Minimalist Fashion Project

I am no Coco Chanel, but style and fashion is part of being more with less. We spend so much time thinking about what we wear, that I think it is time to simplify the concept of getting dressed. I’m not suggesting that we don’t get dressed, just that we stop giving it so much attention. Then again, when you stop paying attention and start wearing your yoga pants everywhere, it’s time to get yourself together. (I am speaking from experience and knew I had a problem when my daughter told me she was going to secretly throw my yoga pants away).

Eating at a restaurant with a 24 page menu can be overwhelming. The choosing becomes more important than the dining. Having too much to choose from is not always a blessing. Imagine never looking at a fully stuffed closet and thinking “I have nothing to wear” again. What if you knew exactly what you were going to wear every day?

For me, the purpose of dressing with less is twofold. First and very simply, I want to live with less for a healthier, happier life, and second, I have used clothing to express my creativity, and tell a story about who I am. Now, I am ready to tell the story myself.

I have decided to start a minimalist fashion project that I hope can be long lasting for all of us, if you are interested.

You are invited to Project 333

3 months with 33 items

When: October 1 – December 31

What: 33 items including clothing, accessories, jewelry, outerwear and shoes.

What not: these items are not counted as part of the 33 items – wedding ring, underwear, sleep, in-home lounge wear,  and workout clothing (you can only wear your workout clothing to workout)

How: over the next two months, outline your 33 items, by the 1st of October, box up the remainder of your fashion statement, seal it with tape and put it out of site.

What else: consider that you are creating a wardrobe that you can live, work and play in for three months. If you purchase items for project 333, stick with the one in, two out approach. Consider the essentials and stick to 33.

Here is my initial list. I will post the final list a few days before we (yes, we) get started…

  • 1 pair of heels
  • 1 pair of dress boots
  • 1 pair of casual boots
  • 2 coats
  • 2 pair of jeans
  • 2 skirts
  • 2 dress pants
  • 1 dress
  • 2 blazers/jackets
  • 2 white button down or dress shirts
  • 3 sweaters
  • 1 sweatshirt
  • 2 v or crew neck shirts
  • 2 tank tops
  • 1 purse
  • 1 pair sunglasses
  • 1 hat
  • 1 pair gloves
  • 2 scarves
  • 1 bracelet
  • 2 necklaces

Update: Since I wrote this post in 2010, Project 333 continues to grow and simplify wardrobes around the world. Learn more and join in …


    • Courtney Carver says

      Yippee! Amy, get your list started. I am really looking forward to this and to see if anyone notices!

    • Courtney Carver says

      Meg, Would love to see your list! I have a feeling mine is going to change a little bit. I hope to get ideas from everyone else too!

  1. says

    I think I’m in. My fall / winter clothes are packed away, so I’ll have to go to the basement and see what I would want to keep for the project! I love this idea!

  2. says

    Very cool! I think I rotate between a few outfits at the moment and yet my closet is filled with clothes I rarely wear. I’ve kicked a lot of outfits out of my closet but I think there is still room for improvement. Your project sounds great and wish you lots of fun! :)

  3. Sarah says

    I think I am in!

    I have been having trouble (due to health issues) with keeping up with laundry.
    I’ve been thinking about how to make things more simplistic, while still being creative.
    This is going to be fun and a challenge!

    • Courtney Carver says

      Sarah, less stress will almost always equal better health. Feel better and I look forward to seeing your list!

  4. says

    i’m in as well! i’ve been wanting to sort through my clothes and really pare down to the barest of essentials, so this will give me a goal to shoot for. i know i’ll have to do the “one in, two out” rule a bit over the next few months as make my wardrobe something full of basics that i’ll actually wear instead of random pieces i know i won’t.

    i’ll start getting my list started over on my blog, and will share more as i get going!

    • Courtney Carver says

      Yippee! I will be posting more details soon! Email me if you have any questions.

  5. Sarah says

    Thank you!

    What are your thoughts on socks?
    Are you counting them as “accessories”?

