Inspirational Images and Quotes for Your Simplicity Journey

It is easier to sustain a lifestyle change when you surround yourself with inspiration and support. In addition to blog posts, I like to share my photography combined with my thoughts about living simply and my favorite simplicity quotes. I share them on the Be More with Less Facebook page and on Pinterest.

The following images are yours to use in any way that might inspire simplicity in your life and the lives around you. They are my images and original photography and now they are yours.

These images are uncopyrighted so please feel free to use and share them on …

Enjoy and share these simplicity images however you’d like.

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Resolve to let go of everything that isn't making your life better, sweeter, and richer, so you can make room for everything that does. -


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Everything you own, owns you right back. -


I hope these images inspire your simplicity journey and make you smile. My friend Joshua Becker shared 10 images to help inspire simplicity in your life last April and inspired this post.

The best way to help people see the joy in less, is to be joyful with less. - bemorewithless.comInstead of figuring out how to make ends meet, work on having fewer ends. -





















  1. Jamie says

    Thank you! I saved all the images with quotes that Joshua Becker shared in the post that inspired yours, and now I’ve saved all of yours to add to my rotating computer backgrounds. These are great!

  2. says

    Your generosity, Courtney, inpires me to act in a similar way. I found your website for about a year ago and have got inspired so many times since then. My life transforms in to a new simpler, more joyful direction due to the interaction with you, your e-Courses, websites and webinars. Thank you again! Anki

  3. Richard Powell says

    At the moment, where I am, at these are perfect. Too much clutter- time to travel lightly. Thank you. R

  4. lynne says

    Hi, a very inspiring post, it definitely brightens up someone’s day. I’ll share this with my colleagues. Thanks.

  5. says

    I SO love these! I can’t wait for more, though, these are enough too – in the spirit of minimalism :) Your site makes me so happy, Courtney!