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  1. Jennifer

    Great post! My husband and I just purchased a HUGE 12 passenger van to meet the needs of our growing family and to use to tow a travel trailer. He drives the 15 miles to work in a little Subaru and the van is at home for us to use. I just can’t justify driving “The Beast” anywhere for just one errand or for using it here in town (we drove everywhere in our previous minivan). The whole family has discovered it’s really not that hard to walk or bike to the grocery store or the park. AND I’ve lost a few pounds because I can’t drive the Beast through fast food drive-thru’s anymore!!

  2. I try to stay home at least one day a week. It saves gas, saves money on eating out, saves me the time of my commute into town and saves wear and tear on… well, on me, actually.

    In the last three months, I’ve cut down on the time I spend out (usually including a lot of driving), and I’m enjoying life more — not less.

    If you do have to go out driving, I’ve included a few tips on making the time more productive on my blog. It also explains why I’m not car-free.


    Nice post!

  3. Great post Courtney! I agree. Even cutting back one day a week is helpful to the environment and the pocketbook.

  4. Tessa

    I want to drive less this summer, too…nothing is worse than being stuck in traffic in a hot car on a hot day! A bike is much more appealing option.

  5. Great post and thanks for the link love. :) I think it’s awesome you are going to start driving less. Very cool! Also, if you are thinking of going to the grocery store by bike, check out this article: http://www.portlandonline.com/transportation/index.cfm?a=250784&c=34812

  6. Very nice post. I’ve been doing the car-light thing for the past 3 year. It’s really liberating. I love removing the “drive to work, work to drive” paradigm.

    Plus I laugh when everyone is stuck in traffic and I blow by them with a smile…

    I’ve been posting a serious of “barriers to commuting work overcome” for those of us that don’t work from home – check it out -


    Very nice post, keep up the good work!

  7. I’ve been wanting to drive less, as well. Today, instead of driving to the local coffee shop, we hoofed it down the street for our coffees and back home again. And even though I could have used the car to get there, I had time and all, I decided to ride my bike down to the jewelry supply store and all the way back home again. It felt great! AND, I discovered I’m actually more fit than I thought I was :)

  8. It is rather nice to know that more people are trying to drive less. I can tell you as someone who is legally blind and thus not allowed to be a “real man” it can be challenging. I’m not blessed to be in a wonderful world like San Fransisco. I’m stuck in car heaven called Palmdale and I grew in a nearby city called Lancaster. Both of these Southern California cities are culturally and technically in the tentacles of Los Angeles one of the countries leading car capitols. If I can walk and ride the public bus system to get around just about anyone ought to be able to do so. Keep up the good work and you will achieve the car-free life.

  9. I love this post! The added benefit to giving up your car (even just for one day a week) is that whatever means of transportation you choose, whether it be bike, foot or public buses, you actively slow down your hectic schedule. At present I walk to get all my groceries and I use the time to reflect on my day and quiet my mind. Not to mention, I notice a lot more about my surroundings by not speeding past everything. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that my thighs a getting a little workout too!
    Thanks for another great post Court!

  10. Bob

    First, I will tell you that NOT driving is one of the best things you can do. If you can ride your bike, do it. For everything you can. For the last couple of years I’ve done the best I can to bike commute to work at least twice a week. There have been time, especially during a long terminal family illness, when I couldn’t. I simply needed my car all the time, but with some planning it is normally possible to minimize the car use.

    Here’s the negative side of it: I go so into NOT driving that I found myself not doing things I wish I had, because I’d have needed to drive. It went from what I would call Mindfullness about driving habits to Obsession about not driving at all. Where I live, that means some serious deprivation of activities.

    But all that being said, get on the bike, walk, or take public transit. It will make you better.

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