    I am thinking I will count my long knee socks that I “show off” as accessories.
    But count my other socks as “underwear”. lol

    But I would like to hear your thoughts.

    • Courtney Carver says

      I actually thought a lot about socks and tights/stockings and decided that they are underwear.

  6. Meg B. says

    Looks like there are two “Megs”, so I’ll be “Meg B.”! Courtney, do we post our lists here, under comments?

    • Courtney Carver says

      Hi Meg B! Welcome. For now, leave your list under the comments but I am dreaming up a better way for all of us to display our lists and hopefully pics of our great 333 outfits!

  7. Claudine Lo says

    I’m in, I live in canada so really if you have a great winter coat no one knows what’s underneath;) Your list is very helpful. I’m going to post it on my facebook and see if I can’t get anyone else in on the challenge.

  8. says

    I started making my list and I’m already having a hard time pairing it down. Good thing we have a month and a half to prepare!

  9. says

    What! Only TWO pair of jeans? Whatever am I going to wear? I have no place to wear a pair of heels if I owned them, nor dress pants, nor blazers, nor office wear of any type…I base the days clothing choice on whats CLEAN. I am like many, many women I know and I work outside every single day with horses. I’m a farrier! Our list would look something like this.
    9 pair of jeans
    9 clean shirts…tanks or tees in the summer, long sleeves in the winter
    (I often dirty up an outfit even though I wash 4 or more times a week)
    2 pair nice jeans
    4 nice shirts, NOT to be worn to the barn
    1 pair of steel toed boots
    1 pair of riding boots
    1 pair rubber barn boots
    2 pair old crocks, one for the front door, one for the back
    1 pair good sandles
    1 pair walking shoes
    1 pair cowboy boots, (for getting dressed up)
    1 pair of sunglasses
    sleep naked

  10. Jane says

    We always think that others take an interest and actually notice what we wear at work daily, but truth be told, I don’t think that anyone will even notice. Everyone is too wrapped up and worried about what THEY look like to worry about what you look like. I think this will simplify getting ready in the morning, which I like.

  11. says

    I think this is a great idea. I want to join. I started to read about minimalistic living as I am painting in a minimalistic style. And the more I read the more I am attracted to the concept. I think that 3 months is well enough to know if it is something for me or not. Well, I am ready to act and not only read about it.

    • Courtney Carver says

      Yippee! Lena, you go girl! I would love to see some of your work. Do you images online?

      • says

        Oh, I have missed your question above. Yes I have some of my paintings online. And more is to come. I am working with art for an exhibition for the moment and these pictures is not up yet.

        I have just started this project333 for the 3:d time (april-june) but I am not ready with my list. It is such a problem with weather. I have read the book “The 100 Thing Challenge” (Thank you!) and my idea is to continue with just 33 things as in the project333 but make changes when weather changes. Spring is quite short here in Sweden and there is summerweather often in may. And my challenge is always 33 cloths in the wardrobe (and extras like jewellery and handbag included).

  12. Meg B. says

    I have been working on this a little bit each day ever since I first commented (the first “Meg” who then became “Meg B.”, just to give you an idea of how long I’ve been working on this.) What I’ve found out is that I have a lot of pieces…that do not go with anything. How sad that I spent that money!! I could have given it to a good cause instead. Courtney, thank you for starting this project – it’s getting me on the right track of how to dress and save money for the first time in my life.

    • Courtney Carver says

      Meg, It’s great how eye opening this project has been for you already. If you have the time, you could always consign the pieces that don’t work with anything and use the $$$ to invest in new more appropriate pieces for the project!

  13. Courtney Carver says

    If you are subscribed to comments, you will be the first to know that Project 333 has a Facebook page so we can share photos, comments and lists as we ramp up for Project 333. If you are tweeting about this project, please use #project333.

    Please send me your suggestions on how to make the Facebook page work best!


  14. Jess says

    So in :) Will prepare the list next week and post on fb. Great idea and perfect timing as I’ve been so overwhelmed with my closet (and truefully the rest of the house)!

