Pass it On: mini-mission

For some reason, most people that are simplifying their lives and trying to live with less, exclude books from the decluttering process.

I used to be one of those people.

There is something about the written word and books that comfort us. After I read a good book, I put it on the shelf for the next time I want to read it. I used to dream about creating my own library.

There are some books that I refer back to for information, but very few that I have re-read cover to cover. Only 3 come to mind:

I have great intentions on the rest, but it never happens. There is always another book I want to read. Yet, my books still sit, waiting, collecting dust. That ends today, and so begins today’s mini-mission, Pass it On.

Like me, you may have done an initial sweep of your book collection, and now it’s time to take a second look. This might be painful so take it slowly. Start with the book you are reading right now, or with the pile on your nightstand. As you are reading the book, think about who you are going to give it to. Put their name on a post-it and stick it to the book. When you are finished, give it to them. Pass it on with love and the intention of letting go. Do not pass it on with your name written in bold on the inside cover with a due date.

When you give a book away, you don’t just give ink on paper, you give a lesson, an experience and emotion.

For more experiments to simplify your life, read Mini-missions for Simplicity. It’s available on the Amazon Kindle store, but you don’t need a Kindle to read it. Kindle books can also be read using the Free Kindle Reader App for your Web Browser, PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, or Android.


  1. Jill says

    I have ordered Sabbath based on your post last week – I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for it to arrive! As soon as I read it, I will be passing it along to my brother who needs to slow it down a bit. I would LOVE, LOVE your Skinny Bitch book to follow it up with!! Can you tell my theme right now is self-honoring?!! Thank you!
    Be well!

    • says

      Courtney & Jill,
      I successfully culled our books to the handful we Reread and discovered with our local libraries we survived just fine. The one book I thought I’d ‘pass on’ to you two (I’m quite sure others would also enjoy) is one we’ve given as a gift now countless times and are reading through again for the third year in a row; Jesus Calling by Sarah Young; it’s a compact size daily, quick read devotional that completely changed my perspective. Were it in my current budget I would offer to send it to anyone who asked for it, it’s that good. Thanks for sharing, I’m headed to read mine now :)

      • Jill says

        Thank you so much for the suggestion!! That sounds like a great daily read!! Maybe I’ll pick up two – one for me and one for the lady that usually sits next to me at church. Thanks again!

        Be well!

          • says

            I love it when serendipitous things like that happen; a little like God drops a love note for us to find when we least expect it. That is how I found that little book in the first place: I’d taken my cousin (really like my sis) to dinner for her birthday and we were browsing around a bookstore afterward, I spotted it on a much higher shelf than I normally look and it was as though it had a spotlight on it. I asked my blessed with extra height cousin to grab it for me and checked the date of her birthday, it was absolutely what both of us needed to hear that day, had to get it and have now given one to countless friends and family, then had it added to our then church’s bookstore (we relocated). Some books just have to be shared! I’m checking out Sabbath ASAP!

  2. says

    I am reading “You don’t need a title to become a leader”,by Mark Sanborn, Michael Cunningham’s “By Nightfall”, and “Charts made Simple”, by JC Briar.The first is a loan from my boss, the second is on my ipad and the third is new,- I will give away the third when I meet a worthy knitter who is ready to strengthen their knitting chops.
    Thanks you for your offer of books. I do not need any more. But I am inspired by your blog and wanted to write and tell you so.

  3. Juhli says

    I would love to have Salt, Lemons, Vinegar and Baking Soda for my library. I have been copying recipes for green cleaning from the internet but the list is overwhelming and a book would simplify creating a new approach for our house. I just finished reading American Wasteland (a library book) and am in the midst of Cleopatra: A Life which will be passed on to a book club member as that is our selection for our next meeting. When they are done with it I will donate it to the library as I help with the used book sales there to create additional library funds.

  4. Anne says

    Right now I am reading a Beth Lisick book from the library, but I do have some books I’ve read recently that I would like to pass on to friends. Good idea!

