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  1. Eating quickly is such a strong habit. When I introduce the idea of eating mindfully people always tell me how enjoyable it is yet at the same time how difficult it can be. Thanks for this tantalizing encouragement. It may take some practice, but we can get there. And our digestive systems will be so much happier for it!

  2. I was just thinking about this very subject today when I emailed my boss and told her I would not be attending the one hour training session they organized during our lunch, because I needed downtime. It is ridiculous that people don’t get a proper break anymore, and I totally agree that productivity is so much lower when you don’t get a rest.

    • Courtney Carver

      It’s so wrong for companies to schedule training or other meetings during lunch breaks or after hours. Has to stop!

  3. Sounds great in theory, but you make a lot of assumptions about how much freedom people have to structure their days. Some of us get paid by the hour. I bring my lunch from home and eat it at my desk because I can’t afford to do otherwise, not because I’m trying to “feel important,” I assure you.

    • Courtney Carver

      Hi Stacy – Definitely no assumptions here. It’s hard to include every situation so I’m really glad you contributed.

    • *sigh* Yes, I can relate. I also bring my lunch from home (to save money AND ensure that I’m eating healthy), but I have to log my work time down to the 1/6th of an hour (no joke). I have an hour commute each way and work 4/10s (Pro: 1 less day a week to commute and I always have a 3-day weekend. Con: My work days are SUPER long.). This means 12 hour days, plus however long I take for lunch…so I take 15 minutes to eat at my desk, even though I would LOVE to take my brown bag to the park down the street and eat there instead!

  4. Dawn

    I am sitting at my desk reading this while quickly eating a fast food lunch that got cold because I was “too busy dealing with a crisis” to eat it while it was still hot and it occurred to me – THIS IS ME! You are talking about me. I didn’t even realize it but I do this. I skip lunches, work late, complain about how hard I work and how no one notices – but it’s my own fault. I’m trying to show that I matter and make myself feel important. You are so right. The best thing about my job is that I live 10 minutes away and can go home to a nice lunch with my dogs – but I haven’t been home for lunch once this week. Oh what I would give to trade this cold chicken nugget for a PB&J, cup of soup and the ability to rub my dog’s belly right now! Thank you for reminding me!

    • Courtney Carver

      Yay for belly rubs! I really appreciate your honest assessment Dawn and look forward to hearing about your next great lunch with the pups.

  5. Courtney this is a great post! My lunch hour is the shortest hour of my day. I am fortunate enough to be able to go home and see my baby boy, but I wish I had a little more time to relax. I am a firm believer that breaks (sometimes naps) and downtime allow for creativity and productivity in the workplace.

  6. I whole heartedly agree Courtney! On a beautiful warm day in October (very rare!) I took the day off and made myself a lovely Sunday brunch of crepes with bananas and roasted almonds and whipped cream then finished it all off with a lovely lemon ginger tea. Delish! Then I went for a long, leisurely walk.

    Stepping away from the grindstone for even a day is the best medicine in the world!

  7. Sara

    Hey Courtney,
    Lovely blog post!
    I have a cold and will not go to work today, your words inspired me to prepare something easy yet delicious at home, with lots of C-vitamins for recovery.

  8. A very timely post, thank you!

    I have brought a salad to work for the past two weeks. I need more time to eat it and I can’t wolf it down like a sandwich for example. Also I can’t eat it at my desk (too messy), so I have to at least go into the dining area to eat it which kind of forces me to step away and relax. Before it was just too easy to eat at my desk for 15 mins while reading emails which is a very bad habit.

  9. LLH

    I’m glad to hear you enjoyed our fair city! I’m also glad to hear someone else quoting 168 Hours. I really love that book, and I wish everyone would read it. I’m pretty sure I’ll read it a second time one of these days. I used to do the same thing: be “too busy” as a way of feeling important. I’ve felt so much better ever since I stopped doing that. Being busy isn’t what makes us happy, it’s taking the time to be happy! A former boss used to get very annoyed that I took my full lunch hour every day, but after months of working through lunch I realized that the more I worked, the more she piled on extra work. So I took my breaks and you know what? The company didn’t fall apart! It’s definitely worth taking the time whenever possible.

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