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  1. It sounds like you really had a great summer and created memories that you and your daughter are not likely to forget! I wouldn’t trade the time I have every day with my husband for any amount of money. Running ourselves ragged to make money and have things is a cycle we finally broke and, though we do not make as much money as we once did, we have never looked back. We just came back from having an iced tea out at a cafe where we reviewed two word books we learned a few years ago. It was so much fun quizzing each other to see if we remembered their meanings!

    I love how you’re offering the webinar for such a reasonable amount. I’m sure so many people will benefit, Courtney!

  2. Time well spent like your days in the park is far more valuable than money in the bank. Good for you Courtney. What a terrific example for your daughter. May she enjoy her days as much as you are now. And congrats on your course’s success. Have a chickles of a Wednesday!

  3. Rachel

    Just purchased the micro course and looking forward to the live webinar! Will you be emailing the info to connect?

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