    I’m interested in Salt, Lemons, Vinegar, and Baking Soda

  5. says

    I have decluttered by book collection a few times. The biggest came after I got honest with myself and realized that I don’t re-read books. There are so many great books out there that I never have the desire to rehash the old, no matter how good it was. I realized that what I was actually doing, was keeping these books as trophies. They were prizes of my reading conquests. And, in reality, they were clutter sitting on a bookshelf. Now I’m down to the few books I’m currently reading and a few reference books.

  6. Rodrigo Afonseca says

    It’s a great way to pass information on, so more people get in touch with new books and knowledges. And of course, it helps to reduce paper consumption, i mean, it’s a green-action taking place because they don’t need to buy a new copy.

  7. says

    This is a great idea. I always think of someone who would benefit from a book I’m reading and really need to consider passing it on. It might a good practice for me to pass one book along when I buy a new book.

    Right now I’m reading “Green Like God” by Jonathan Merritt and I’m going to pass it along to my friend Erika who has asked for some of my new favorite titles to read herself.

    I’m interested in Jesus, CEO.

  8. Erin says

    Ooh! I’m currently reading The Cider House Rules by John Irving. I probably won’t give it away though as I reread it every year or two. I would love to read Salt, Lemons, Vinegar, and Baking Soda as I’ve already reduced my cleaning supplies using those very items, but it could be reduced further.

  9. says

    Loved the Cider House Rules; read The Good, Good Pig – it is great and I could pass it on. Am currently reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy, Pass CCRN (for my certification), Redemption by Nathan J Winograd. My favorite book of all time is A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains – found it years ago at the library – picked it up as it looked interesting and now re-read it about once a year. I agree with Dave – my books are 1 :). I have culled them once. Have almost all but the very latest of the Dick Francis books – am going to try to sell those.
    If I could live in a library, I would be in heaven so passing on books is hard. However, I also like Bookcrossing, where you share books, write reviews and pass them on.
    Can you tell I am enthusiastic about this mini-mission although not so much from a minimalist standpoint? HA.

  10. says

    I just recently (this past weekend) went through my book collection and donated a lot of books that I have read and wanted to go ahead and part with to make more space. It was hard for me to part with them but now I have more room for books that I will refer back to and re-read over and over again. Plus, it makes room for more books if I choose to purchase or get any books for free.

  11. says

    Love this topic.

    I’m reading 100 Things right now – lots of things to think about (that I didn’t expect when I first read about it).

    Water For Elephants was a favorite in our house. It’s not often that my husband and I read the same book.

    In addition to 100 Things I’m reading Stephen King’s book about writing – it’s really good too.

    • says

      And I’ve been thinking about going through our books too. I know there are ones that are not adding anything to our life ;).

  12. Janis says

    I just ordered Sabbath from Amazon today. I’m reading Crazy Love now and passages of the Bible so I will have read it in one year (I’m using a plan from I have 2 book cases full of books, plus ones on the nightstand and end tables. Your article has given me the motivation to start sorting and giving!
    I’d like to read the book: Jesus: Using Ancient Wisdom for Visionary Leadership. I love your site!!!!

  13. Jen says

    What a great idea! I know many many people (me) keep their books after finishing them as though they were ‘tropies’ and never touch them again.

    I am currently reading Harry Potter Deathly Hallows (second time), Traveler’s Tales: Thailand, and Finding Your Purpose as a Mom by Donna Otto for the Momtime group I am a part of. I’ve been sharing this blog with friends at teh Momtime group since many moms seem overwhelmed and letting go of the tuff that binds us seems to be an important part of being able to focus on what really is important.

    As for which book I would like from the list above, I think that I will say that I have enough books that I’m working on for now! :) Thanks for all you do.

  14. Janis says

    Oh, I forgot to say when I was giving it away. As soon as I finish it, I’m giving it to my exchange student from Switzerland. She read the cover and commented that she’d like to read it.