  15. Lis says

    I just gave away five trash bags full of clothes and came across this while looking for motivation to keep momentum going. Found you on Facebook and will start trying to find my 33. It seems like such a departure from how I’ve been living, but to be fair, I’m pretty sure I’ve had very few items in my actual daily rotation of clothes since I could never find anything anyway. Can I assume prescription eyeglasses don’t count as accessories?

    • Lis says

      Another rules question: is it fair to start with some “blanks” to allow for adding items later?

      • says

        Lis, I think everyone is going to define the project a little differently. Part of the challenge for me is not to shop for clothing/accessories during those three months so I plan to have all my items ready to go in advance.

        I think it will be interesting to see everyone’s individual approach!

  16. Sandra says

    Perfect timing! I just finished getting rid of a good amount of my clothing. I was tired of my closet being always full and cluttered. I’ve also been reading about the minimalist wardrobe and wondered if this was something I could do. This will be the perfect way to find out.

  17. Courtney Carver says

    Sandra, Thanks for your comment. I am doing a big sweep this weekend and will update my list on the FB page! Hope to see you there!

  18. says

    Interesting idea Courtney. I’ve always liked those kind of projects – one I know of was the little brown dress project. You can see it here:

    I keep a fairly minimal wardrobe anyway, but not THAT minimal :) I think this could be a nice stepping stone…I guess, like a try out to see if we can live small before we really take the plunge! I’ll definitely give some thought to joining you.

  19. Jennifer says

    I am going to go for it…that will be one of my goals for this weekend…I hope to get my daughter in on it too….Will share and post my closet cleaning endevers this weekend!

  20. Seetha says

    This is interesting..I have always had only one pair of jeans, one pair of sunglasses,1 purse, 1 pair of heels & 1 pair of boots. I have more dress shirts/pants/skirts & jewelry though…

    I am wondering if you have always lived a pretty simple life, this whole simplicity may not mean much.

    Wondering if the scaling down is probably more exciting & cathartic then the “scaled down” state!

    • Courtney Carver says

      Seetha, I think the “scaled down” state will open up more time and space to see what is really important. It will be really interesting to hear about the lessons learned from this project. For me, the journey of living with less has been really eye opening and I think, if there is a destination, it will be just as great. Thanks for commenting!

  21. Jen Schaller says

    I really like your idea. When you brought up the yoga pants and not wearing active wear as your everyday wear it made me realize I’m in a rut. I think I’ve known this and just not wanted to admit it. When I was pregnant and up till now my clothes stopped fitting. My son is now 8 months and I am having a hard time losing the rest of the baby weight. I desperately want to be able to wear my prepregnancy clothes and do not want to buy new ones to fit me now. This is where my rut started. I dont know what to do? Should I keep on with just hanging in there with active wear till I can lose the rest of the weight? Is this unrealistic and silly? I dont feel very good about myself and feel quite frumpy most of the time. Any advice?

  22. Courtney Carver says

    Jen, This is a great question! Extra weight + clothes that don’t fit put you under more stress and pressure than you need – especially with an adorable 8month old son to take care of. My recommendation is this: Assess your current wardrobe and pick out the pieces that fit well. Project 333 is the perfect thing for your situation because it won’t require you to buy a whole new wardrobe but maybe 3 or 4 pants/skirts that fit well. Store the clothes that you LOVE but don’t fit right now, or donate/consign them.

    When you get back to your pre-pregnancy weight, clothes may still fit differently but you can have your new clothes tailored to fit. I love my yoga pants but starting Oct. 1 I will only wear them on my yoga mat. Otherwise, I feel a little sloppy. When I wear a sharp pair of trousers that fit with a crisp white button down or wrap shirt, I feel put together and more focused. (Cute shirt/wrap dresses are always flattering too)

    PS..I know you don’t want to buy a bigger size but you will likely look smaller in a pair of pants that fit vs. yoga pants with an elastic waist. Let me know what you decide to do!

