8 Meaningful Gifts to Support a Simple Life

Navigating gift giving holidays when you are trying to live more simply can be tricky. While some people want to skip the gifts all together, I believe we can be more creative in giving meaningful gifts instead of perfect gifts.

Becoming a minimalist doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice holiday traditions or become the family Scrooge. In fact, now that your priorities are becoming more clear, you may be giving more than ever before.

If you want to find a gift for someone who wants to live more simply, or you want to live more simply yourself, consider these 8 meaningful gifts to support a simple life.

8 Meaningful Gifts to Support a Simple Life

1. 31 Days of Gifts You so Deserve
The reason I created this advent-like calendar for your inbox is because I realized that the best things aren’t usually things at all. This program is a daily reminder for you, me, and the people we love about what the holiday season really means.

It warms my heart that the majority of subscriptions to 31 Days of Gifts this year are gifts for family, friends, & co-workers. See instructions below on how to send this program as a gift, and grab a free sample right here.

2. More time with you.
People who love you want more time with you. They want that more than anything else. If you are working overtime to shower your family with gifts, consider that you are the best gift of all. Here are a few ways to give more of your heart to people you love …

  • Start a book club for friends locally or virtually
  • Schedule a weekly Skype session with a family member who lives far away
  • Take a yoga class with your mom
  • Plan a girl’s trip with your sisters
  • Create a list of fun monthly date nights
  • Put trail maps under the tree to inspire a family hiking adventure

3. Sweets
Bake for your family and friends. If you have a cookie dough addiction like I do, make pies, toffee, or another sweet treat to share with your loves.

4. Music
Make a playlist on 8 Tracks for the people you love. Be specific in your song choices so your recipient knows it’s just for them.

5. Adventure
If you want to cultivate a sense of adventure in the new year, check out Tammy’s Everyday Adventure Planners. She includes a monthly email to inspire tiny, extraordinary adventure all year-long.

6. Sandwiches
Feed your homeless community. Make sandwiches, or goodie bags with snacks and deliver them to people who need them most. Reserve judgement, make eye contact, and remind someone who may have lost hope, that someone cares about them.

One sandwich might not change the world, but it will make someone smile. A warm heart and full belly will mean so much.

7. Support
Is there a gift you can give to support someone’s dream? Consider an online course for a family member who wants to start a blog or write a book. Find a book that provides motivation for someone making a big change in their life. Letting someone know you believe in them is a meaningful gift.

8. Homes
Make a donation to the Hope Effect in honor of someone you love. Give the things we sometimes take for granted like beds and homes to orphans who are living without. Anyone who donates will be invited to join me for a private webinar in January. Learn more here. 

However you decide to navigate gifts this holiday season, give and receive with an open heart. If you are worried about clutter, maintain a one in, one out rule through the holidays.

If you notice you are letting the stress of gifts or other holiday related activities get in the way of the joy and peace you seek, focus on creative ways to give more, love more, and be more with less. Still stressed? Take a walk.

P.S. 31 Days of Gifts begins on December 1st, but you can join anytime in December and enjoy all 31 gifts. Learn more here.