  15. says

    Word of warning Guys! I passed a book on without being asked to and reckon I may have accidentally offended the recipient! I read ‘I was a good mother until I had kids’ a friend gave it me for my birthday – no offence taken by me – thanked her and thought it was worth a read. I posted it to a friend without warning them and it was never mentioned let alone a thank you received. Not sure it went down too well? 😉

  16. says

    ps – when at school I used to carry my text books around with me all the time. I’m convinced I thought I would absorb the information through my skin – I never actually read them. What a waste of time that was!

  17. says

    I have gotten rid of probably half of my books in the last 6 months. I plan to give away some of mine via my blog soon as well. Great idea!
    I am currently reading The Gifts of Imperfection- Letting go of who you think you are supposed to be and becoming who you are by Brene Brown. I heard her speak last week and she is AWESOME. So much so, I bought an extra book to giveawy on my blog this week! I am also reading Unmarketing by Scott Stratten, heard him speak as well!
    Thanks Courtney!
    The Gifts of Imperfection- A Giveaway!

  18. Heidi says

    Perfect timing! Last night I packed up several books (and a ton of other stuff too) to take to our Humane Society thrift store. I didn’t hold back. I donated the Twilight series, the McGuffy math series about 5 reams of printed (duh!) e-books and some other really great titles. I could have sold them (not the printed e-books) but I decided to pay it forward and support a good cause.

    I use to think of my books as trophies and had rooms with wall-to-wall shelves. Over time they became embarrassing, especially when company would comment on our awesome collection, ugh, and I only felt guilt when I looked at them. Perfectly good books going unread, what a waste. Over time I have whittled them down to fit on one book case and now that is even having some empty space on the shelves. 😀

    I started heavily using the library about a year ago but have recently decided to limit myself to only check out one title at a time because I noticed I was doing more of the same…checking out the limit(30) then never really reading any of them.

  19. teresa says

    How funny you should post this! I just decided a few days ago to ‘pass it on’ myself and set my two most-recently read books aside to give to friends when I see them next! I just finished My Abandonment (very interesting). I often re-read books, especially audiobooks, so I find it very difficult to get rid of them but have also been working diligently to purge books.

    In the past (and even still now to some degree) I liked to OWN the books I read. I haven’t quite convinced myself to ONLY read library/borrowed books. However, I have put much thought into recent book purchases to only purchase those books I am sure I will re-read or that both my husband and I will read and pass on.

    A few recommendations off the top of my head: The Book Thief, The Help, The Joy of Less.
    On audio: The Hobbit, Saving Fish From Drowning, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

  20. Kate S. says

    Right now, I’m almost finished with “Our Babies, Ourselves” by Meredith F. Small. And you better believe, I’m passing it on to the next pregnant woman I meet–I can’t wait to have someone to discuss it with!

    If I win, I’d be happy to take “Salt, Lemons, Vinegar, and Baking Soda” or “The Good Good Pig: The Extraordinary Life of Christopher Hogwood”.

    Thanks for the chance (and great article, something I definitely should do more often).

  21. Susan says

    I am currently reading a borrowed copy of The Buddha in the Mirror. I would very much like your copy of SKINNY BITCH. I have been watching my diet more carefully since being diagnosed with MS in 2006. Hope all is well with you.

    • Courtney Carver says

      Susan, Congrats! I randomly picked your name to receive Skinny Bitch. Please email me your mailing address: bemorewithless at

  22. Jill says

    I have sooooooo many books (95% non fiction) And am looking for some inspiration on releasing as many of them as possible. Most of them, I have read “some”, but not all of the book and I keep thinking “I’ll finish reading it some day”. Send me some inspiration to let go :)

    Thanks so much!

  23. says

    I’m reading several books simultaneously :) My full list is here:

    I’m almost done with The Art of Non-Conformity. And, I recently read Pillars of the Earth (FANTASTIC!!!) and The 100 Thing Challenge, and the Joy of Less. Looks like we have similar tastes :)

    And, since I’m decluttering (see my Minimalist Monday), I think I’ll pass on your offer of a book giveaway, but I just might steal that idea for my blog! It’s great! I would love it but already have an entire bookshelf waiting to be read. It’s coming up on my declutter schedule, so we’ll see what makes it through :) For now, I’m furiously reading, and I almost always give them away at the end. I only have a handful that I keep.

