If you are new to minimalism, simplicity, and Be More with Less, please use this post as a road map to discover things you may have missed and to feel at home here. It is likely that you thought about living with less long before you started taking action. I know every January, for the past ten or more years, I spend days uncluttering after the holidays. Now, I’ve made the choice to pare down my belongings, stop shopping and to live in that uncluttered state I used to look forward to once a year.

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Being Busy is not that Important – When did “how are you?” become an  invitation to tell everyone how busy you are?

How to Stop Killing Dreams – You may be goal oriented, very friendly and even a dreamer but chances are, despite having all of these great qualities, you are a dream killer.

Defining Minimalism – If you have decided to live with less, you may have also wondered about minimalism.

How to Change Your Life and The World Right Now – There are two things you can do today to see immediate results. They will take minimal effort to accomplish, and you will benefit in more ways than one.

Minimalism Misconceptions – Minimalism comes in many shapes and sizes. While there is no one, right way to live a minimalistic lifestyle, you do typically choose to live with less.

Why You Should Boycott Perfection – Instead of looking for exactness and perfection, look for inspiration.

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It doesn’t matter how many times you have cleaned a closet or cleared a shelf, you can make the choice for permanent change. I have found, that instead of focusing on the clutter, I see what is truly important to me and am that much more determined to get rid of anything that doesn’t contribute to making my family happy and producing life changing work. Save your money, time, heart and soul to truly change the world.



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    Courtney, what a lovely post. It’s as if you’ve done the very thing you discuss. You’ve sifted through what matters most to you on your blog and arranged it here in a minimalist, de-cluttered list of great stuff for your readers new and old to browse through easily and effortlessly. I love this sentiment, “Save your money, time, heart and soul to truly change the world”. You are an inspiration. Thank you.