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  1. Kathy Mader

    I know the feeling. I decided that when I would start swearing because it took me hours just to pick up stuff and clear counters before I could actually clean, that something had to change, something was dreadfully wrong to feel that frustrated and upset. NOTHING feels better than having your house manageable. Key words, manageable without stress.

    • Too true, Kathy. I find it so frustrating when many of my family members are careless with our home environment. There are six of us living in the house, four of whom have jobs and school outside the home. This results in topsy turvey attendance to home and chores. I’ve found I really need a tidy home to rest in, and sometimes it’s overwhelming to consider making the whole place orderly. I have to narrow it down to one or two key rooms. Keeping it from getting too out of control is a big factor as well.

      I’m SURE I’ll miss it when they are all grown and gone. =) Then I’ll have it all to do myself, but there won’t be so many around to undo it.

  2. MotherLodeBeth

    Personally I think that some older people and some disabled people simply would love for someone to help them de-clutter and clean. But they either cannot find someone to help or are afraid to ask.

    Am partially disabled because of balance issues and I readily admit it’s hard for me to lift and pull anything, so I may take two days to get the boxes of items for the thrift store, into the car, since I have a hard time either asking for help or getting help.

    After my husband died, I hit a deep depression and within a couple weeks of I became more depressed when I saw how things were not being cleaned and cared for. So stayed up all night once and cleaned and cleaned and the depression lifted. Doctor called it situational depression.

    Now I find myself wanting to have so little because it just seems more relaxing and peaceful. Still am getting rid of items and this cottage is less than 500 sq feet. Just hate anything that collects dust, or is more work than pleasure.

    • That’s a good point, Beth. It would be great to offer a service to elderly and disabled people who would really love to have a clean tidy space to live in, but just can’t manage it alone.

      I too have physical limitations that prevent the lifting of anything over ten pounds. This means I can’t move heavy boxes or furniture by myself. Even grocery shopping can prove challenging. I can’t buy kitty litter without one of my children along to heft it. This limitation has helped me to let go of my pride in asking for help. I really need help, and it won’t hurt others to lend a hand. It’s actually a good opportunity for growth on both sides.

      I understand depression too. We nearly lost our house in the last few years, and have been in grave financial difficulty. But this too has been a tool in my life to dig deep for sunshine and joy. It’s more valuable when I have to work for it. It’s been a long few years for me, but nothing like losing a husband. I’m so sorry for your loss. I can only imagine how awful that would be.

      I agree about dust collectors! They serve no purpose other than to create more work. I lived in a 680 sq foot home once, and I loved it! Sounds lovely!

      • I feel bad for the people who have atsium, why can’t everyone in the world be normal. I find these stories sad to read, but also interesting. David seems like a bright kid, just because he has atsium , people start making fun of them, even if they are smarter than you think. At first as you were discribing David I had also thought that he isn’t a smart chid. But as I was reading on I figured out that not all kids with atsium have to be dumb.

  3. Hello Cynthia. I am so proud of your efforts. That is a large undertaking, with amazing results. Not only did you clear a lot of stuff, you also had some major personal growth.

    I so agree that the decisions need to be on your own terms, but having help and support along the way is so important too.

    A simply beautiful story. Thanks for sharing it with us

    • Thank you! It was a huge undertaking, and it could not have been accomplished by only one person in only one day. It seriously took three of us all day to complete. Plus I know I would have gotten more discouraged if I’d been on my own. I’m blessed to still have family in the house who can help!

  4. Its important to find a starting point, in the end it doesn’t matter what that starting point from a counter top to a closet. At least you found a starting point and managed to get to more simplicity.

    • Matt, that is so true. It took years for me to finally absorb what my husband told me all the time, “Celebrate PROGRESS, not perfection.” And so the journey continues!

  5. danielle

    Great story and best of luck to you, Cynthia!!

  6. Great job, Cynthia! One step at a time.

    I worry that my daughter is going to go through this. No matter what size space we live in, she fills up her portion of it.

    • I’m pretty sure at least two of my girls will experience this as well. Out of the four of them, only one is innately orderly. She enjoys bringing order to her spaces. The others? Not so much. They take more after me, unfortunately. I was never a tidy child.

  7. MotherLodeBeth

    Was also reminded of how since December I have literally spent two weeks at a time each month at the hospital with our son, or at their home helping care for him and take him to appointments, which has meant my own place has ended with drive by living issues.

    Like eating a quick meal and rinsing and placing dishes in the sink or not getting laundry done for two weeks. 150 mile round trip daily starting early morning and ending around 7 pm when I come home eat, shower and go to bed.

    So I have had to rethink things and make sure that in the evening the only chore I do one evening is load the dishwasher and load the washer then when I get up put the wash in the dryer. Then one evening per week I clean the bathroom before taking my shower. One evening I vacuum and mop the kitchen floor then shower and go to bed.

    This way things do get done which keeps the stress at bay, and makes me feel better.

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