    Dr. Laura

  24. Jean says

    What a timely subject. Just got back from the post office to mail three book orders from Amazon. I am selling my books. I must have about 500 or so. I always bought a book or two no matter where I went and found that the majority of them were not even opened. But they looked so nice on the shelves. And when someone asks about a book I always seemed to have it.
    But things changed and I wanted freedom and simplicity so I started going through my books and selling them. I have sold about 130 – about three or four a week and the deposit in my bank is good also. I have discovered the library and order online. They let me know when it is in and I pick it up and then RETURN IT. I can do this with cd’s and dvd’s also. I am happy and free.

  25. Elise Anderson says

    I’m currently reading The Day Lasts More than a Hundred Years (Chingiz Aitmatov). I plan to pass it on to a friend as soon as I finish.

    I would love Salt, Lemons, Vinegar, and Baking Soda!

  26. Linda says

    I am new to minimalism, but very much a bookworm. The book issue posed a big challenge for me. After reviewing what to keep and what to get rid of, I finally decided that I would put my library card to good use. I would save space and money by checking out books to read. I ended up selling some books on Ebay and giving away the rest to family and friends.

  27. says

    Ahhh. The books. As an English prof, I have re-read a LOT of books multiple times. A few that I don’t teach but re-read for pleasure are “Dandelion Wine” by Ray Bradbury; “Suite Francaise” by Irene Nemirovsky; collected Jane Austen.

  28. says

    Right now I’m reading _How Fat Was Henry VIII_ by Raymond Lamont-Brown, which I’ll almost certainly be adding to my history reference library, and a borrowed copy of _Phantom Banjo_ by Elizabeth Scarborough. My big problem as far as my library has been magazines even more than books. I used to save *every* magazine I got, which rapidly becomes a huge, unmanageable mess when you regularly subscribe to half a dozen or more magazines. Now I’ve made the rule for myself that, with the exception of certain titles that I find myself actively referencing, every magazine goes out the door as soon as it’s read or on the 1-year anniversary of its cover date whether it gets read or not.

    If you pick me, I’d like either _Sabbath_ or _The Joy of Less_.

    • lindimity says

      I have taken a big step this year and have decided to not renew any magazines. The ones I love are home/garden/decorating/travel, which I have saved for years, and I realized that I get just as much enjoyment from rereading the old ones as I do from the new, so I’ll be saving space and money.

  29. Sam says

    I don’t read very many books more than once either, but believe it or not, Sabbath was one of them, as was “Chop Wood, Carry Water”, “Walden Pond”, “Silent Spring” and “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle”. I’d love to have Skinny Bitch from your collection. I’m currently reading “Depletion and Abundance” by Sharon Astyk. Love it and your blog.

  30. says

    I just started reading Fall to Grace, by Jay Bakker, and plan to pass it on to an old & dear friend in Germany who has always felt marginalized by the church due to his homosexuality.

    I want to read Skinny Bitch (hint, hint),

  31. Laney says

    I’m reading Oliver Twist, but it’s electronic, so I can’t give it away. But I do have a pile of books to give away !

    • Raquel says

      Pillars of the Earth is a Great book…I gave mine to the last house I lived in (left it there) along with Angela’s Ashes…so I’ve decluttered a little bit, still have Angels and Demons though.

  32. Lauren says

    After moving over the summer I came to the realization that even though I have many great books in my collection, there are only a few that I will probably ever read more than once. Food Rules and Simple Living are two that will definitely stay in my collection. I too am working on dwindling down my collection. Right now I am reading The Joy of Less, A Minimalist Living Guide: How to Declutter, Organize, and Simplify Your Life.

    The 100 Thing Challenge: How I Got Rid of Almost Everything, Remade My Life, and Regained My Soul is on my list of books I would like to read, and they don’t have it at my local library, so when it is up for grabs…please consider sending it my way. Thank you!

