For the Love of Small

When you don't need much, the smallest things can be the greatest pleasures.


If you are ready to let go of the bigger is better mentality and revel in small pleasures and little delights, this little list for the love of small will help.

  • Celebrate small successes. Each one provides inspiration and momentum for the next.
  • Heidi baked these little pies and one day, if I decide to start eating something besides fruits and veggies again, I want to make them. Actually, I’d just like her to make them for me.
  • Take small breaks all day long, especially if you are sitting. Stretch, or take a walk. A small pause will do wonders for your creativity, and productivity.
  • Reconnect with small talk. A little “I miss you.” “You are wonderful.” “Thinking about you.” will foster your relationship and encourage the bigger conversations.
  • I shared a picture of my small wardrobe with some ideas to dress with less even if you think you can’t.
  • Make a list of your small pleasures. In a moment of true gratitude for something small, you realize what this whole living with less thing is all about. And you will want more.
  • Choose love with small actions. Surround yourself with loving people. Visit lovely websites. Work with people you love. Connect with lovely people online and off. Support causes that you care about. Do things that make your heart swell. There is plenty of negativity and unlovely things out there, but when you direct your focus to love, there isn’t room for the rest. It’s your choice.
  • Be inspired by Ali’s story and let one little word make you better by getting real about who you are and what you want.
  • Save your big plates and portions for greens and enjoy small bites and sips of everything else. The first taste is always better than the last.
  • Start small. Take one small step towards what you want most. And then another, and another. Soon your small step will become a big change.
  • My Swedish husband would love these little linzer cookies (heart-shaped of course)

Life can be big and heavy and busy and crazy, but if you are willing to enjoy small pleasures and find love in the little things, you can create time and space to slow down and smile.

You deserve that.

What are your favorite small pleasures?



  1. says

    LOVE these tiny little treasures, Courtney. I continue to be a big fan of your blog. Thanks for the gracious motivation, the warm invitation to be possessed by less!


  2. Diane says

    My favorite small pleasures… a cup of hot tea in the morning, planting flowers in the spring, watering my garden, sitting on the sofa with my honey & our dog & cat, eating on the back porch in good weather, walks through the neighborhood, taking photos in my yard, family dinner with my sons and their girlfriends. Simple things that bring me so much joy!

  3. Julia says

    My small pleasures right now include my drive to work (country lanes and coastal road) where I watch the mountains turn pink with the sunrise and on my way home enjoy watching the changing tides, hot sunny late summer days, seeing a new post from you in my email and planning the tiny home I hope to build before the year is out.

  4. says

    Another bout of words of wisdom from the wisdom maker. I have to remind myself, from my daily to-do list to my life goal challenges, it just takes one step to start. Love this list, I think it needs to become a weekly feature.

  5. says

    Organic coffee shared side by side with my husband every morning, ever so grateful that we can both work from home to raise our daughter out in the country…little and big pleasures all in one!

  6. says

    I’ve always been super excited by small things – for instance, I was super happy when I got to order to-go ware and it came in :) Small blessings can be the best things.
    Also wanted to let you know that I love reading your blog, and have put most of my closet in bags and hidden them away until it’s time to switch seasons, when I plan to go through them and decide what I’ll keep and what will go; thank you so much for sharing these things with us.

  7. mjs says

    We have a small home, got a new refridgerator it is lovely, not the kind with a talking window and the ice maker is not hooked up, we were thrilled, the one they hauled away was almost 36 and in fine condition, my hubs wanted to treat me for cooking, cleaning and being the sweetheart of his life for near 40 years..Our only child is tiny, my hubs is tall and tiny, I am only about 5:2 1/2 and not tiny but I used to be, I think it better to have small & tiny possessions few actually at that then to worry about this and that always have enjoyed tiny…Our home was from another it was nearly 1550 sq.feet tri-level, full basement with real brick wall to wall fireplace, separate bedroom and nice closet, toilet and sink, washer and dryer place closed..mail living room, country kitchen, up stairs, one bedroom where our tiny baby stayed, our huge master bedroom with huge walk in closet, small bathroom with tub and shower, toilet and sink/vanity…We sold it when we had the tiny angel who is now 36 she is not married and no home, lives in NYC with a wonderful apt, in a building owned by my Hubs cousin they adore her and she lives well, it is a living room and kitchen, closet, bedroom and closet, toilet with nice tub and shower, and a nice library place she fixed for her cat, it is lovely most people don’t get anything like she has for the rent, she is family..but she prefers tiny spaces..I grew up many places but my favorite was my grandparents two bedroom farm home, it smelled of roasts, canning fruits and veggies, a porch enclosed for the wash and many closets for the canned foods on the porch..also a egg and cream home and a wood shed (huge) it was wonderful we got to sleep on the front porch which was enclosed for bugs in the summer it was just like camping was wonderful small small place but a real home..ciao!