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  1. Anonymous

    I do think the title for your book is a little odd; a 7-word phrase for a book claiming to simplify lives?

    • Courtney Carver

      Thanks for your input. I think the title is a very simple, direct way to let readers know what to expect. Not to mention, all the good single word titles were taken. ;)

    • I think the title and design are very simple and beautiful. It’s not the number of words used, but the way they are presented that makes them so simple.

  2. I will download your book but don’t have an e-reader yet. Clutter is very individual. What I percieve as clutter may not be to someone who feels comfortable surrounded by it and considers is “living” (like my husband). Personally, clutter drives me crazy. I know hiding things helps because I put away things before decorating for Christmas and then can’t remember what I put away. I heard once, that when you die, your children should be able to fill two boxes with everything you own (other than your clothes and furniture). I thought that was a wonderful example that getting older (and wiser) should involve peeling away layers of attachment to things.

  3. It’s calm, it’s beautiful. It brings me in my mind to being in a shady spot on a beach with soft waves on a perfect late spring day. That’s how nice it is. Best of luck. I wish you only simply lovely things on this journey you have started.

    The title is perfect.

    • Courtney Carver

      Thanks Diana – for your support and for making me smile. (and for making me think about a shady spot on a beach)

  4. I will be buying this book and reading it at a shady spot on the beach this weekend. Thanks for all your inspiration, Courtney!

  5. Way to go, Courtney! I love the book and hope people embrace it for the lovely advice and guidance that it offers. Keep on creating practical, worthwhile books.

  6. Hi Courtney. I simply love the premise of your blog. I am a minimilist at heart, only need to be practising one. What is stopping me? Its a who actually, my dear husband. I won’t go so far as to say that he is a hoarder, still throwing stuff away is a BIG issue around our house. Nice to know atleast now I have likeminded souls to talk about that. I wholeheartedly believe in simple living and so look forward to reading more of your blog. Cheers :)

  7. Courtney, I really love your book – I’m so glad I got a copy.

    I’ll admit, I was pondering whether I really needed another book on simplifying. After all, I’ve not done anything with Katie Tallo’s book, or Leo’s Babauta’s Focus, or another book I got from Leo too (I can’t even remember the name). But your approach is fresh, and really simple. I particularly like Leo’s tip on doing something amazing each day. It’s great; I’m already using it! I’m the procrastinator to beat all procrastinators and you’ve managed to get me started.

    Thanks Courtney :)

  8. Love the simplicity of the design. Pairs perfectly with the subject matter.

  9. texasaggiemom

    Can’t wait to read it! I’m 41 and to be able to live simply on the beach is my absolute dream. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and wisdom.

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