Let My Love Open the Door

Someone recently said this to me, “Thank you for bringing blessings into my life!” My response was, “Thank you for opening the door.”

By the end of this post, you may feel compelled to do the one thing you thought you’d never do. This post might make your excuses to change unacceptable moving forward or give you the gentle push you need to take the next step.

Maybe you thought you’d never fall in love again because of a bad relationship in your past. Or you’ve given up the idea of working for yourself because you have bills to pay. The idea of being debt free seems out of reach so why tease yourself with the possibility? Or, most importantly, maybe you’ve given up on eating healthier, changing unhealthy habits, or taking on a physical challenge that seems impossible.

You’ve closed the door to so many things for 3 reasons:

  • Hurt
  • Failure
  • Fear

Those things are painful, but we all experience them. Some move through with new perspective and others close doors, usually without knowing it. Slowly and quietly we close doors, add layers of locks, and forget about the possibility on the other side. In an effort to protect ourselves from the bad stuff, we completely shut out the good stuff.

You might call it building up walls, but I prefer to think of our aversion to something scary, new or different as a door instead of a wall. Opening a door is so much easier than tearing down a wall.

Open the door by

  • asking for help
  • leaving the past in the past
  • realizing we are more alike than you think
  • making eye contact
  • apologizing
  • listening to how your heart responds to a new idea
  • taking action; just one small step puts you on the other side of the door
  • trading comfort and complacency for real health and happiness
  • admitting that you don’t know the answers
  • moving through fear and uncertainty

There are people who love you (hello, I love you!), people who will inspire you, and great resources to help you with whatever you desire, but you have to let them in. You have to open the door.

If the video above doesnt work, please click this to view.

We have so much to learn from each other, but only when we open the door, open our hearts and open our lives to change will we have the power to make a difference.


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  1. et says

    Saying you love random, anonymous blog readers devalues the meaning of love.

    Love is not the same as liking acquaintances, love is not a shallow, passing feeling.

    • Courtney Carver says

      I agree with your second statement, but not your first. Being loving doesn’t devalue the meaning of love. I interact with many blog readers and have met many in person. I don’t consider the readers I haven’t met anonymous either.

      We are all on a similar journey and I love you for that. My capacity for love isn’t limited to people I’ve met.

  2. says

    I love your list of ways to “open the door”. It seems that one must overcome one obstacle to do most of them – pride. You have to not only overcome your fear, but also swallow your pride to ask for help, admit that you don’t know all of the answers, or to apologize.



    • Courtney Carver says

      So true Dan. Sometimes pride is the issue, but other times I think it’s fear of demonstrating weakness. Actually, I guess that circles back to pride too.

  3. smriti says

    Thanks Courtney for the beautiful post! This is just what I needed – “trade comfort and complacency for real health and happiness”.

  4. says

    I close the door in my life – by avoidance. Avoiding any important issues, avoiding any important conversations, avoiding any important, but difficult moments. Until my mother pointed it out to me, and made me realize my fault in this, I wasn’t very open. Yoga helps with the openness as well. If you are physically open, if you open up your body, your mind and spirit automatically opens up as well. The mind-body connection is inherent in this.

  5. says

    It’s so easy to close ourselves off, in this day and age, and not reach out to others. I found that I was able to open the door by quitting Facebook and actually interacting with others! We need to be sure we’re using technology as a tool for connecting, not disconnecting.

    On that note, I agree that it’s possible to love people you haven’t met yet. :-)

  6. says

    This is so very true and as you have shown, can be applied to anything in our lives with some examination. Sometimes all we need is to find the root of our feelings and then we can re-open our door to new things or trying again. Thank you for the thoughtful post.


  7. Becki says

    Great post Courtney, thank you!

    Interesting fact about this song. According to Wikipedia, the inspiration behind this song is “not a message from a lover but from God”.


    You show us your love by (1) inspiring us with your writing, (2) taking the time to respond to comments posted and (3) offering your gifts at a price nearly everyone can afford. Thank you for all that you do.