    • Jen Schaller says

      Ok, so here’s what I’ve got so far. I saved my prepregnancy clothes that I really like and put them in the spare room closet. I figure its good to have a goal to work towards although it didn’t occur to me that they may never fit the same :(. Then I went through my workout clothes and picked my 2 favorite pants and 2 favorite ratty shirts. Those are designated for exercise only!! The rest will of course go to good will and the too ratty stuff recycled into clean up/ oil change rags. My list, where I’m starting…
      2 jackets
      2 pair jeans
      1 capri
      1 pants
      3 zippered sweatshirts
      2 sweatshirts
      3 button up shirts
      2 necklaces
      1 bracelet
      2 nightgowns
      1 pr long underwear
      7 shirts/ tanks
      2 pairs boots
      1 pair sneakers
      1 pair flip flops
      1 slippers
      As a stay out home Mommy I dont really feel the need to wear clothes that are too fancy but rather more pratical but still give the feeling of being dressed. I spend most of the day with some form of spit up/ baby food/dog slobber/ or who knows what else :S I sold all my fancy cocktail dresses that dont fit and figure that if I have a need for something like that for a special occasion I could rent a dress :) I also thought about maybe getting 1 outfit for those times when you need to be dressed in between street clothes and black tie (if that makes sense). Then as I shrink I can have them tailored like you suggested :)

  23. says

    I just found your website – great idea about the Project 333. But I have a couple questions. What made you decide on 33 items as a total? What will you do about the change of weather? Don’t know where you live, but here in Colorado it is in the high 80s now, but could be in the 10s by December.

  24. Courtney Carver says

    Lori – I have similar weather challenges but I know it will cool down soon! I chose 33 items because it seemed like number that would be challenging but not impossible. Also 333 is more memorable than 344 for instance! I want the mission to be easy to remember but not completely easy to accomplish. I hope that makes sense!

  25. says

    I love this challenge! I have to get busy, I only have a few days to create my list. Reading other people’s lists is really helpful.

  26. says

    This is a fun challenge, although I’m having trouble getting three seasons worth of clothing into this small amount. Still working on the list. I’m excited about having an uncrowded closet!

  27. Anita says

    Hi a little late to the party! Picked up on a link from Rowdy Kittens. I’m from the UK and game. Will post my list in the next couple of days. Anita.

  28. says

    I’m in! This sounds like a great challenge.

    Here’s my list:

    2 jeans
    1 wool coat
    1 rain coat
    1 casual jacket
    1 super heavy down coat (it gets cold here!)
    1 pair black heels
    1 pair brown heels
    2 scarves
    1 hat
    1 pair gloves
    1 purse
    2 pair earrings
    2 pair casual shoes
    3 sweaters
    2 button down shirts
    3 pairs dress pants
    3 skirts
    1 camisole
    1 cardigan
    2 suit jackets
    1 dress

  29. Lis says

    So far I have 12 blouses (2 work ones, 3 that can go either way, and the rest fun, comfortable ones), 7 skirts (2 strictly work ones, 3 black, and a couple fun ones), 3 dresses (2 black, 1 purple), 3 pants (2 slacks, 1 jeans), 2 jackets (black & jean), 3 sweaters (black, blue, brown), and 3 shoes (black flats for work, black comfy ones, and brown boots). everything else is boxed away. mixing so much black means a lot of items will match each other (ie, all shirts will go with the 3 black skirts), but i am thinking of switching out 2-3 blouses for more dresses. i’ll decide soon.

  30. e says

    Oh, no! I just now heard about this project today on another blog, and it is already October 1st and I’m sitting at work wearing a sweater that probably wouldn’t have ended up being one of my 33. So I think I would like to try this project, but I have already handicapped myself! Argh!

    This challenge will be good for me. I’m actually fairly decent at keeping a minimalist closet, but my weight has fluctuated a lot lately (starting when I was the victim of assault and gained 50+ pounds from comfort food overload…and I’ve been yo-yo-ing as I try to lose the weight), which has turned into an excuse to buy new things (because I need clothes that fit) and not get rid of old things (because I really believe they will fit again). My point is that if I have to stick with the same 33 things, it will also help me stick to a diet/fitness regimen rather than allowing myself to dip into the larger clothes stash for the upteenth time.

