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  1. Courtney -
    As you know, I am on the move building a micro-business. I have not checked all of the recommended boxes, i.e debt free with savings but after yet another job loss my DIY, entrepreneurial spirit
    started to flow, again.

    I am passionate about business projects and welcome any connections that move me (and others) towards passion. excitement and an outlet for creative ideas. (let’s make a living too).

    Marketing ideas are welcomed… we look to “release” the 1st completed, 7 song package by June 1, 2012.

  2. JillP

    This was the exact post I needed to read today Courtney – thank you! It’s time to take action instead of simply gathering information. :)

  3. All debt or just credit card debt?

    • Courtney Carver

      For me it meant all debt besides the house + reducing expenses like cutting cable, home phone…

  4. Hi Courtney,

    I’m so glad I came across your tweet/blog post this morning. You continue to inspire & motivate us with your kind & well thought out messages. We’re in the process of taking our own baby steps towards building an online business; something my wife has been passionate about : saving money on baby clothes & accessories! Notice the website name Along with my post. ;) our goal is to launch it by the end of this summer. We’ll see. Please pray for us & have us in your thoughts. And we ask the same of your readers. Raising a little one at home while daddy works full-time & mommy works part time to save on childcare is really tough. Thankfully we’re well on our way to being debt free & setting ourselves up for success. It feels right in our hearts to be doing this so my wife can spend more time at home, doing the two most important things in her life – loving & caring for us & persuing the dream of having her own business – while helping families save money in the process – near & dear to our hearts.

    Thanks & regards,
    Jose & Sabrina
    Portland, OR

  5. Awesome post Courtney! I am working hard to create my microbusiness and so many of these links and ideas are helpful. It doesn’t seem to be enough to work the standard 8-5 job everyday. The world is changing and it’s important for us to know what is truly important in life and how to make those goals happen. This post is full of wonderful information and it is greatly appreciated.

  6. A brilliant post and totally relevant to me right now. I decided to commit full time to my talents as a healer and intuitive in January. I’ve been seeing clients for over a decade during evenings and weekends and now I’m living my dream come true :)

    It is wonderful and I feel very blessed and I really appreciate this post because the only thing that could limit me is that not many people know about me and luckily I luuurve writing so I’m hoping my blog will help raise my following (maybe this year, maybe in the future).

    I was happy to say I ticked most if not all the boxes you mentioned and it actually made me feel a little more settled than I expected :) It is great to be so invested in a business that I passionately know helps and supports other people.

    Right now I’m going back to re-read your post and see what gems I can apply to my own business, Thank you,x

  7. So much to think about. My girls are growing, and I’m wondering what to do with myself when home schooling and child rearing is over. I’m not very many years away from that time. So I guess I’m in the “Dream” stage. Thank you for your insightful thoughts!

  8. Matt Madeiro


    Thank you so much for the nod — and for the honesty, too, about my ever-changing mind. :) Part of me thinks it’s ‘bad’ business to always be rotating my interests, but part of me knows that this constant cycle of trying new directions is pushing me closer and closer (inch by inch, blog by blog) to where I want to be.

    Trial by error, in other words. If I can offer any advice to your readers (you’ve covered it so well above!), it’s this: don’t be afraid to try new things. That’s the only way to find the one that’ll stick.

  9. Thank you for the great post. I really like the microbusiness idea, especially the way it can be combined with other paid work to create a “portfolio” of enjoyable activity. The internet, and blogging in particular, have opened up so many new and accessible avenues.

  10. This is a great post. Thanks.
    I’ve started my own business in 2002, still working at that time for a multinational company.
    Now I am working to develop an online business in the pets area.

    Everyone should start to think how to develop a micro business.
    Today, only need is to explore your passions, dream about your new enjoying life, few good ideas, one computer with internet connection, a cell phone and be ready to make some money.
    Think big and action. Or do not forget what Nike’s slogan is “Just Do It”.

    From my own experience I can tell you that are a lot of opportunities “willing to meet” talented and gifted people, every where in the world.

  11. This is a great post, thanks! I have been working towards my own quit date for a while now, except that i haven’t actually set a date… maybe it’s time I did :)

  12. took six months struggling with debt and I see results, thanks for the boost

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