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  1. What a great idea! And I love your example of the Cheesecake Factory- it’s the one I always use as well for something that used to ‘turn my head,’ as the old saying goes, but now I see for its less valuable result. Find what you love and do it well- if we needed it, here’s another nudge.

  2. Good thoughts! Sometimes they do fit… and they aren’t out of style… they’ve just been through the washing machine too many times.

  3. et

    some of us dress according to weather and task at hand w/o regard to fashion. buy used clothes. no make up. live w/o a mirror for a month or two. give away the “jewelry and accessories”. life is not about what you (or I) look like.

  4. Ellen

    I have the problem of having nothing to wear for 2 reasons: I get rid of clothes very easily, but do not replace with quality, the right thing, or even anything (money… you know!). I have nothing to wear, because I almost literally have nothing to wear! Second, I am pregnant with my 4th child. I never want to invest in a maternity wardrobe because I don’t know if I will ever need them again (though wish I had a child #1!!). Maternity and nursing periods really throw a major spanner in the works and I STILL don’t know how to manage that. Any ideas?

  5. I love this! I have been simplifying my wardrobe and possessions over the last month or so and your blog has been such a big help!

  6. Living in a country like Canada, where you literally have to have two wardrobes, one for summer, and one for winter – I find myself boggled by the amount of clothes in my closet. Even if I am meticulous and separate out the two seasons, I find there’s always some intermingling and I can never seem to cut down my closet. I guess, this will be my cross to bear – my life-long journey to pare down my closet. Thanks for the post!

  7. Meg

    I was wondering…would you share where you buy your clothes?? I truly do want less clothes with more quality – but, that’s not always easy to find. The combination of quality and my style don’t always match. You always look young and in-style, so I hope you will share!

    You are one of my daily-must-reads and I thank you!!!!


  8. Angie

    Hey i am LITERALLY out of clothes idk where they went and what is happening..but
    everything has disappeared…I dont have money, I am just a teen and i am
    out of answers! Do you know what to do?

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