I Love You. I Love You Not.

Even though we celebrate Thanksgiving once a year, we live a better life if we practice gratitude every day. Valentine’s Day comes once a year, and likewise, if we practice love everyday, our lives become richer.

One simple day dedicated to love can be a reminder of the people we love, and how we want to treat them every day, instead of a crazy, balloon filled, flower exploding, chocolate frenzy.

I know some say that Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday, but I still like it. You do not need to spend money to be a happy Valentine. Once I understood that, and stopped shopping for heart shaped stuff, I loved this special day even more.

There are things about each holiday that we love and don’t love, and I thought I would share my list about today’s holiday.

I love you

  • Extra kisses and adoring glances.
  • Giving more thought to how and who I love.
  • Home cooked meal. Best made with butter and love according to My Swedish Mother in law.
  • Love songs.
  • A day dedicated to love more deeply.
  • Special elementary school mailboxes
  • Wearing red. Even though there is no red in my tiny wardrobe, I appreciate when you show a little Valentine’s spirit, and slip on a little crimson.
  • Hand written love notes.
  • A love story.
  • Chocolate. Dark and spicy.
  • Wine. Dark and spicy.

I love you not

  • Greeting cards that cost $4.95 or more.
  • Anything in a red heart shaped cardboard box.
  • Complaints about V-Day when not in a relationship. There is more than one love in your life.
  • Heart shaped trinkets to display.
  • A day dedicated to shopping.
  • Decorations. Christmas, yes. Valentines day, no.
  • Overpriced dinner out.
  • Milk Chocolate.
  • Fruity Wine.

Last year, my husband made me a CD with songs that make him think of me. It was moving to see myself through his eyes. That simple gift continues to make me smile, a year later. This is a perfect day to demonstrate a be more with less mentality.

More love, less stuff.

Happy Valentines Day. I love you.


  1. says


    I’m always moved by great acts of love…Taj Majal, “Yellow” and I saw this yesterday…

    a man went outside of a restaurant where we were sitting, tapped on the window, we raised the blinds.

    He pointed to his girl, and held up waiter’s paper. It said-

    HEY! —>

    Will you/
    BE My/

    piece by piece. Every person at the table melted, and declared “That guy” to be the sweetest, most romantic dude ever, and his girl went outside and smothered him with kisses. :)

  2. says

    Dark and spicy chocolate, best paired with dark and spicy wine. Cannot beat that combination.

    I think Valentines day is just another “excuse” day, like New Years. We make resolutions on New Years, and profess our love on Valentines Day. Once you move past those excuses in your daily life, you realize that these days are just arbitrary excuses for people who cannot make changes/resolutions at any other time for the year, or need an excuse to tell their significant other that they love them.

    Great list, I definitely agree. I wanted to add to both of the lists though, Flowers. They can make a woman’s day, no matter the day, even if they are priced up 10-20% around this time of year, it still is something to not pass up.

    And yes, my wife has no clue she is getting flowers at work today :)

  3. says


    I fully agree to expanding Valentine’s Day to include every day of the year. While we’re at it, why don’t we expand the idea of love to include everyone, not just a select few!

    I love this mantra, “More love, less stuff.” Great ideas here. I too have always loved the simple, homemade gifts and cards from my husband. We’ve rarely done any of the traditional Valentine stuff.

    • Courtney Carver says

      Sandra, I also like having a special day designated to love. If it brings awareness to some so they are more loving all year…all the better.

  4. Margaret in Wales says

    Yesterday in church a woman in her 70’s recounted how she had been in a big supermarket the day before. She was approached by a younger, very well dressed man, a stranger to her. He told her how he loved Valentines Day but that his wife had left him (I’m sure there is a story there) and proceeded to give her the bunch of roses that he would have given his wife. It made my friends day!!

  5. says

    Love should definitely be an everyday thing! And love is for everyone, not just couples. [if only my single girlfriends could understand] Instead of doing the regular fancy dinner out on Valentine’s, this year my bf and I decided to make our own chocolate truffles (started them yesterday), and will be making our own dinner with champagne tonight. It’ll be a collective creation, to celebrate the special love we share.

    I agree with Justin, I have a weak spot for flowers!

  6. Janis says

    As an elementary school counselor, my Valentine’s Day was made when students came to give me a valentine card.