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  1. Living by example is so powerful, isn’t it! I’m not perfect, but I’ve moved toward greater simplicity and I think it speaks volumes when someone does this.

  2. Wonderful post Courtney :)

    I try and talk up simplicity as much as possible when I am amongst those I know and even those I don’t. And I do indeed live by example.

    I will be seeing Ryan and Joshua in Montreal sometime in July and looking forward to hearing them speak and hopefully shaking a hand or two :)

    I also started a blog on simplicity back in late May and have tried to spread the word through that avenue as well. It’s only been six months but it keeps on growing!!

    As for social media. I plan on starting a facebook page and twitter to add to my blog. We’ll see how those work.

    Thanks for all your efforts as well and for getting the word out to so many folk who are interested in learning about creating a more simple way of living.

    Take care and all the best.


    • Courtney Carver

      Thanks Lyle, You’ll really enjoy meeting Ryan and Joshua and the other people that come out to the event. Congrats on your blog. I highly recommend starting with one social media channel at a time. It gives you a chance to connect with people and generate momentum without being overwhelmed. Good luck and thanks for sharing the simplicity message!

  3. Dear Courtney,
    thank you for the inspiration and the effort to share the experience. Living with less has changed the way I feel, live and love. It has taken almost every fear out of my life and for the first time I feel free. Living without being programmed for consumerism is like finally making your own decisions.

    I am spreading the word and I hope I can inspire others too…just like you xoxo

  4. Hi Courtney. I have a questions about leading by example. Sometimes when I make positive changes in my life, I notice a wee bit of resentment from others who are close to me. Instead of being inspired, I sometimes see people engaging in opposite behavior, possibly to make a point. For example: If I wake up early and work on my morning routine, somebody else may sleep in and then complain that I make them feel inadequate. Is this a temporary resentment, do you think?

  5. Hi Courtney! Great post, thank you. I’ve been pursuing a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle for the past twelve months and have found it to be a wonderful way to live. I’m also currently completing my Masters in Sustainability and am learning so much that I have recently started up a blog to share what I am learning with others. It’s only in the initial stages, but I hope it will ultimately grow and encourage others to adopt similar practices!

    When it comes to leading by example, one of the challenges that I have come across is that I simply don’t talk about the positive gains in our life for fear of making others feel bad. For example, we now have no debt, are able to freely give to charities that we care about, our house is incredibly easy to clean and we have stacks of spare time, but it’s difficult to share these things without coming across as boastful. I don’t want to judge others, but I do want to show them how much joy can be gained through less! Any tips on tackling this?

  6. Learn, Grow, Lead. Leading by Example is always the starting point. Great Tips though…


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