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  1. Judi

    This is just what I needed. Not to long, can do anywhere. Thanks

  2. Elizabeth

    This post describes my life……………….I am busy to the point of being “burnt out”. My productivity is now low (it takes twice as long to do the same thing), my passions are no longer being addressed and I am constantly tired to the point the a restorative meditation practice seems to require too much energy!!!
    Warm regards

    • Courtney Carver

      Elizabeth, recognizing it is half the battle. Now it’s time for action. Let me know if I can be helpful. Life is so much sweeter on the other side of busy.

  3. I find it so restorative to take a moment to be quiet and breathe. Thanks for the encouragement, Courtney.

  4. Wonderful. Just what I need this morning. So beautifully described and therefore simple to do. Thanks so much Courtney.

  5. This is so lovely and simple, Courtney. It’s so easy to do. Thank you. I used it at work the other day when I was feeling a little edgy. This also made me think of something else to try. On days when I’m home writing I am not stressed but I do get a bit sluggish. Your breathing tip, made me think to get up every hour or so and just do a tiny bit of yoga as a break. So, mindful breathing at work and a few salute-to-the-suns at home.

  6. Its good to take a moment to slow down, I think the suggestion you posted here is fantastic because it gives people a simple tactic to do this.

    Unfortunately there is still ongoing epidemic of busyiness that runs rampant in our society and it takes a lot of effort to really and truly slow down. Being busy isn’t more beneficial, its just being busy. If you slow down you might find you’re more productive when you’re super busy.

  7. This couldn’t have been reposted at a better time. I needed this so much today.

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