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  1. Wow Courtney,

    Very generous offer, I’m in. I’ll definitely be ordering this evening.

    In addition to the fact that I’m sure that I’ll benefit greatly from the course, I feel that it is vitaly important that we support the communities that we use – or they might go away. I donated to wikipedia just yesterday – doesn’t seem right to use something and not support it.

    Zen Presence – Ideas for Meaningful Living

  2. “Freakin’ awesome!” are the first words that come to mind as I read this, Courtney. My micro-business tutorial last year – also known as Tyler Tervooren’s The Bootstrapper’s Guild – was the right thing at the right time.

    I just know you’re going to have the same impact for tons of folks who need to develop a side hustle. And maybe people will break free from what’s holding back their dreams, goals, and happiness the most in the process.

    I’ll be spreading the word for ya starting… right… now!

    • Courtney Carver

      You are great Joel! It was so good to finally meet you earlier this month at WDS. I know you have some awesome things in progress too. Keep me posted on the baby names. ;)

    • Michael

      Courtney, I found your course through a link from The Minimalists, who I met at WDS – and saw this comment here from another new friend from the same event. I shared a bus ride with Joel and I certainly trust his recommendation.
      How serendipitous… I’m sold!

  3. Is there anyway you use paypal? Or is this the only option?

  4. shirley

    Hi Courtney
    This is an awesome offer. Is it ongoing or is it planned to start on a certain date? I won’t be available to do it until maybe towards the end of August. Will it still be available to purchase then? If so can it be done from anywhere? i’m in the UK…
    Thanks so much…love your blog :)

    • Courtney Carver

      Thanks Shirley, The course will be available at least until August 27th when I host the Q& A Webinar, but maybe longer.

  5. Hey Courtney! Just followed the link from Rowdy Kittens and liked what I saw. I think $20 is very generous of you and I’ve decided I like you already : )
    I look forward to getting to know you and learning from you.

  6. Rachel

    Thanks so much Courtney – can’t wait to dig in tonight!

  7. Arianne

    Hello! I (with my husband) have been slowly working toward simplification (with some success) but one area that stumps me is my job. I hate my current employer, am less than enthused about my career choice, but don’t know where to go from here. This has been ongoing, and though I would love to say this mini course popped up like a message in the sky, it is more as if someone has been knocking – got tired of it – and kicked the door in.
    My question in regard to the course is:
    Is this course designed for bloggers, or anyone looking for their way to find meaningful employment / ways to contribute / bill paying ability?

    Thanks much for the inspiration, for the mini course, & for answering my questions.

    • Courtney Carver

      Arianne, Congrats on looking for a better way. There is a lot of material for bloggers or people considering a blog to help with their business, but there is also plenty of content to help you get creative about new business ideas and how to support those ideas by building a community.

  8. I love your blog, such a great message that people need to hear (:

    My schedule is a little crazy at the moment, is this something I can purchase now and pour myself into later? Do you get all the PDF’s at once or weekly?

    Truly a generous price!

    • Courtney Carver

      Hi Angela, Thanks for your interest and kind words. Once you purchase the course, you own the content for life. You can dig in anytime. Let me know how it goes!

  9. Thank you for this, Courtney. I missed the Goodblog Project for various reasons last time it was around. The micro course for Project 333 has been an awesome help on my personal journey, and I’ll be jumping head first into this micro course too to help me with my work and my blogging, which both need a bit of thinking and direction.
    I also agree with Dan, that it’s important to support the people and the businesses that do good work to keep the good work happening, and I’m happily supporting your work :)

  10. Brittany

    Hi Courtney,

    I’ve been following your blog for a while now, and I love your posts. I’m currently finishing my bachelor’s degree in environmental studies, and I know that a structured 9-5 job isn’t ideal for me. I was wondering if this course is right for me. I have no idea what I want to do, or how I could possibly start or succeed at a microbiz. Do I need to have a business idea already, as I go into this?

    Thank you,

    • Courtney Carver

      Hi Brittany, You don’t have to have a business idea to benefit from the course. It will help you think creatively about viable options. It will also help once you start to develop the idea especially if you decide to have an online component.

  11. Dear Brittany,

    We sell ethical, organic, natural, eco-friendly products, and I’m looking to recruit distributors, as well as customers. As a distributor you can work whenever you want. Browse the website and if it sounds interesting then go on the ‘contact’ tab and you will see my details including email and mobile number. Just contact me if you want more info. We also have an ebay version called ‘wicycle’ but its free!

  12. This is so awesome and so reasonably priced!!!! I will definatly be getting this after pay day! It perfect timing because I just opened an etsy shop!

  13. Hi Courtney,
    last week Tammy recommanded your lesson. I finished reading the pdfs this weekend. Great and very interessting point of views. Next Weekend I will listen to your audios. Guess that will be fun too. And hopefully by the end of summer I will be sure what to write about in my new blog.

    • Courtney Carver

      Andrea, I’d love to hear more about your new blog. Email me a few ideas. What do you most want to write about?

  14. Amy

    I just signed up,and I’m so excited! Thank you!

  15. Michelle


    Thanks for this great opportunity! I’m all bought the course and I’ll be reading it over the next couple of days! School is back in session for us on Monday, (August 12th), so I might not be able to attend if I’m teaching my own class, but I will defiantly contact you if I have any questions! :)

  16. I have to say guys that this is one of the best thought through products I’ve seen in this area. It’s SO worth the $20 – don’t be put off by the price being cheaper than some alternatives, because honestly, it’s better than a lot of the more expensive options.

  17. Dear Courtney,
    Thank you for this very generous offer. I have signed up! I love your offerings and your style. Now that I am retired, I need to buckle down and fulfill some of my dreams before it’s too late! I am looking forward to this instruction.

  18. marie

    can I still join spark and tinder if I but the micro business? Or how can I join spark and tinder?

    • Courtney Carver

      Hi Marie, I am only offering Spark & Tinder monthly to people who purchase the Microbusiness course. Once you do that, you’ll get an invitation to join. I only send out one invitation each month though because each month we cover a different topic, so it’s good to start at the beginning. I’ll be sending a final invitation for November this afternoon. Thanks for your interest!

  19. Jane

    Is this course still available? It was in an e-mail I just received today (Nov 2013) but the comments seem to indicate that it may not be available after the summer.

  20. Julia

    Hi, I know I am a little late to find this but is it still available? Thanks, Julia

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