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  1. Pascale

    I’ve been reading your posts for quite some time now and I love them. I especially love the mini-missions. Thanks for such a great tip. I’ll definitely try it.

  2. ElaineM

    Praying works for me.
    Starting the prayers of a rosary or similar thing…

  3. I have no trouble falling asleep. Staying asleep? Different story. I’ve tried many thinking/breathing ways of calming what I call Hamster Brain, but what’s really made a difference for me is melatonin (at my doctor’s suggestion). Seem to be getting fewer migraines since I started. Also, exercise during the day and staying well-hydrated. Good rest makes all the difference in my day, my work, my relationships.

  4. Will share this with my Mum, she’s been an insomniac most of her life. I have no problem with sleeping thank goodness. ciao lisa

  5. I’m sitting here with the black bags under my eyes, and a weeks’ worth of bad-sleep-stress hanging over me…. I’m going to give it a try :)

  6. I don’t even have to imagine my own day i just have a perfect day in my head which i replay as necessary and yes, it works.

  7. If the sound of the ocean doesn’t lull me to sleep I do what I used to do for my son when he was little . . . I imagine I’m floating on a soft cloud (or a fuzzy pedal of a flower) totally safe and warm. I’m able to comfortably gaze at images slowly passing by . . . I passively watch and soon drift off to sleep.

    Another thing I do to fall asleep is I build a house in my head. I did this for years and ended up actually building that house in reality. I start with the location, the property, the surroundings, then on to the floor plan, etc. Every little detail. I do the same with gardens. I also did this with relationships . . . that’s how I met my second (current) fabulous husband! I dreamed him up and he actually came to my front door!

    I’ll try Leo’s method. I live a very simple life so it ought to put me out rather quickly . . .

    thanks for this post Courtney

  8. Years ago, I realized that if I replayed a recent game of golf in my mind that I would fall asleep before I finished the second hole. So, the replaying of the day or the building of the house sound like good ideas.

    The only problem with replaying the day is that sometimes the events of the day (usually something bad or stressful) is what keeps me awake!

    Another thing I often do: I learned in a college psychology class to begin slowly relaxing your body from your toes to your head. Once you’re in a comfortable sleeping position, wiggle your toes and relax them. Once your toes are relaxed, move to your ankles, then the entire foot, then your lower leg, etc.

    I don’t recall ever making it to my knee.

    Good mini-mission, Courtney!

  9. This system actually works well for getting my toddler to go to sleep. If I talk her through her day in some detail, she’s better able to put herself to sleep. Not always! But frequently.

  10. I usually don’t have trouble sleeping. The only thing that I need to take care of is not to sleep in the afternoon.

    What my problem is that I can’t sleep at the same time everyday and that makes it difficult to build up a routine. But I am trying!

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