Celebrate and Embrace Ventures and Adventures

Each year seems to pass a little more quickly and 2013 is no exception. Moving into month six of twelve is a great time to revisit how you felt in month one of twelve. Do you still feel as hopeful, committed or inspired?

Reflecting on my plans to jump gently into a brand new year has been really helpful. Some things got done, and some things didn’t, but I have stayed true to my declaration to dismiss result-oriented success:  I won’t be measuring success by how or when I arrive at certain goals or measurements, but instead in how I move through the transition. If the process is full of grace and intention it will be called a success regardless of the outcome.

That simple direction allows me to start something new more quickly, and release what isn’t working with ease. Reviewing where I was and what I wanted five months ago is a great benchmark, but I’m not married to those plans. Instead, I am staying focused on the most important things and recognize that they change over time.

New Ventures and Adventures

Adventure Capital
I recently started Chris Guillebeau’s Adventure Capital and it is sparking great ideas and reminding me that learning is always a good investment of time and money. Adventure Capital is only open during select times and tomorrow is one of those times! This is for you if you have an idea, but you need help getting off the ground or you have an existing business, and you want to increase sales. If you join Adventure Capital on my recommendation, you’ll receive an hour of consulting with me during your second month of the course. Sign up to learn more and to be notified when the course opens.

Charity: water
Together, we’ve raised $2693 in one week! The goal is $4400 and while we have 60 days to do it, if we make it by my birthday on June 5th, there will be some major celebrating, free books for all, and other surprises.  Here is an invitation to help: http://bemorewithless.com/an-invitation-to-be-more-with-less/. Thanks for your donations and awesome messages!

The mother-daughter book club
My favorite Christmas gift came from my daughter. She recognized that I didn’t want “stuff” and she knew that what I really wanted was more time with her. She gave me a mother-daughter book club. We read a book and then plan an activity like going out to lunch to talk about it. We recently read The Great Gatsby and finished by going to dinner and seeing the movie. This week we are starting a new novel by Lauren Graham called Someday, Someday, Maybe. I hope you’ll use this gift idea for someone you love.

Summer Book Bundle
Speaking of books, if you are ready to get summer started, you may enjoy the Summer Bundle: 5 summer reads for only $7.40.

Speaking at SXSW
I so enjoyed speaking at SXSW with friends, Joshua Becker, Joshua Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus. Exploring Austin and meeting awesome people was as much fun as speaking to a group of 200 about how minimalism is changing entrepreneurship. I’m excited to explore more opportunity for speaking.


  • 0:00 Joshua Becker states the case for minimalism
  • 11:59 Joshua Fields Millburn discusses cultivating your passion
  • 21:35 Ryan Nicodemus discusses overcoming the fear of money
  • 28:35 Courtney Carver discusses practical applications of minimalism
  • 40:00 Q&A with the crowd

A new direction
In working with clients over the past few years, I’ve discovered that what they want more than anything else is permission to be creative, the confidence to share their ideas with the world and a mentor to help them grow, share, create and lead. My new blog and offerings at courtneycarver.com will deliver those most important things and will be replacing my business site. We will still talk about ways to do business more simply, but cultivating ideas and enjoying your work will be the focus.


If your life or business is heading in a new direction, be open. Don’t force sameness or wallow in complacency. Take a step or a stand. Be curious and ready to embrace something you didn’t expect.

Instead of tying your self-worth to the end result of any venture or adventure, focus on your approach, experience, and how you treat yourself and others during the journey.

What’s new in your year? 

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  1. says

    I love this line: That simple direction allows me to start something new more quickly, and release what isn’t working with ease.

    This year for me is so exciting. I left corporate America late last year and get to focus on my passion full time. I started a blog, EscapingDodge.com, and it’s so much fun to learn and grow from the experience. Meeting new people who are interested in the same subjects make it that much more rewarding.

    Thanks for the great post, Courtney!

  2. says

    I love that you and your daughter have created a mother-daughter book club. What memories and connections you are creating. I know CJ and I benefited so much from starting our book club. We even dealt with difficult family situations with humor by saying, Isn’t that like Gary from The Corrections? It was rather like when you ask someone for advice for “my friend” and it’s really for you! 😉

    • Courtney Carver says

      Tammy, Books and really words really have a unique way of connecting people. I hope we continue the book club for years to come.

  3. says

    Courtney, you have a way of putting things in perspective in a beautiful and direct way and that is what makes you simply sensational. I gleaned a lot of good information from the SXSW audio conference and appreciate that you shared that with us. I have recently signed up for Joshua Millburn’s writing class that begins in July and only learned about their site from reading your blog. Keep sharing and keep creating because you are making a difference in our lives – one post and one conversation at a time.

    • Courtney Carver says

      Thank you Gail. You are so right. One post, one conversation at a time. I love that.

  4. says

    We’ve been so busy writing our book and maintaining our blog that books have disappeared until last week!! So glad they are back and with a killer-read – The Enchantress of Florence. Should be a super boost to the vocab and a model for superior sentence structure. Thanks as always for your terrific reminders and tips, Courtney!

  5. says

    Absolutely love the idea of a mother-daughter book club, enjoying the time spent together with family is so important and carries so much more meaning than “just” another necklace. Have a wonderful new month!

  6. says

    Loved this post. I have been thinking of taking up tarot reading professionally for months now but never really started due to my job commitments and complacency. Your post encouraged me to take the first step. I have started offering tarot readings on tarotpress.wordpress.com and slowly will work on a proper website.But at least, I took the first step in the direction of my dreams and that is what’s more important.

  7. says

    I love the way you are now measuring your success, and I know I am definitely learning from your example. The bonus is that I am enjoying the process so much more, and allowing it to take as long as it needs, without stress. It feels fantastic.

    I also love the mother-daughter book club idea. It is such a thoughtful concept. Yay for you and your daughter.

    Enjoy your adventures :-)