  33. Debbie says

    I’m actually reading How to Win Friends and Influence People right now! I plan to post it back up on when I’m done. And I would love to read Jesus, CEO

    • Courtney Carver says

      Debbie, Congrats! I randomly picked your name to receive Jesus, CEO. Please email me your mailing address: bemorewithless at

  34. says

    Hi … I’ve been reading your blog for some time now, but not sure if I’ve commented before.
    What an encouraging and challenging post. I’ve been slowly living a more simplistic life, decluttering, giving away and buying less.
    But my books … I haven’t touched my books yet. I rarely read books twice … actually can’t remember any that I have. So I need to give books away and part of me wants to, but I cling to the glamorous-but-not-true-idea that having lots of books will make me wise.
    Yes, reading books can help … but collecting books doesn’t do that. Actually giving them away might make me wiser :)

    So thanks for the challenge!

    Right now … I’m going through something of a faith crisis (I know the mid-40’s is too old for this, I should have been done with this in my 20’s, but I can be a slow learner) .
    Just finished: “Blue Like Jazz: Nonreligious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality” by Donald Miller
    Now reading:
    “The Reason for God” by Tim Keller
    “Razing Hell: Rethinking Everything You’ve Been Taught About God’s Wrath and Judgment.” Sharon L. Baker
    “Walking” by Henry David Thoreau

    Also listening to “Lit” by Mary Karr on Audibles when I run.

  35. Barb says

    I just finished American Wasteland and passed it on to my daughter in law. My hubs and I are reading Crazy Love together. I’m waiting for The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I’m on a waiting list at the library. I have a few “all time favorites” that I reread every couple of years. To Kill a Mockingbird never gets old – so well written. I love Across Five Aprils by Irene Hunt. The Hiding Place by Corrie TenBoom is wonderful.I will always have those three on my bookshelf. Centenniel by Mitchner is also a good read. My husband and I are also reading through the Bible in one year. We usually read together for 20 or 30 minutes each morning before I take off for work.

    If you choose my comment, I’d like to read the Lemons, Salt, and Vinegar book. I’d be passing it along to my Daughter in Law too. She’s a great gal, so blessed to have her in my life!!

  36. says

    The husband and I did this last week actually. The only books we kept are ones that I haven’t read and believe I WILL read (several unread books went out the door) and reference books.

    Ironically I am currently reading How to Win Friends and Influence People. It will be returned to the library when I finish. I am also reading Outlander and have a friend who is interested when I am finished. She and I regularly pass books back and forth.

    I am interested in reading Sabbath (after hearing both you and Ali E. discuss it) and Dave’s 100 things book. Unfortunately our library currently has neither in it’s inventory so it may be quite some time before I am able to get to them.

  37. says

    Hi Courtney,

    I’m currently reading The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo, Everville by Clive Barker, and Triggers by Joseph Sugarman. A bizarre interesting mix of literature, pulp fiction and non-fiction. :)

    I wanted to add my big tip that helped me out. When I was down-sizing I realized if I donated my books to the local library I could read them any time I wanted in the future. A selfish act of giving!

    Fun concept with the giveaway.

    p.s. if you pull my name up for the giveaway please pass my by. I’ve gone book free and now just use the library.

  38. bev smith says

    About 18 months ago i took stock of how much i was spending on books which came to about £50 a month and about £32 in magazines. I wouldnt of minded if i was reading them all from month to month but i really didnt have the time. So it was time to make a change. So all last year i stopped buying books (deep breath, now let it out slowly) and i survived. Did i buy any books? Yes,5 and 3 of them went to my sister. I still buy new books as gifts or if im really desperate and cant find it either in the library or second-hand. I also ask for book tokens for brithdays and christmas’, etc. I live in one city and work 10 miles away so i have 2 separate libraries to visit and borrow from. However i have found that the one closer to home is just brilliant. I also share books with my 80 yr old mother and i borrow from her and therefore we read something different.

