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  1. Love that you’re painting Courtney! Thanks for the link up. Xx

  2. its a beautiful painting and the joy you ha painting is reward as well! Its amazing how little it takes to bring us so much joy,

  3. These are great reminders. I feel like I have been losing some creativity lately so I think it’s definitely time to carve out a little room for the creative juices.

  4. So interesting! I’ve always thought I am not creative and definitely not in the arena of art. I now see my writing as a creative endeavor because often it just pours forth. But to pick up a brush would be entering such unfamiliar and unknown territory! How brave you are!

    I knew this was Henry immediately! I thought: “What’s Henry doing on Courtney’s blog?” Then, I found out.

    As to how to spend extra time with a simplified life, I don’t find I have much spare time. Maybe I haven’t simplified enough! But, I do feel the space to sit out under the stars at night, float in the nearby warm pond, and take a rest or nap whenever I wish. All of which is so good.

    • Courtney Carver

      Sandra, Working with you I know that you are amazingly creative. Time for a float or nap sounds lovely and a great way to spend time.

  5. Jonathan Duran

    Brilliant post, thanks! One small criticism, the 3 simple ways at the end of the article seem a bit specific to your own tastes (not that you have bad tastes), maybe would be more useful to more folks if you phrased it more generally: 1) Take a class about something you’re interested in. 2) Join a club or workshop. 3) Do a craft project.

  6. Thomas

    This is a great post and I would like to contribute with a quote by Erich Fromm (1900-1980):

    “Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.”

    Have a nice and creative day!

  7. Ron Nilson

    That something of Henry’s essence is expressed through you is more to the point than whether or not it resembles his form. I’ve got a feeling that it does. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Courtney Carver

    Thanks Ron!

  9. Muntaha

    What happens in the case where you use your free time to declutter and organize but derive enjoyment from it? Is this then considered “work” or play? Should you be searching for other things as a means of creative outlet? I absolutely love doing the above along with re-designing spaces once they’re clear of stuff. Any thoughts?

    • Courtney Carver

      Muntaha, I think you have to follow the joy. It sounds like this is a great creative outlet for you.

  10. Davina

    You did a great job Courtney! I have seen Henry on Tammy’s blog, and recognized him in your painting. I have also been taking the time in my day to be creative, which for me right now is sewing. I think I used to get caught up in the fact that my stuff was not perfect, but then realized nothing is perfect! So now I just enjoy creating things for myself and my family.

  11. Yes! Creativity is so important, thanks for the suggestions, I hope everyone will find a little more time to be creative.

  12. Hey Courtney,

    I KNEW I recognised that pup! What a wonderful present for Tammy, she’s going to love that.

    Your life sounds a lot like mine – constant downsizing, getting as far away from the corporate grind as possible, and spending a lot of time doing the things I love – writing and photography – SNAP! :)

    I highly recommend Tammy’s photography course (and also writing course, they both did me wonders) and thanks for sharing the other courses – I’m going to check them out right now.

    Katie. X

  13. Nely

    I thought that doggie looked familiar. Great Job!! :)

  14. This is one of my favorite articles here! I especially love that you included some research about how being creative is good for you.

  15. I have been having a similar awakening of late. Being a mother to four young children, I have witnessed a lot of painting in recent years but its only during the last few months I, myself, have put brush to paper, and what an experience! I now paint everyday and cant imagine going long without doing so.

    You’ve so eloquently put into words that which my heart has experienced… so thank you. I will bookmark this post to reread whenever I tell people why I paint.

    By the way, I love, love, love your blog, Courtney!!

  16. Flo

    I recognised Henry immediately. Great job!

    Your article, as usual, is giving me more enthusiasm to minimize and be creative. Thank you. :)

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