    I like that the challenge is tough without being over-the-top competitive and arbitrary in terms of the number of items.

  31. Courtney Carver says


    It is never too late to get started. Join us! Sounds like you have already overcome so much so this will be a piece of cake! 😉

    • e says

      Thanks for the encouragement! I am thinking about my list right now…

      It’s harder than it sounds, actually, but super fun! I’m realizing that there are some things (like a beautiful vintage bracelet that my fiance gave me) that I never wear because it is buried in my closet under a bunch of cheap crap that I do wear. So I could just decide to leave it off my list. But actually, I wish I wore it more! So there is a tension between the stuff I grab because it’s easy and the stuff that I really DESERVE to wear to look like the awesome glamorous woman I am.

      The changing seasons are tough, too.

      Also, is anyone else a bridesmaid this fall? I am seriously considering not counting a bridesmaid dress I have to wear….

      • says

        It is harder than you think for sure! I love what you said about tension between the things you wear and the things you’d like to wear more. I know what you mean.

        I probably wouldn’t count the bridesmaid dress personally (I didn’t count swimmers) but I’m a bit naughty so maybe you shouldn’t listen to me 😛

        • e says

          Thanks for the reply! I finished my list yesterday so I am officially starting today (the 3rd – hey, at least it’s a “3”!) I ended up being a bit naughty as well. I didn’t count the bridesmaid dress (which I will pack up immediately after) or my swimsuit (I counted that as “workout” clothes) or a small necklace that I wear as a good luck charm when I have a stressful day – the reason I didn’t count it is that no one sees it – I actually hide it under my shirt because I don’t WANT anyone to see it, it is just for me.

          So, yeah, I cheated. But in my defense, I donated a small box of clothes, packed up two more BIG boxes, and will have to make it through fickle seasons and out-of-town conferences and all that fun stuff.

          Also – I saw your list on your blog and it looks great!

        • e says

          One more thing: the vintage bracelet I mentioned in my first comment won out in the end – it was the only piece of jewelry I kept (besides the above-mentioned non-visible necklace).

  32. Amber Robbins says

    This is inspiring! I wrote down all the specifics of the 33 items I want to wear and realized how many clothes I have to pack up! Wow, I’m going to have an empty closet. My husband is going to wonder what happened to me! Thanks for the great idea.

  33. Tony says

    Been doing this for years. What’s the hassle?
    You buy it. Wear it. Repair it. Wear it some more and then throw it out. Buy a new one. Simple

    Modern Americans think they reinvented thrift and austerity. You were just the first to forget it, that’s all !

  34. says

    I’m in! I don’t even have a lot of clothes that I wear, anyway. And I need a reason to re-purge my dresser/closet (I just donated many things to Goodwill, but I need to donate more).

  35. says

    i’m in. have minimalized my wardrobe over the past few months and did wardrobe capsules so let the good times roll. such an awesome challenge. good luck and creative wearing everyone!

  36. Gaby says

    I think I’ve already been doing this for the past four months. I just can’t be bothered much with clothes. I work at a school and the dress code is very relaxed. Basically anythings allowed as long as it’s not ripped or indecent. So I’ve been wearing:

    2 pairs of jeans
    1 pair black pants
    3 3/4 length sleeve t-shirts
    1 long sleeve t-shirt
    1 spencer (long sleeve thermal undergarment)
    7 pairs black socks
    1 pair black shoes
    2 puffy vests
    3 polar fleece pullovers
    3 bras
    7 pairs underpants

    The past four months where I live (Melbourne, Australia) it was winter then the first part of spring. I had to replace my jeans though, because after wearing them all winter for the past few years they wore out. Same goes for my socks. I’m not buying black anymore because I have cats now and the cat hair is a nightmare with black. I’m going to switch to grey.