    Books i wouldnt part with;

    Captain Correlli’s Mandolin (author?) far far better then the film and if you havent read it you should.

    Emma – Jane Austen- its those female characters that are so amazing

    The Mayor of Casterbridge – Thomas Hardy – In the opening pages the main character sells his wife

    The Art of the Peaceful Warrior – Dan Millman

    Beyond Baked Beans – student cookery book that doesnt read like one

    Just Read – The Curious Incident of the dog in the Night more affectionatly knows as the dog-book – Mark Haddon,
    Feel the Fear and do it Anyway – susan jeffries,
    Singled Out – the 1921 UK census it showed there were 2 million surplus women and many of them would not get the opportunity to marry.

    Reading now – On my Own – Florence Falk – modern day take on the previous book
    A spot of Bother – Mark Haddon – bought as a present
    The Road less Travelled – M Scott Peck

    Reading Next – Staying Sane – Dr Raj Persaud – recommended
    One Moment One Morning – Sarah Rayner – a novel, bought for me

    I think thats it. Asking such a question about books was never going to recieve an easy answer :)

  39. lindimity says

    Oh. This is much harder than Project 333 for me. I LOVE books! Funny though that I actually decided to cull last weekend and I pulled out several books to get rid of, including a complete set of Alexander McCall Smith books that I mailed to my sister-in-law (that did feel good to pass them on).I used to collect Taylor Caldwell books, buying up even water-damaged-loose-paged paperbacks because I loved them so much and (is this crazy?) felt responsible for making sure they didn’t disappear from the world as new authors crowded them out. I also just finished rereading “Thorn in My Heart” by Liz Curtis Higgs because my Bible Study group is studying women of the Bible and I wanted to refresh the analogy of Rachel and Leah. Thank you for bringing this up though, because I see that I’m becoming my Mom, who has a house FULL of books (you can’t imagine) and is still buying more.

  40. Pam Moser says

    I would love to win your copy of “How to Win Friends and Influence people.” I can’t believe that I have never read this classic, even though it has been on my “list” for most of my life! I love mysteries and just passed along 50 to the local Friends of the library for their fund raiser. Thanks for considering me.

    Great post. I, too, have diffulty decluttering books.

    • Courtney Carver says

      Cathy, Pam! I randomly picked your name to receive How to Win Friends… Please email me your mailing address: bemorewithless at

  41. Edie says

    This post is right up my alley. I generally don’t read books twice so I made an initial cleanout by donating them and then started passing them on or donating on a regular basis. I love going to the book store and could spend hours there, but since I don’t want to collect more books, I look through the books at the store, make a list of the ones I’d like to read, and then reserve them at the library. I just finished Port Mortuary by Patricia Cornwell and Power Thoughts by Joyce Meyer. I’d love to read The Good Good Pig.

  42. says

    I am currently reading “Walden” by Henry David Thoreau that a friend of mine let me barrow. I am a Peace Corps Volunteer in rural Guatemala so books have become very precious to me. There are so many wonderful books I would like to read which makes it easier to let go of books and pass them on to other volunteers. I would rather use my time reading new books!

    Sharing books is also a wonderful way to strengthen friendships because you can highlight special passages that remind you of the person you are gifting the book and discuss the book afterwards.

    “How to Win Friends and Influence people” would be a wonderful addition to our reading circuit and I will be visiting my parents in California next month if you did decide to send it (no international shipping costs)!

    Thanks so much for this post, you summed it up beautifully with:

    “When you give a book away, you don’t just give ink on paper, you give a lesson, an experience and emotion.”


  43. Leslie Greene says

    Well, I have transitioned to e-books and am reading “Barney’s Version” right now by Mordecai Richler. I can’t give it to anyone unfortunately, but I’m on our workplace environment committee and have organized a book swap for March. I have gone through and set aside over 20 books to bring in – including paperbacks I will never get around to re-reading, reference books and cookbooks I no longer need (or copied out the one recipe I do use and got rid of the book). The books that don’t get taken in the swap will be donated to the local library. They will either put them in circulation or sell them at a book sale and use the funds to support their library.

