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  1. You are so right – and I think with all the focus on enjoyment at Christmas it’s natural to lose discipline. Some useful tips to keep us on the straight and narrow – controlling clutter is hard all year round but even harder at this time of year!

    • Courtney Carver

      Thanks Claire, Like diet and debt, clutter deserves our attention so our health and relationships don’t suffer in the new year (or ever).

      • Andy B

        Help for the time-pressed: Because it’s so easy to become over-whelmed by the amount of clutter in our homes, try to deal with just 5 items in each room – hang 5 articles of clothing, place 5 items in the recycle/trash bins, etc. Over time, this makes a huge difference in making the spaces clutter-free.

  2. Paula

    I love my uncluttered counters and tables at home. You are right. 5 minutes is all it takes to clear a space.
    I have one single holiday ornament, my very tiny Christmas tree!
    The only gift that is on my Xmas list, and not because i need it but so I can finally donate/re-gift all my books is a Kindle!
    I look forward to another year of learning and living a lighter, uncluttered life!
    Thank you!

    • Courtney Carver

      Hi Paula,

      I think you will really like the Kindle. I use an older model that my mom gave me when started reading on iPad and love it … especially for travel. (lighter travel bags) ;)

  3. This is so right on! I always get to this part of December and wonder why a few extra Christmas decorations can start to feel suffocating. But the reality is that my guard is down in December and there are so many extra things coming into our home this month. Extra library books, extra craft supplies for making gifts, extra baking supplies for making gifts, gifts themselves….

    Starting right now I will be more diligent about keeping it under control!

  4. Toni

    This post is very appropriate, especially at this time of year. We’ve been decluttering a lot over the last several months and our house still looks messy due to all of the stuff that comes in on a daily basis. Papers are my downfall, and since I don’t have a desk or office space, it ends up all over the kitchen counters, the island, and the dining table. Now, I’m off to toss a bunch of stuff and get a bit more clutter free before my family comes this weekend! Thanks for a great post today!

  5. Ann

    I think it’s important to keep clearing the same space and developing that habit before trying to clear others. I’m on a mission to keep throwing away the daily newspapers which try to overwhelm our living room. If I change my focus to a different room or cluttering agent, the newspapers build up very quickly. (This is partly because of reading online and partly because I’m too busy to read them – and most of the articles I’m interested in are timeless!)

  6. Cathy

    I am lucky to work two doors down from a Goodwill. I try to get a grocery bag full of stuff out there every month, and most months I succeed. I’ve been at it so long that it’s becoming more challenging to find things to add to the bag, which delights me.

  7. Daniela

    This year, when I started to decorate for christmas early December I took everything out of the boxes and decorated. Once I was finished, I looked at everything I didn’t use and decided: a) I still like it and want to keep it or b) I donate it. There was not that much on the a pile and the people at our local charity shop were very happy to receive christmas decoration BEFORE christmas. win win ;-)

    • Courtney Carver

      Daniela, That made me smile. It’s something so simple that will make others happy while reducing clutter in your home.

  8. Happy Annie

    Just came across your blog and love it! I am a strict adherent of the bring one and take one out rule and it has changed my life! When I see something I want (like new shoes?) I think about which ones I will get rid of before even getting them. Most of the time I don’t buy the item because I realize that it isn’t as good as what I already have. I also do the “give-away” box by the garage door. It’s ALWAYS full! I like knowing that the thongs I no longer use will go to charity and have a second chance at being useful. :) Great BLOG! Thank you!

  9. Happy Annie

    Oh my, I meant to type “things” up there in my above comment. Darn it!

  10. Ohhhh, yes. This post is so important to read right now! I have done an amazing job this past year of minimalising my house/life and now it’s mostly about the upkeep. The boyfriend is the more cluttery one and if I didn’t remind him to tidy up his things and put them away, it would look horrible in here. Luckily, he’s gotten a lot better at it! Things for posting this!

  11. Kerry

    Thank you Courtney..You inspired me all year. The most important thing is that I will not go into another New Year with a cluttered basement. I have been decluttering for 3 days, and it’s a great feeling. I even labeled everything to keep us all on track for now and future use. I really can’t wait till the day when I need something usual and can honestly “I know exactly where it is? I have done a great job on minimalizing many new things in my house too. Limited waste, and repurposing items I never thought could be used again its refreshing. Love your blog, it gives me inspiration everyday.

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