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  1. These are excellent ideas Courtney! Now, I work very hard to consider someone’s needs as a gift over something that they will never use. I especially love the idea of giving experiences. I would much rather give or receive an opportunity to do something fun versus something that gets forgotten a month later.

  2. After downsizing this year I’m looking forward to a few new gifts but heed your advice on the one in one out philosophy. In the last two years I’ve received several of the simplicity books on your list as presents and they have have been so useful.

    • Courtney Carver

      Claire, less is different than nothing and I think it’s great to give and receive thoughtful gifts, especially if you are mindful and grateful for what you have.

  3. These are great ideas. I like to get things like a gift card for a pedicure or an amazon card to buy books for my kindle. Less stuff…

  4. Sharon

    Great ideas :) I would also add things like tickets to the theatre, season tickets for a year’s admission to an art gallery. My partner and I have booked tickets to a dinner theatre and an overnight stay at a hotel. Great fun, great memories and it doesn’t have to be dusted, stored, wrapped or insured :)

  5. Great ideas! My friends and I always exchange homemade edibles (or drinkables! ;-) ). Giving someone something that will help them to simplify their life is a great idea, though. Thanks!

  6. Ahh!!! You and Tammy Strobel are adding to my Christmas list! I would LOVE the gift of admission to some of these ecourses as I focus on trying to switch gears in my life!!!

  7. Jim

    My wife has always given experiences for gifts, this year she’s taking the girls in my family to see the Broadway play “Cinderella”. I’m taking my Dad to a jazz concert in the city and my brother in law and nephew to a Jets football game. My wife grew up doing that and now my family is catching on, our first experience filled Christmas!!

  8. Love the idea of gifting ecourses :) I wrote a blog post recently about giving gifts that are meaningful. I also love the idea of gifting “experiences”!

  9. Minimalist Wannabe

    My family adopted a rule that you must be able to eat or drink gifts – nothing else! If you have time, baking a favourite cake, cookies, etc. If not, your favourite pastry shop or grocery store’s is fine. You get the picture… It’s now my rule all around, except for kids of course!

    The holidays are fun again. No silly/expensive shopping, low stress and just fun family reunions and watching kids’ joy. :o)

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