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If you’d like to gently or dramatically improve your life and business and/or help to support this site, you can purchase a book or course. I created the following courses, services and books to support and encourage the changes you are making in your life.


  1. A Simple Year
  2. How to Create a Microbusiness that Matters
  3. Zero to 100, a microcourse for beginning bloggers
  4. How to Create a Meaningful Morning Routine
  5. Dress with Less and Create a Capsule Wardrobe
  6. The Clutterfree Course


  1. Mini-missions for Simplicity
  2. Simple Ways to Be More with Less
  3. Living in the Land of Enough
  4. Clutterfree

For other books I recommend, you can visit Courtney’s Reading List and the Be More with Less Amazon Bookstore

Blogging & Microbusiness

  1. Work with me