feel my soul. The quiet messages from my heart and soul guide my decision-making in life and work. I trust myself to know what feels right and good usually is right and good.

I lift myself up with good food, meditation, movement and creativity so I can lift the people around me including my close friends and family, and anyone else who needs something as simple as a smile, or as complex as massive change in their life, or work.

In my work, I inspire people to simplify their work and lives so they can discover and enjoy what matters most to them.

Think of your mission statement as soulful framework that guides you instead of a strict list of rules. My mission statement describes how I want to live, but like all humans, I slip and slide and get distracted. When I notice things are getting slippery, I go back to basics and remind myself to start again.

Use your mission statement and the thoughts and actions that shape what you believe to serve …

Before you take care of anyone else, you have to serve yourself first. You have to put yourself before the people you serve at work and the people in your day-to-day life including family, friends, and community. Because to serve, you need something to offer, and if you are depleted, overwhelmed, and under-inspired, your offering may be diluted, or misleading.

If you want to give your best, become your best.

These are the people we love and support, but also the people we often try to fix. Serving your family isn’t always about fixing things or solving problems, it’s being there. The very best way to serve your family is to show up and be present. Be there.

Eliminate the distractions that prevent you from seeing, hearing, and appreciating the people you love.

To serve your neighborhood, country, or the world, start by loving them. Then, be honest enough to demonstrate your imperfections and weaknesses. Be open to giving and receiving love with people you don’t know very well, might not understand, or don’t agree with politically, spiritually, or otherwise.

Learn from them and know that when you serve them, they serve you right back.

When you put people first, you naturally build purpose into your work, even if you don’t love your job. And when you get the combination of loving your work and serving people in alignment with what you care about … watch out world.

If you want to be of service in any of these areas, live a full life. Take walks, try new things, be brave enough to fail, vulnerable enough to ask for help, and gentle enough with yourself to laugh when you want to cry.

I am here to help and serve you, and will demonstrate that with increased clarity in my writing, how we communicate, and what I create. When I face the pull of growth, new opportunities, and challenges, before proceeding, I’ll ask myself if it serves you. Why? Because I love you.

Soulfully Yours,