Spark & Tinder Live Sessions

The best part of my work has always been the connection I make with clients and that moment when all the moving pieces come together to create something awesome. Those moving pieces include ideas, emotions, connections and a whole lotta heart in nearly every situation. Knowing that, I created this …


This 3 hour idea sparking, fear busting, blog growing event will be held at an awesome downtown location and will be open to 5 people. You and me: up close and personal. 

  • good food (oh yeah, I am going to feed you in more ways than one)
  • brainstorming and bringing your ideas to life
  • critiques of your websites, blogs, business ideas
  • fighting fear of everything and anything (except for spiders)
  • finding focus so you can do your best work
  • creative collaboration
  • a no holds barred, ask me anything forum on any topic including: platform building, starting something new, self publishing, social media, business, creativity, blogging, simplicity …
  • money back guarantee (but no refunds for missing the session) I am confident that you will walk away with everything you need and more.

The first Spark & Tinder session was held in Portland, OR and here is what one person had to say about her experience: 

“I had the good fortune to join Courtney for Spark & Tinder in Portland.

What I did I get? Courtney broke it down for me after listening TO me. She had new and expanded ideas for me. She saw something more that I could develop and gave me the encouragement to test my limits to see if it might work. I got not only a road map but comfort in knowing that we will have some time in the future to see where I have gotten.

Courtney is kind and calm and very organized in her approach. It was a luxury to pause and move forward thoughtfully and productively. No flash, no hype. She was very generous with her time and knowledge. I heartily recommend her if you are ready to take the next step, feel stuck or (like me) need to calm the bees.

Reach out if you are wanting to move forward. There are resources that will work for you, no matter what your style or level of expertise. Courtney is someone who knows the way and she can substantively show you. Spark & Tinder was a great place for me to begin.” – Denise


  1. says

    Kudos, Courtney, on leaving the dis-aligned work behind, and doing now what brings life to you in all areas! I totally get this! God speed to Spark & Tinder!

  2. says

    I love the name of your live sessions…FABULOUS! I also love that you are doing them in person and with such a small audience. Do you plan to do any in the Southern California area? And, do you cover product manufacturing? That’s were I need some help…


    • Courtney Carver says

      Thanks Ree, I have had several requests for So. Cal and would love to go there. If you email more deets about your product manufacturing, I’ll let you know if I can help.

  3. says

    Courtney, it’s very inspiring how you manage to keep true to your values in your business :) And these live sessions are a wonderful idea!

    • Courtney Carver says

      Mark, I love my virtual work and clients, but there is something special about working with someone in the same room. I hope we have the opportunity someday!

  4. Kris says

    Oh, Courtney, I would totally go to this if you could come up to Seattle! Alas, I’m not able to get to Portland on the date you are going to be there. Any way you could do a session in Seattle 1-2 days before or after your Portland session? Seattle is only a 3 hour car trip (or a fun, scenic train trip on Amtrak Cascades). If so I will register ASAP! SO excited you are doing this and I would love to participate!

    • Courtney Carver says

      Hi Kris,

      I would love to come to Seattle, but it will probably be after the Portland trip. I’d love to hear more about how I can help you. If you are open to it, please email me more about what you do and what you want to do.

  5. says

    This sounds like a wonderful opportunity for local and outgoing souls. I wish you offered something similar for extreme introverts who live elsewhere. Anything in your plans for that?