Make Decisions with Confidence by Simplifying Your Life

The more lean and light your life is, the easier it is to have confidence in quick decisions. If you have a hard time trusting your intuition and need lots of time to simmer in lists of pros and cons, or rely on advice from several different camps before making a choice, getting light will help you gain better clarity.

I made a quick decision this week that inspired this article.

Earlier this week, I announced a new live video course including 3 sessions this month. I asked for feedback from people who have worked with me before, and they told me that they liked the idea, and they wanted the content, but weren’t interested in all three topics, and didn’t want to pay for it all in advance.

That information and your response was a strong sign that I wasn’t offering this course in the right way. I knew it was valuable content, but the delivery was all wrong.

I could have taken a wait and see approach, but I was confident that a new direction was necessary.

I was confident in the decision and clear on the direction for 3 reasons:

1. I slept 7.5 hours the night before. My mind was clear.

2. My business has very little overhead, and no committees or weekly reports. There is space to be flexible.

3. My environment is light; my home is clutter free, my marriage is drama free, and my work is debt free.

Changing direction meant admitting that there were flaws in the first offering, and risk the response to admitting imperfection, but moving forward with something that didn’t resonate with you was a bigger risk and one I wasn’t willing to take.

I made a very quick decision to overhaul the program, and offer the live video courses one at a time for a lower price. The decision and new direction was very clear for me and I implemented the changes immediately. You can read about the first live video course and new offering by clicking here.

Regardless of the outcome, I am confident in my decision and happy that I made it fast. If you struggle with decisions at home or work, simplifying your life can help.

Become a Better Decision Maker by Simplifying Your Life

1. You will know what you want.
When your thoughts are ping-ponging from thing to thing and you are preoccupied with stuff that doesn’t really matter, you don’t have the mental clarity to identify what you want most. By removing the clutter and things you don’t want, you give the most important things a chance to rise to the surface.

Sometimes, the best way to figure out what’s most important is to get rid of everything that isn’t important at all. Then see what’s left.

2. You will trust your intuition.
A list of pros and cons never hurts, but when you get too analytical, you can find reasons to support or oppose any decision. Analyze, but not to the point that you dismiss what your gut and heart know to be the best choice. Learning to trust your gut comes with practice and attention.

Simplicity provides time for you to give that inner voice the attention it deserves.

3. You can embrace uncertainty.
When you have less to lose, uncertainty is easier to grasp. Mitigate risk by trimming the fat (clutter) in your life and business so you can make decisions and know that things will be ok even if they don’t go as planned.

Being confident in your decision doesn’t mean you are certain about the outcome, but when you choose based on heart based intuition from the inside and data you trust from the outside, everything will be ok.

If what you are after is more joy and peace of mind from your choices, simplify your life to make decisions with confidence. Then use all of the time and energy you spend on the what ifs on something that matters more.