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  1. Wanda

    That is how I have been feeling for a longtime. It becomes more obvious everyday I need to do or become more of who I am but I don’t even know where that first step is. Thank you for sharing your story.

    • You are aware and asking questions, Wanda. I just gave this same advice to a reader of the blog: listen to the messages the universe is sending you, follow their guidance, and you will find what is waiting for you. I know you will because I did and if I can do it, you can.

  2. Heather

    This is lovely. You and I are very similar. I will have my someday..soon. : )

  3. Goosebumps. Needed. Thank you for sharing Jeane’s story.

  4. Jeane, it sounds like you are truly living life now. Congratulations. My husband and I recently started a similar transformation, and it is liberating. I like how you shared that it wasn’t easy or sudden. Conscious change or living life on your terms is not like getting a big check in the mail, though it does yield dividends you could not possibly have imagined. At least that is the what I have experienced! Many thanks for sharing your story.

  5. Jeane, this is beautifully and concisely written. We can let that niggling unhappiness fester or we can acknowledge it, grapple with it, and grow. I am glad you chose the latter and made this sensational rendition of it here. Tammy and I are also fighting practicality and convention. It’s certainly been worth the trouble!

    • Lovely to hear from you and thank you for your kind words. There are so many of us walking this winding path of change. It’s wonderful when we can connect and support each other. Best wishes for your continued joy in the choices you’re making.

  6. Spanish land in New Mexico?

  7. Yes, weird, huh, Irene? Until I came here I knew nothing about it. Back 300 to 400 years ago, the King of Spain gave grants of land in New Mexico (although it wasn’t his to give) to Spanish colonists who came to settle these lands. Through the centuries, the trio of cultures (Indian, Spanish and Anglo) and the people have found their ways of making peace with each other. As a result, I live in a very rich and culturally diverse place.

  8. Such a poetic story: such beautiful use of language and imagery.

    My fiance is also a painter, and photographer, and constantly struggles with society, and her family, telling her to get a ‘real’ job. I will definitely get her to read this piece, as I feel she will find it inspirational.

    • Thank you, Mark. It adds so much to this life I continue to believe in and to fight for, to think that someone out there will find some meaning, some inspiration, in what I’m doing. I wish your fiance much richness in her artist’s life. Please tell her that she is definitely not alone.

  9. Thank you for such an inspirational post Jeane. I am the fiancé of Mark Adam Douglass and have finally read your post. Apologises for the lateness. It’s been sitting in my inbox “to do”.

    I have struggled to find my way as an artist. To be content with the idea that I don’t have a “job” as my family would put it. But I’m getting there. I’m working through it in my head. I hope doing my art, photography and painting and it is my job. It is my life. I have a fantastic supporting partner that helps me through every struggle and supports me through every triumph.

    Thank you for being an inspiration and reminding me that my life is about creating, and that is what I HAVE to do to exist.

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