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  1. Courtney,
    I’m trying the rice and veggies… it looks quick, easy and I have all needed to make today! Yum-yum;)

    • Courtney Carver

      Tess, If you aren’t vegan, you can fry a couple of eggs before adding the rice and veggies for an added protein punch!

  2. I love the idea of adding sesame seeds to tomato soup – I must try this one! I bet it’s like eating the soup with a sesame roll or bagel.

    • Courtney Carver

      Lisa, This soup is a must try. I had it at a restaurant and begged the owner for the recipe. When I saw how simple it was, I was thrilled!

  3. You are my veggie “soup”er hero.

    Lame jokes aside, I am so excited to try out your recipes. This makes me want to have a dinner party and invite some friends and their kids over to test out these delicious dishes. I know my 4 year old nephew is going to love some fresh veggies dipped in humus :].

    In Christ,
    Anne Marie

  4. Love to try different hummus recipes!

  5. Larissa from Australia

    As a beginner Vegetarian of a Vegetarian husband, I have used several sanitarium products but our favourite has to be casserole mince, which I use in pasta for a vegetarian bolognaise or I use in mexican cooking. I’d have to say our favourite is
    Vegetarian Burritos.
    6 Wraps
    1 can Sanitarium Casserole Mince (soy meat substitute)
    1 tsp olive oil
    1 tsp crushed garlic
    1 small onion chopped finely or 1/2 tsp onion flakes
    1 red capsicum (bell pepper) finely diced
    1 small can sweetcorn kernels (or 1/2 cup frozen corn)
    cayenne pepper
    cheese/soy cheese

    heat oil in a pan
    add garlic, onion, capsicum and corn
    fry, stirring until colour increases in capiscum and corn or onion goes translucent
    add casserole mince and mix through
    add all spices and a little water to make it easy to work with
    continue cooking until heated all the way through
    prepare salad and cheese
    heat burrito wraps as per packet
    assemble burritos or allow family to have a go!

    Everyone likes this one, the girls get some salad and different nutrients into them and there is never any left overs!

  6. I will try the hummus for sure! With cashews, yummmmm…!!!
    And by the way, I will be honored if you accept my “invitation” to a Minimalist Cocktail Party (a new project coming out soon!) by telling me what is your favorite meal? I will “bake” it for the “party”!
    Just let me know (on twitter, why not?!)
    Love your posts, inspiring and well worth reading!

  7. mac

    Thank you! I will taste them cooking! Hopefully I will not burn my kitchen! ;-)

    kind regards

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