  44. Athina says

    I am currently reading Nudge, by Thaler & Sunstein. Seems to be very interesting so far…I would like to read How To Win Friends and Influence People, a classic I haven’t had the chance to read yet! : )


  45. Lisa Ingram says


    I am currently reading Skinny Bitch and love it! The book is written in a humorous way – much the way I would have written it. It’s definitely a book to share. Will offer it to my local Free Cycle group when I’ve finished. I donate several items in a decluttering effort in addition to donating to a thrift shop a local lady runs to raise money for children with special needs.

    I would love to have the Salt, Lemons, Vinegar, and Baking Soda book. I’m always searching the web for homemade solutions to cleaning supplies in an effort to save $ on my very limited budget.

    Plan to bless a friend with this book as well when I have finished reading it.

    Have a blessed day.

    • Courtney Carver says

      Lisa, Congrats! I randomly picked your name to receive Salt, Lemons, Vinegar and Baking Soda. Please email me your mailing address: bemorewithless at

  46. Chris says

    I like the concept. I too used to have a library. Now, I sold most of my books on Amazon, and now have a Kindle. All of my favorite paper books that I sold have been re-purchased in ebook format on my Kindle. I honestly believe that my reading has jumped 300% since purchasing my Kindle. I love the classics, and have several hundred out-of-copyright classics on Kindle which do not cost anything. My past paper collection has pretty much paid for my electronic library. Also, I love the fact I can send all of my papers from college to my Kindle (Microsoft Word format), so I can stay sharp on my undergrad and professional school years. I carry it with me everywhere. I know this is about to sound corny, but with the exception of my wife, the Kindle is the love of my life :)

  47. Lisa says

    I am reading Plain and Simple, My Journey to the Amish. I’ve read it before a few times but after this reading, I’ll be passing it along to a friend who likes all things Amish. I would like Salt, Lemons, Vinegar and Baking Soda since I’m changing over to simple, non-toxic cleaners. Don’t expect it to live here long though…I’m holding all things loosely these days!

  48. says

    Passing it on does help us turn the page Courtney. Once or twice a year I give some books and clothes to the local cancer hospice shop – their customers get a fairly new book at a small price and the shop raises much needed funds for the hospice plus they claim back Gift Aid tax. It’s amazing how some simple passing on can touch so many other lives. A first class inspired post Courtney which I enjoyed every word of.

  49. Amy says

    I’m currently reading a Carol Higgins Clark book for some good old entertainment value. When I’m done, I’ll be passing it on to my sister.

    I would love to win Salt, Lemons, Vinegar & Baking Soda.

  50. Genia says

    My partner and I have the best of intentions, promising to give up a book or cd for each new one that joins our collections. So far though, we struggle to make that happen. I like the idea of passing on a book to someone who would enjoy it, with the suggestion that they pass it on again when they have finished with it, instead of passing it back to me. I’m re-motivated to pick some books from the stacks here and move them along!

    Right now I’m reading “Long Distance: Testing the Limits of Body and Spirit in a Year of Living Strenuously”” by Bill McKibben and “Extraordinary Knowing: Science, Skepticism, and the Inexplicable Powers of the Human Mind” by Elizabeth Lloyd Mayer. I’ll likely finish reading the first book by the end of the week and will pass it on to the community bookshelf at work. The second book I’ll probably finish in about two weeks and will pass it on to whichever of my friends expresses an interest, telling them that I don’t want it back!

    Like someone else mentioned, I’ve been collecting lemon/vinegar/baking soda cleaning recipes from the internet and would find having all the information available in one little book much more handy.

  51. Pam says

    What is your feeling about library collections in the form of e-books? I have about 40 books on my bookshelf and I circulate the ones I am super passionate about (mostly things along the lines of environment/recycling/etc., i.e. The Green Book) but the always seem to come back to me. No worries though, I just pass it on to the next person and keep finding people whose lives I feel would be enriched by the knowledge in the books :)

  52. Mahria says

    have you ever heard of
    It’s a great site and great community. I’ve been a member for more than two years, the idea is lovely and it works well.