    I often wear an item more than once during the week (except for underpants and socks). My clothes usually stay pretty clean since I have a pretty clean job that doesn’t require much physical effort.

    • Gaby says

      Oh yeah, and I wore a beanie some of the time (on bad hair days). I can’t be bothered with make up or jewellery any more.

  37. says

    I counted all of my clothes and shoes today (in anticipation of starting the hundred thing challenge) and realized that without counting jewelry I’m doing the 33 clothing challenge already!

    I have 32 pieces of clothing (including sleepwear but not including underwear) and 4 pairs of shoes. With the sleepwear exemption I come in below 33 with the shoes included so the only thing I need to pack up and not use is my jewelry. I haven’t been using it anyways so instead of packing up the jewelry, today I’m going to sort through the pieces I actually want and donate the rest.

    I purged a ton of clothes about a year and a half ago. Back then this challenge would have been very tough for me. What I found is that the 80-20 rule was alive and kicking in my closet. I really did only wear 20% of the clothes. Tossing the 80% meant I could find the 20% easier.

  38. says

    I love this — 6 Items or Less is great too, but this seems like a project that truly everyone could get into. My interest is especially piqued because I’m starting a “minimalist” clothing line — the idea is 8 pieces that can be worn 100 ways, without lame khaki zip-off cargoes and typical “travel” clothing.

    It’s great to see and read about others who are venturing down this path of “more options with less.” Kudos to you, and thanks for writing!

    • Jen Schaller says

      That sounds very interesting! When does your clothing line come out? Its getting close to the end of the project and I can efinitly see some areas in my wadrobe that could use some sprucing up!! I want to hold true to the minimalist lifestyle choice I’ve made so I’m very interested to see what you come up with :)

    • Jen Schaller says

      That sounds very interesting! When does your clothing line come out? Its getting close to the end of the project and I can efinitly see some areas in my wadrobe that could use some sprucing up!! I want to hold true to the minimalist lifestyle choice I’ve made so I’m very interested to see what you come up with :)

      • says

        I’d welcome any/all suggestions about what’s been missing from your project!
        Right now, we’ve got a mix of stuff – pants, shorts, tops, and a scarf. We’re sourcing out materials now (it turns out that TRULY organic fabric is TOUGH to find – a lot of it is just marketing hooplah) so we’re looking into renewable stuff like lightweight wool. Hopefully we’ll be out and ready for summer in the next few months! I’ll keep ya’ posted : )


  39. Carla says

    I live in Michigan where the weather always changes. Every day my dressing decisions include the weather. This makes it tricky to have a reduced wardrobe. So much of the minimalist wardrobe advise sounds like it comes from people living in balmy areas. Is anybody else out there dealing with this?

    • e says

      Carla – no! I haven’t read everyone’s blogs, but there are definitely folks in areas with changing weather. I’m in St. Louis, where there is a saying that “if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes”. It can be 60 degrees one day, and sleeting the next. My Oct – Dec wardrobe had to deal with literally any temperature.

      My 33 things include 3 different weights of jackets/coats, a scarf, and a winter hat.

      I think the main advice is to LAYER. There was some debate as to whether tights and leggings did or didn’t count – I chose to not count mine, as they are very functional, and I’ll put them on under my skirts to keep warm in the cold or remove them when it is warm.

      I often layer a t-shirt and then a cardigan and then my scarf (which is mustard yellow – I would advise that your scarf be a “statement piece” because the rest of my clothes can be neutral so I can mix and match, and then the scarf can provide either warmth or a pop of color) and a jacket/coat. I can wear just the t-shirt, the t-shirt + scarf, the t-shirt + cardigan, or everything at once.

      Of course, if you get down to 33 things before you add your outerwear, and you want to “cheat”, you’ll still have a very minimalist and inspiring closet.

      Good luck!


