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  1. Courtney,
    I haven’t heard of this and will check it out. Clothes used to be my thing until I stopped the insanity 2 years ago. I still have shoes like crazy because my kids work for an athletic shoe company and I’m the sample size. Our new home has a tiny closet and little extra room so I’m scaling down big time and giving away several unworn pair. After all not only do I not need them, I have no room for them and really how many shoes to I need? LOL
    Movin’ and groovin’ xo

    • Courtney Carver

      Tess, I have a four pairs of shoes/boots built into my 33 and one pair I have only worn once since Oct. 1. I haven’t missed my big selection!

  2. Great interviews! Doing Project 333 myself, I would agree that dressing in the morning is so simple. And because I took care in choosing the clothing I would wear for these three months, I love every item!

  3. Paula

    I am so not interested in fashion than doing this Project 333 has become easier than I’ve thought. It seems to me that i’ve been doing it for the past 2 years… I have really down-sized my closet a while back. It made sense since I’ve always seemed to pick the same outfits over and over… I wear very classic clotes that i can miss and match in any season for any occassion. :) I love dressing simply and unlike many women out there, I’m not a big collector of shoes or handbags. I use the one in/one out rule for every single purchase i make.
    I’m soon going away with friends for 7 days and i have packed almost nothing to wear… I know my friends would roll their eyes at me when they see me with my little carry-own and I’ll simply respond what i’ve read recently in one post: “Withe the Freedom we Gain from Living Smaller We Can Accomplish Great Things”. I’m sure I’ll have the best of times!

  4. Anne

    I’ve been in since the beginning, and am enjoying it so far. I was shocked when I counted out my items because I thought that I had so many fewer clothes than were actually lurking in my drawers and closet. It was challenging to choose the most versatile items.

    • Courtney Carver

      Anne, I think this will be a big learning experience. Not only in terms of learning to live with less, but learning to build a wardrobe that works!

  5. cindy

    I am really enjoying this challenge. My closet is so spacious now and it really is a tiny closet. I am hoping that I can get my husband onboard but even if not I think that my efforts will speak for themselves when he sees how organized and put together my outfits are during this time. I have worked (uniforms), travelled, and played during this time so far and have more than enough for everything. I went shopping and looked for a LBD to replace the dress that I did keep for the challenge but didn’t find anything that was really versatile so for now I will keep what I have and now I know what items I will be looking for to make my wardrobe authentic and versatile.

  6. “Inevitably, though, I’d always end up wearing the same small collection of items which are more or less the same as the ones I’ve chosen for the Project.”

    A inside out method of the challenge is to move all your clothes to another room and then slowly add them back to your closet over a month’s time. It can be quite eye opening to see what a small fraction of things actually get used.

    The 333 challenge is such a great way to make us all more aware of our consumerism. It always amazes me how we just blindly participate in our consumer lifestyle without really giving any it thought. Thanks for coming up with such a great idea!

  7. Courtney Carver

    Fuji, I love the idea of the inside out method. I suggested it for the kitchen in this post. Works wonders! http://www.bemorewithless.com/2010/less-stuff-more-light/

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