Mini-Missions are assignments or challenges that you can implement immediately, so you can enjoy some immediate gratification during this adventure.

Mini-missions are often one step things that you can do to improve your health, bank account or wardrobe. If you are up for a challenge, see the list below or,  if it seems like you aren’t making much progress to be more with less, you can pick an item below and make immediate change.

Try these on your own, or for extra motivation and encouragement, sign up for a simplicity session.

Five in Ten

Shoot Your Stuff

Park It

One In Two Out

Try Chia Seeds

Take a Nap

Sit Still

One is Enough

Destination-less Walking

Love More Deeply

Feed Someone

Break It Off

Hide Your Stuff

Pass It On

Commit to Change

Make Moments

Track Your Spending

Calm Down

Give Freely

Grow Something

Get Lost

Sleep Well

Make Time

For the First Time 


Stand Up For Your Health

Create Meaning through Joy

Be Wonder-full

Change One World

Capture Simple Beauty

Start Over

Floss Every Day

Say Good Morning

Be More Playful

Feel Your Pain

Habit Stacking

Eat Real Food

Find the Light

Say No so You Can Say Yes

Banish Doubt

Judge Less