    • Jen Schaller says

      I live in Kansas and although it has been a very mild winter so far (keeping my fingers crossed) last winter we spent most days in the negative 12 range. It was so miserable when you would walk outside everything would freeze. It would make your nose feel so weird. Anyways, I havent been having any trouble but I imagine my lifestyle is very different then yours. If you have a job that requires you to have work clothes and then you have casual clothes and throw in of course cold weather clothing etc it would be much harder. All I can suggest, which worked for me was to make a list or be aware of what your using the most. A lot of the clothes I thought I couldn’t live without I actually only used 1 or 2 times a yr and I found for me that I really didnt need them. Of course you have to do whats right for you and if you have the kind of lifestyle that requires more than just work with what you have and do the best you can :)

  40. Pandora says

    Hi! I’m very late in getting into this as I just discovered your blog a week or so ago. But I went through my clothes today, and have a list of my own. I’m not really following the challenge as I wasn’t counting as I went along, and am a little over the 33 ( I have 40 )

    This is a list of what I’m keeping (for now), I plan to go through my keeps a month from now to see if I really wore what I thought I would.
    Work Clothes 16
    • 2 White Chef’s Coats
    • 2 White Chef’s Aprons
    • 2 Chef’s Pants (Black and white hounds tooth)
    • 2 Chef’s Black Hats
    • 2 White Long Sleeved Blouses for Restaurant Serving
    • 1 Black Slacks for Restaurant Serving
    • 2 Red Long Sleeved Shirts for my Retail Job
    • 1 Kaki Pant for my Retail Job
    • 2 Black Aprons for Retail Job
    Jackets and Sweaters 6
    • Red Wool Sweater
    • Gray Zip Up
    • Pink Zip Up
    • Purple Long Sleeved Sweater
    • Grey Exercise Sweater
    • Blue Wrap
    Shirts and Blouses 8
    • Green Buttoned Blouse
    • White Short sleeved Blouse
    • Blue V-neck Blouse
    • Long Sleeved Purple Shirt
    • Long Sleeved Blue Shirt (Can’t find right now)
    • Sentimental Edward Scissor hands T-shirt (Stained)
    • White Graphic T-shirt
    • Black Plain V-neck shirt
    PJ’s 4
    • Long Sleeved Purple Shirt
    • Plaid Pants
    • Black Leggings
    • Christmas Themed Pants
    Out of Season/Summer Clothes 3
    • 2 Pairs of Jean Shorts (One cut offs)
    • Sleeping Boxers
    Extra 3
    • Purple Beanie
    • Pair of Gloves
    • Various Scarves that I share with my mom, so didn’t count as I can’t get rid of any.

    Here is a list of what I don’t want that is in good enough condition to try and sell. I know a consignment store that gives 35% cash upfront, and will be going to them this week. This list is a total of 39 items.

    Attempt to Sell
    Jackets and Sweaters
    • Green and Grey Argyle Cardigan
    • Black Harry Potter Sweater
    • Pac sun Patterned Sweater
    • Green Ribbed Sweater
    • Edward Scissor hands Jacket
    • Green Sweater
    • Grey Flannel Sweater
    • Black and White Striped Cardigan
    • Brown Corduroy Jacket
    • Mexican Striped Pullover
    Pants and Shorts
    • Black Workout Shorts
    • Blue Workout Shorts
    • Black Jeans
    • Distressed Blue Jeans
    Shirts and Blouses
    • 3 Black Tanks
    • Black Workout T-shirt
    • Purple V-neck Blouse
    • Blue Embroidered Tank
    • Maroon Tank
    • Gray Wrap
    • Weezer Band Shirt
    • Plaid Babydoll Shirt
    • Black Logo T-shirt
    • White Embroidered Wrap
    • Long Sleeved Grey Shirt
    • 3 White Tanks
    • Black Patterned Long Sleeved Shirt
    • Black and Grey Lace-back Top
    • Orange Graphic T
    • Black Converse Dress Shirt
    • Black and White Striped T
    • Flower Pattered Blouse
    • Pattered Lace Tank
    • Black Beanie
    • Tall unworn Green Socks

