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  1. Thank you so much for asking me to participate Courtney. I too feel that we have become good friends although we have never met.

    Your site, bemorewithless offers a wealth of ideas of how everyone can achieve their dream of living more with less…I’m just glad to share that it is possible.

    PS Anytime of year is a great time to visit Roatan, but if I had to pick a best month it would be March. Rainy season is over. The tropical foliage is putting on its best show with more shades of green than you ever thought possible. The air is warm, but not stifling, as a breeze floats across the Island from the turquoise blue Caribbean Sea, carrying the scent of fragrant blossoms getting ready to produce lush tropical fruits; mangoes, cashews, limes, and more. Come on down Courtney, friends are always welcome :)

  2. What great “insider” insight to life on an island!

    I had the the pleasure of connecting with Genny through her radio show & she’s pretty much convinced me to move Roatan to the top of the list of tropical locations to visit!

    • Hey Steve,
      As you know, I’m not doing the radio show anymore, it was a lot of fun, but I wanted to get back to writing more. I’m really glad it was an open door for a while to connect with people who have an Island Perspective like you and Renee.

  3. harlem girl

    Your article is fantastic! I would love to move to Roatan – where can you find info on prices and availability for houses and apartments. Thanks for the info – hope to meet you when I relocate to Honduras.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and personal story with us. My husband also works over 12 hours a day with a 3-4 hour commute. It is crazy. We have four kids and felt “stuck” but have since created a two year plan for freedom. We hope to follow a similiar path snd are investigating moving to Ecuador, Costa Rica or Mexico. We plan on working together and sharing a different life with our children than the standard american routine and before stress overtakes another life. Genny and Courtney- may your days continue to be full of peace.

  5. robert ladouceur

    nice insight, one of the things I/we enjoy most one the Island, part from the finger bananas is the diversity and fiendlyness of the people that you’ve introduced us too. Take care and we’ll see you soon.

  6. k8

    Nice article! We visited Roatan in 2004 and fell into the “vortex” also. We are now in the process of building our retirement home “Casa de los Jubilados” on Roatan, hoping to move down with in the next year or two.

  7. Great article Genny. I’m sending it to all my friends and relatives. It explains a lot that I sometimes try to put into words!

  8. Laurie Hacker

    Hey Sis great read….Even here in Canada Glen and I made the pack that even with a home based business we will not let work affect our evening and weekends…And so far so good…We enjoy our down time, strolling by the lake, biking, rollerskating (it’s back in Kitchener in the winter months), watching something good, or Swimming and hanging by our pool in summer….We try not to get caught up in the keep up with the Jones’ but I must admit after we got our pool our neighbour had one within the year…so it definitely goes on here a lot :) We buy stuff on sale only and only stuff we need like clothing etc….And try to give our good used clothing to those less fortunate..So even in Canada we can try not to get caught up in the rat race :) It really is a decision every person has to make, and one of my favorite sayings is “Live simply so others may simply live” and with that in mind we make sure to give through our local church to great causes and any other worthy causes that we here about, like the Roatan Hospital….I am not tooting my own horn, but giving is the most fulfilling thing you can ever do and while helping others, it really enriches your life even more :) Laurie, aka Genny’s little sis

  9. Great article Genny. We have lived in Roatan for 4 1/2 years, we gave most of our things away also and sold our dream home (we thought it was the dream home) in the states and moved here with our 8 year old son. Even now we are still are amazed at how all the things we thought were important in our old life are not that important anymore and the things that we didn’t have the time for are the most important here; good friends and family. I always say that we would never make it back in the “other” life because they make you wear shoes.

    • Well put Celeste! You and your family do a fantastic job of making sure all your guests at West Bay Lodge experience the pleasure of total relaxation and prioritizing what really matters.

      And I agree…avoid anyone who makes you wear shoes!

  10. Thanks Genny for your amazing story and for replying to the great comments on this post!

  11. Cheryl

    I subscribe to the “ISLANDS” magazine, and of all the places that magazine takes you, I just love the pictures that come out of your island of Honduras-Roatan especially!!!!!
    Just from the pictures I can feel the “vortex”, isn’t that amazing?? I would just love
    to move there too but I think I need to visit first and see what’s happening…..and
    the reef….just amazing too….I think I could visit that everyday and never see the
    same thing twice!!!!

  12. jim roe

    thanks for the well thought out writing. we are contemplating moving to roatan but want to visit again befor making final decision. reading your article helped.

  13. Juana

    I would like to start a small business and moved to Roatan. What busines will work and what they dont have in the Island that can benefit population.

  14. Johnathon

    I originally from Honduras. I was adopted when I was 4 years old. I’ve since been back to Honduras to visit my biological family. We also spent a week on the Island of Roatan. I’m constantly looking for my way out of Michigan and back home. You did touch on something that is my biggest fear.. (Retirement money). Your right about how we wait and work and hope for this great retirement and most of us never get to experience our hard earned reward. The part of your late husband really touched my heart. My father never got to see his retirement he was diagnosed with alzheimer’s 6 months after his retirement. He never got to travel the globe like he wanted too. Neither did my mom. Thanks for the inspiration.

  15. Florinda

    Hi Genny,
    We will be visiting Roatan on May 14. We are celebrating our 35 year wedding aniversary and can not wait to be there enjoying the beauty of the Island. I enjoyed reading about your life there. You are an inspiration. Take Care.

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