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  1. “Simplicity is a mindset”

    I love your story and the message. Gratitude can certainly lead to joy and meaningful existence.

    Dan @ Zen Presence

  2. I love Gene’s story. I have been a follower of Dave Ramsey (am a Financial Peace University facilitator now) for years, so learning to be content with what my family has and living to save and give like no one else has changed our life. There is great joy in using our resources to help others in need. Next week I will be working on the Washington State University Campus with Intervarsity to talk about students about living simply and being able to pursue social justice with their money.

  3. Ashley

    Beautiful. I went on two spring break mission trips as a high schooler and have vivid memories to this day about what I saw and experienced. Doing can teach us so much more than having ever will.

  4. Oh, what a great post! I have been a missionary for 2.5 years on the road full time, living out of a backpack… many years ago. I know what it’s like to live with 2 pair of shoes and a few clothing items. Those experiences are so valuable, like Gene, I rarely have the desire for stuff. I much prefer relationships and experiences. They last longer. They take longer to fade, if they ever do. Their value don’t decrease like stuff does. I am striving to teach my kids that concept… I believe mission trips will be in their future lessons. :) Thank you for sharing, Gene.

  5. Thanks for your heartwarming and inspirational story. You have lead a giving life and in the process been an inspirational role model to your children. That is very important in parenting.

  6. Todd

    Thanks.. Talk soon! T

  7. It is so easy to forget how lucky we are, especially with all the “reminders” about keeping up with the Joneses, etc. It’s easy for our world to get small.

  8. Thanks for sharing your story Gene. I not only sensed the themes of simplicity and gratitude in your story, but also great contentment – one of the most valuable ‘things’ we can ever have in our lives.

  9. “If I’m going to be extravagant, I want it to be in my giving, not my possessions.” Wow, that is such an awesome statement! Love that!! (and now I’m thinking a mission trip might be a good idea for my boys sometime…!)

  10. Luna

    Thank you for sharing this story! It makes me realize how lucky I am. I should be more grateful instead of whining at what I don’t have. The story of the mom who gave her baby sugary water really touched my heart.

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