How to Create a Microbusiness that Matters

How to Create a Microbusiness That Matters

Do you dream about firing your boss and working for yourself? Do you want to generate part-time or full-time income on your own time, and own terms?

Since I started my microbusiness in 2010, I’ve worked from many different coffee shops, libraries, hotel lobbies,  and other locations. I’ve written blog posts in New Orleans, launched a course from Sarasota, did a speaking gig in Austin at SXSW, created audio recordings in Boston, and joined clients in Portland, OR to work face to face.

I didn’t start my own business to travel, but love having the flexibility to work from anywhere. Not only do I get to do work I love, but I don’t have to interrupt my life to do it. While earning money is a necessary currency in growing a sustainable business, you can’t discount other currency like:

  • time
  • connection
  • flexibility
  • freedom
  • purpose

There is also the benefit of structuring your business the way you like to work. I don’t miss Monday morning meetings, weekly reports or 8 hour days. How many days do we really have exactly 8 hours worth of work? I think many people have to spread 5 hours worth of work into 8 or cram 12 hours into the same 8. When you have your own microbusiness, you have the pleasure of doing your work and then doing something else.

You will find great value in this course if any (not all, just any) of the following apply to you:

  • You want to start a blog for your business or future business.
  • You want to understand how to approach social media in the simplest way possible.
  • You don’t enjoy selling/marketing/promotion but want your business to be noticed.
  • You’ve been blogging for a while but can’t seem to find focus and direction.
  • You love your job, but want to develop another income stream.
  • You hate your job and can’t wait to fire your boss.
  • You want to create your own microbusiness, but don’t think it’s possible.
  • You don’t think you can make money online without advertising or scammy “work from home” deals.
  • You want to create a microbusiness that matters.

How to Create a Microbusiness that Matters

Course contents

12 Lessons with more than 16,000 words, 2 inspiring playlists, more than 34 minutes of audio lessons and 2 recorded video webinars + 2 more recorded Q&A webinars.

Here is exactly what you will receive:

1. Welcome and Intro (866 words)

  • How a microbusiness can help you
  • What to expect from the course
  • Disclosures and other legal mumbo jumbo

2. My Microbiz story (2414 words)

  • How I started
  • What I spent to get started
  • Why making money is important but shouldn’t be your first priority
  • Why you should tell your story
  • Timeline including subscriber growth, product and new site development and other milestones

3. Why Do You Want a Microbusiness? (532 words)

  • My Whys
  • Your Whys
  • The Other Whys

4. You are Good Enough (338 words)

  • Identifying fear based statements
  • Audio: Fight Your Fear: 9 minutes 34 seconds
  • Music mix to help you calm down
  • What you don’t need to get started

5. How to Spark Your Creativity (1133 words) 

  • 3 ways to immediately spark your creativity
  • music mix to inspire your creative juices
  • creativity for your blog
  • creativity for your business
  • where to find inspiration

6. Platform Why You need one and how to get started (756 words)

  • What is a platform?
  • Audio: Your platform is made of people (2 minutes 54 seconds)
  • Why do you need one?
  • What can a platform do?
  • How can you build a platform?

7. Less Media, More Social a.k.a The Simplest Approach to Social Media (3255 words)

  • Audio: Less media more social: 7:16
  • My social media story
  • Where and how you can be social
  • How to eliminate needless distraction

8. Show me the Money (1338 words)

  • Audio: Fight your fear and ask for money (6 minutes 25 seconds)
  • Suggested revenue sources
  • Affiliate disclosures
  • Video Webinar: How to sell without selling your soul (34 minutes)
  • How to take the yuck out of promotion and marketing

9. Rules to Live by as a Micropreneur (572 words)

  • The rules I live by
  • Audio: 5 simple rules for business (3 minutes 9 seconds)

10. A Practical Guide to Running Your Microbusiness (1694 words)

  • How to give your microbiz the attention it deserves (even with a full-time job)
  • Choose good work over hard work
  • Running your blog (focus content and develop editorial calendar)
  • Audio: make genuine connections (5 minutes 20 seconds)
  • Video Webinar: Find focus and direction

11. Resources and Answers to Your Questions (3181 words)

  • List of all of my microbiz partners
  • How I keep track of income/expenses/tax stuff
  • The books that have made the biggest difference in creating my microbiz
  • Answers to your  questions and an offer to answer more

12. Recorded Webinars

  • More than 2 hours of questions and microbusiness conversation
  • An invitation to continue the conversation

NEW: Bonus Module:  On Blogging

  • The 10 Top Blogging Fears (and solutions)
  • Create a blog name and tagline
  • Create a successful blog post
  • How to reach your first 100 subscribers
  • Video webinar: breathe and create




You might be thinking that this course is under-priced at $19.99 and it is. Here’s why …

  • A microcourse is always less than $20.00. I made that promise to you and I’m keeping it.
  • I believe that doing work you love should be accessible to anyone who is interested. I hope this affordable pricing helps more of you access work you love in an easy to understand, enjoyable, powerful way.

Course Testimonials

“The biggest thing I can say about your course so far – it made it seem real for someone like me to create something that would work.  It has sent me on a course of micro actions!” – Rochelle

I have to say guys that this is one of the best thought through products I’ve seen in this area. It’s SO worth the $20 – don’t be put off by the price being cheaper than some alternatives, because honestly, it’s better than a lot of the more expensive options. – Rob

I wanted to tell you how happy I am with your microcourse. I especially like the money segment- because it wasn’t what I expected. I was hesitant to purchase the course because I’ve had experience with some “pushy” sites before.  I’ve felt annoyed about getting “free things” that seemed to then inundate my email box with spammy kinds of things. I so appreciate finding out that way is not the only way and that it is okay to just be myself in how I do whatever I do.  It feels so much more authentic! – Caryn

Some times when I read the advice of other internet entrepreneurs, I automatically dismiss it as something I don’t think I can do because it just seems sleezy and disingenuous, but this course gave me permission to network and do business in ways that make sense to me. I don’t feel like I have to change who I am and that’s really encouraging. Before this course I thought maybe I’m just not cut out for business, but I realize I’m struggling because I’m not doing something that truly matters to me. I’m not done with this course yet (action steps are next), but I already feel significant shift in how I feel about being an entrepreneur thanks to you.Joelle

If you want to create a microbusiness that matters, get started now …