    I also have 8 items that I plan to donate, as their a little more worn.
    • White Tank
    • Tan Tank
    • Black “Increase the Peace Shirt”
    • Blue Striped Leggings
    • 2 Black PJ Pants
    • Maroon Fur Hooded Jacket
    • Blue Pullover Hoodie

  41. Jennifer says

    I read an article about project 333 in the local newspaper (Naples, Florida) and went on the website to see what it was all about. I love the concept of having fewer items in my life to distract me. I am starting out slowly…so I began with my 2nd bedroom closet, which I use for storage. I emptied the entire closet out. There was two large plastic bins full of holiday decorations (Christmas, Halloween, Easter, etc.) I haven’t looked in those bins for over three years…so I decided it was time to donate them to someone who can get some use out of them. I volunteer for the local hospital’s consignment shop and I will be bringing everything there. I also had at least 3 to 4 suitcases in there that I will be donating, also. It felt GREAT to let those items go to someone else who can use them. I am starting to be free of clutter…Amen!

    • Susan says

      I started after the first of the year, so I am working into this slowly. My list is developing as I go which means I may end up with more than 33 items. We will see. For the first go round I am not including accessories (scarves, hats, gloves, purses, and jewelry). I have perscription sunglasses. I am from Michigan and my list includes 2 shoes (flats and pumps), 3 boots (warm, dressy tall, casual short), 2 coats (1 has a hood), 2 jeans, 2 black pants, grey pants, 2 skirts (1 is black), a black vest, 2 dresses, 3 jackets/blazers, a tunic sweater, regular sweater, and a sweater coat. Right now the rest of the items are tops. A color scheme seems to be helping me pull it together. It is mainly black, grey, and dark red. I began my purge this past weekend and am getting rid of 15 pairs of underwear and 13 bras…bad, huh? I am a bit worried about the March to June list as March is quite wintery and June is warm. I may need suggestions for that. I have to say I feel lighter and have been getting rid of things throughout the house.

  42. Colleen says

    Hi! I know this is an older post, but I wanted to comment on how I love the idea of Project 333 and I love your blog! I stumbled upon it one day while looking for blogs relating to minimalism. I’ve been hooked ever since!

    I’m definitely giving Project 333 a try. The hardest part for me is coming to terms with how much I’ve consumed over the years; what a waste of money. I am pretty much a “shopaholic;” I. Love. Spending! But I’m stopping. I want my life to have more meaning and I know I won’t find it in new clothes or posessions.

    I’m starting the project April 1, since that is pretty much when Spring starts over here. April to June will be my spring wardrobe, and then July to September will be my summer wardrobe. I am super excited to start! I was so inspired by reading your blog this past week that I went through my clothes and came up with two garbage bags’ worth that I can donate.

    Thanks again for being an inspiration!

  43. Jenifer J. says

    Hi Colleen…Congratulations on your first step to being a minimalist! I Love Project 333 also…I have been forwarding the emails I get from the site to family and friends that I think will enjoy some of the comments and information that people have to say. I am very lucky enough to live in Florida so I do not have much of a wardrobe change with seasons…so my closet it probably a little less packed then most…but I have been minimalising the rest of my condo little by little and have seen a big difference on how I view material items. I really think twice about if I should bring something into my home…be it a knick knack or piece of clothing, etc. I have cut down on my spending immensely…and it feels great. Good Luck in your journey…it is very rewarding!

  44. Courtney Carver says

    Make sure to check out for current updates, bonus rules and all things Project333!

  45. Abena says

    This is a great idea I’d luv to practise but I live in Africa. An equatorial temperate region that has only 2 seasons. What is my pick?

  46. says

    Love this.

    I live in HK where space is limited, I stick to the basics.
    I know my colors are grey, white, blue.

    now that I have a simple wardrobe I have been able to focus on working out my body and not wasting time trying to be the next project Mr. Hong Kong runaway model.

    great post, keep writing

    Rayfil Wong

  47. Jan says

    I am a visual person and would LOVE to see photos of your essential wardrobes to inspire me to pare down….I am on a quest to “lighten my earthly load”.

  48. says

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