  53. Kelly says

    Is it cheating to ask to get in line for Dave Bruno’s book? As soon as I read about it and started following his blog. I would look and say no it’s not in the budget but still want to read it anyway. Hope you enjoyed it. – Kelly a fan in NVA

    Devotion Explosion sounds interesting. Haven’t heard of that one yet.

  54. Cathy says

    I am reading 29 Gifts by Cami Walker and will pass it on as my 29th gift. I am planning on starting a pass it on book gift box. IAlso we have a great coffee/used book shop in our town where I have been taking books, you can get credit for books when your books sell.

    Loved Eat, Pray,Love and after reading a borrowed copy got it on Kindle to re-read. Am very curious about The Good Good Pig.

    • Courtney Carver says

      Cathy, Congrats! I randomly picked your name to receive The Good Good Pig. Please email me your mailing address: bemorewithless at

  55. Courtney Carver says

    This book giveaway was SO fun! I plan to do more including some of my other books that you requested so stay tuned. In the meantime, keep passing on your books!


  56. says

    We have donated most of our books to GoodWill or Salvation Army, figured I would rather see them go to someone who will read them, than sitting on my shelf, collecting dust, in my selfish need to keep these things for the purpose of once again re-reading a book.

    That is why I love my Kindle. And to top it off, I do NOT feel bad about purchasing books in digital format that I bought (and loved) in paperback, as I feel it supports the author even more.

  57. says

    I have bins and boxes of books in storage. I don’t usually keep fiction, but if it’s an inspirational or motivational book – I have a hard time parting with it. Because they’re in storage, I don’t just reach for them when I’m looking for something uplifting to read. I don’t know why I hold onto them. I guess because they’re such a significant part of who I am today. I’m willing to make it mini mission to at least get 1 box out of storage and either re-read the books or pass them on. Thanks for giving the motivation to tackle this.

  58. Laura says

    This will be my next project. I am currently reading Gardening when it counts~ So long Insecurity~ For better or best~ & The Dream Giver. I share books all the time. I just can’t seem to give them away. Being a homeschooler I always buy and never purge. This is the only thing my husband & I agree on keeping every time we declutter. I am planning on donating to my church library in the spring and maybe more to the library book sale. This will be the hardest task I am sure.

  59. says

    I so love the idea of reading a book while keeping in mind the idea of giving it to someone else. Love it. I have several boxes of books that I’ve been trying to sell, and recently went through my books again and discovered that I could probably painlessly give up another two thirds. I think this could be quite fun!

  60. Josephine says

    Good idea. I’m about to move and will be donating a substantial amount of my books to an organization that donates books to prisons (in Louisiana it is Don’t forget magazines, too. I’ve loved my National Geographics, and tend to want to hold onto them because they are so beautiful, but will be letting them go, too. I’d rather an inmate be able to dream and explore the world through them than them to gather dust on my shelf…
    I’ve also committed to myself that I’ll only be buying used books from now on…

  61. Alex Yirrell says

    I am very attached to my books. However., im currently travelling Australia and living out of a suitcase (trying for minimalist luggage seems to have failed) but I only brought one book which I have swapped for many books along the way. My kindle has been a god send as I can havr many books but tgey dont take up space. Id live the new feature to be a swap shop for digital books!

  62. Melanie says

    I don’t find it difficult to part with books that I have read. In the coffee bar at work there’s a shelf where people leave books for others to enjoy.

    My problem are the books that I HAVEN’T read. The pile would probably reach to the moon. I just can’t stop bringing books home, not least free ones from said shelf. I just stopped watching television to find the time to read all those books so that I can FINALLY get them out of the house.

  63. Debi says

    Man, this post is me…but I can honestly say i read many books many times. And the reason I get the actual paper version is because I highlight and mark books up a LOT, and for some reason, the kindle versions just are not the same…